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  1. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    All updates for February including tonights additions. Tom Mison --- Celebrity Trek #2 Scotty - DS9 --- Random Trek #2 Terry Farrell Orion slavegirl#2 --- Random Trek #2 Axanar Alien --- Random Trek #2 Tasha Yar Enterprise C --- Random Trek #1 Starfleet Academy Plaque --- Random Trek #3 Starfleet Shipyards ( Kelvin) --- Logo's #2 NASA / UESPA Logo --- Non Trek USS Enterprise Medical --- Logo's #2 Starfleet Operations --- Logo's #2 United Earth Diplomatic Corps --- Logo's #2 Alternative Trek --- Comedy Trek Dr Selar at Quarks --- Comedy Trek Captain Archer Beyond --- Random Trek #1 Starfleet poster --- Wallpapers & Widescreens Deep Space Nine --- Wallpapers & Widescreens UFP Logo 29th Century --- Logo's #2 Environmental Systems --- Logo's #2 Terran Empire Logo 2268 --- Logo's #2 USS Enterprise - The Cage --- Logo's #2 Q, Bones & Scotty --- Random Trek #1 Chakotay & Tuvok --- Random Trek #1 Idris Elba Maco ---Random Trek #1 Worf (Gold) --- Retro Trek #1 Worf (Red) ---Retro Trek #1 Captain Picard ---Retro Trek #1 Tasha Yar --- Retro Trek #1 Captain Archer --- Retro Trek #1 Enterprise 1701 --- 1701st pic on the site Captain Pike TWOK --- Random Trek #2 5 Dedication Plaques --- Random Trek #3
  2. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    Here is one of Terry Farrell based on the trials and tribble-ations episode
  3. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    All January's Updates to my site Including todays new additions USS Defiant Plaque --- Random Trek #3 Vega Colony --- Logo's #2 NX-01 Enterprise Plaque --- Random Trek #3 NX-02 Columbia Plaque --- Random Trek #3 ISS Avenger Plaque --- Random Trek #3 USS Raven Plaque --- Random Trek #3 USS Stamets Plaque ---Random Trek #3 ISS Discovery --- Random Trek #3 Kate Pulaski --- Random Trek #1 Katherine Janeway --- Retro Trek #2 Katie Leung --- Celebrity Trek #2 Cmd Chakotay 2 --- Retro Trek #1 Cmd Chakotay 1 --- Retro Trek #1 Section 31 --- Logo's #1 Terran Empire Discovery --- Logo's #2 The Doctor --- Retro Trek #1 Benjamin Sisko --- Retro Trek #1 Lt Saru --- Retro Trek #1 Michael Burnham --- Retro Trek #1 House of Inigan --- Junk Benjamin Sisko --- Random Trek #1 Data Discovery --- Random Trek #2 Ro Laren Bajoran --- Random Trek #2 Klingon Imperial Defense Forces 2260s --- Logo's #1 Klingon Imperial Defense Forces 2370 - Updated --- Logo's #1 Bones McCoy --- Random Trek #2 Nyota Uhura --- Random Trek #2 Pavel Chekov --- Random Trek #2 Spock --- Random Trek #2 Montgomery Scott --- Random Trek #2 Hikaru Sulu --- Random Trek #2
  4. The Obsidian Files

    Just updated my Cardassian site with a couple of images exclusive to that site
  5. The Obsidian Files

    A Cardassian themed manipulation site of mine
  6. Simple list and a quick short reason in one sentence as to why DS9 TNG Voyager Enterprise TOS DS9 for me broke the mould for me and how it dealt with the darker apects TNG was the show that introduced a whole new generation Voyager although a form of continutaion of TNG had more than enough to warrant its own uniqueness Enterprise was not given the chances it deserved although they did not help themselves with a lot of rubbish episodes. I know it will surprise some that I have TOS last but you must understand i never watched trek till tbg started and only now starting to watch the remastered versions. Ask me next year to revise this list and TOS may well makes strides up the list.
  7. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    Thanks Sehlat Vie but that 1400 landmark is well and truly broken, in fact so has the 1500 mark. over 1550 pics on my site now
  8. New VOY Episodic Photo Gallery Updates!

    all these galleries were updated months ago why only advertise them now ?
  9. wont work for me either and my pc is new(ish) All I get is the following Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  10. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    Latest addition to the comedy section on my site
  11. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    to mark my 1400th pic on my site Kirk meets Kirk
  12. Problems

    Seems I cannot reply to some threads Other threads have lost all their content in terms of images or else not displaying
  13. TO BOLDLY GO Rare Photos from TOS

    maybe I am missing something here but these so called rare pics are not exactly rare, seen all of these before and most of them in higher resolution and used a few in my manips
  14. 50 Years of Star Trek on History Channel

    I'm not sure there's anything anyone can do about this kind of thing though. I know it's not EXACTLY the same but my Sir Patrick screencaps/enhanced pics end up pretty much everywhere these days, I encounter them on websites, TV, Twitter, etc (the most amusing/embarrassing moments are the ones when people shove them at me "have you seen this?!"... "yes, that's from my collection" "oh, oops"). One of them of him as a young man even made it onto an NBC (I think) morning show where they showed the pic to Sir Patrick. No source given, of course. (I could tell it was my screencap because it has part of a little dot in the upper left corner, I simply forgot to edit it out.) This kind of "image grabbing" really has gotten a little out of hand. Of course it's even worse for real artists like you, gazomg, who spend time and effort perfectly photoshopping pics. To then not have your art recognized is really bad form. IF the documentary folks really knew it wasn't a real pic. IF. It's always possible they actually thought it was real. We'll indeed probably never know. I made this wallpaper pic of star trek beyond months back from scratch by trying to copy at the time an early pre release screencap, and it has been used on dozens of sites all over the world, and almost all are just fan site or non profit sites, but when revenue creating sites use it and take the name off it has started to piss me off. The history channel would not dare use paramount pics without permission, yet as said, they made a simple error, or else deliberately said **** you, to me and belanna and went ahead knowingly posted the work after cropping things and for that I admit I am a little annoyed.
  15. 50 Years of Star Trek on History Channel

    If they did a piece on the show saying fans have created artwork and then shown a load of pics that were artist created then that would have been grand, but the researchers who were working on a trek show should have known that once they saw a signature on a pic, whether they thought it was real or not should have investigated the source. As said earlier I cannot prove either way what those people were fully thinking but give my own opinion. Part of me is glad it was on the show and hope it was a genuine mistake as they might have been fooled, however if they deliberately knew it was a photoshop and still aired it without permission and deliberately editing so the logo did not appear then that is bad form and no mistake....well that puts a different prospective on things.
  16. 50 Years of Star Trek on History Channel

    it was indeed trekcore the other forum I found out on linked to the twitter account here
  17. 50 Years of Star Trek on History Channel

    they used one of my created photoshop pics in the show as a real promotional pic. Well chuffed the pic fooled the so called experts, who obviously were never aware the pic was not a photoshop, thought the fact jeri ryan was wearing a first contact uniform might have been a giveaway to the "experts".
  18. The Obsidian Files

    .. updated ......over 100 images now
  19. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    cheers shade, done orions, cardassians, etc, guess klingons should be the next attempt on the list
  20. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    Stephanie McMahon...latest addition to the celebrity section
  21. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    thanks....I think
  22. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    Tonights additions Christopher Walken --- Celebrity Crew #2 Charlotte Riley --- Celebrity Crew #2 Linda Park --- Random Trek #2 Avery Brooks --- Random Trek #2
  23. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    ALL OF FEBRUARY'S UPDATES TO MY SITE Angelina Jolie Vulcan --- Celebrity Crew #2 Michael Dorn -DS9 --- Random Trek #2 Vedek Ro Laren --- Random Trek #2 Lt Commander Martok --- Random Trek #2 Nathan Fillion - Firefly --- Crossovers Gina Torres - Firefly --- Crossovers Alan Tudyk - Firefly --- Crossovers Morena Baccarin - Firefly --- Crossovers Adam Baldwin - Firefly --- Crossovers Jewel Staite - Firefly --- Crossovers Sean Maher - Firefly --- Crossovers Summer Glau - firefly --- Crossovers The Wrath of Khan --- Random Trek #1 Klingon Wallpaper --- Logo & Flags Chris Hemsworth Andorian --- Celebrity Crew #1 Sloan -Section 31 Nu Trek --- Random Trek #1 Robert Beltran - Chakotay --- Random Trek #1 Alice Krige Borg Queen --- Random Trek '1 Cardassian Keldon & Galor Class Warships --- Wallpapers Star Trek Alien #6 --- Random Trek #1 UFP Logo - Into Darkness --- Logo & Flags Star Trek Alien #5 --- Random Trek #1 Star Trek Alien #4 --- Random Trek #1 Star Trek Alien #3 --- Random Trek #1 Star Trek Alien #2 --- Random Trek #1 USS Franklin Star Trek Beyond --- Logo & Flags