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  1. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    5 new additions tonight Vulcan IDIC --- Logo's #1 Vulcan Security --- Logo's #1 Bajoran Militia --- Logo's #1 Bajoran Pah-Wraith --- Logo's #1 Starfleet Medical --- Logo's #1
  2. The Obsidian Files

    Just updated my Cardassian site with a couple of images exclusive to that site
  3. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    December Updates so far Quentin Tarantino --- Celebrity Crew #1 Maquis --- Logo's #1 Romulan --- Logo's #1 Discovery combadges --- Logo's #1 Cargo Labels --- Logo's #1 Anton Yelchin Discovery --- Random Trek #2 Belanna Torres Discovery --- Random Trek #2 Jadzia Dax TNG --- Random Trek #1 Xyrillian --- Logo's #3 Farius Prime --- Logo's #3 Kes /Prytt --- Logo's #3 Kraylor --- Logo's #3 Hierarchy --- Logo's #3 Qomar --- Logo's #3 Mari --- Logo's #3
  4. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    75 additions to my site this month between new works and reworks and non trek wallpapers 6 new additions to Logo's #3 USS Daedalus --- Logo's #2 Sol System Sector 001 --- Logo's #2 Zefram Cochrane Patch --- Logo's #2 Kobayashi Maru --- Logo's #2 ST Command Department --- Logo's #2 ST Engineering Department --- Logo's #2 ST Sciences Department --- Logo's #2 Starfleet Academy 2258 --- Logo's #2 NX-04 Discovery --- Logo's #2 NX-03 Challenger --- Logo's #2 Admiral Discovery --- Logo's #2 TOS Terran Pin --- Logo's #2 NZ Penal Settlement --- Logo's #2 Jaros II Stockade ---Logo's #2 UFP Badge TMP --- Logo's #2 T'Pol --- Retro Trek #1 Ezri Dax --- Retro Trek #1 Morn --- Retro Trek #1 Ash Tyler --- Retro Trek #1 United Federation of Planets --- Logo's #2 Starfleet Command --- Logo's #2 DS9 worker Bee --- Logo's #2 Corps of Engineers --- Logo's #2 Federation Listening Posts --- Logo's #2 Montana Lions --- Logo's #2 (ST:First Contact) Pathfinder --- Logo's #2 (Voy: Author Author) Terran Resistance --- Logo's #2 (DS9: Through the looking glass) Transfrancisco --- Logo's #2 (DS9: Past Tense) USS Cu Chulainn Delta --- Logo's #2 Starfleet Research Center --- Logo's #2 (Ent: First Flight) Mission Control Center --- Logo's #2 (Ent: Silent Enemy) USS Mayflower --- Logo's #2 (DS9: Who mourns for Morn) Sanctuary District --- Logo's #2 (DS9: Past Tense) USS Discovery Plaque --- Random Trek #3 USS Enterprise 1701 --- Logo's #2 7th Tactical Wing --- Logo's #2 Axanar Delta --- Logo's #2 TWOK Circular Delta --- Logo's #2 REWORKED LOGOS Department Logo Plates Semper Exploro Office of the Admiralty UESPA Logos x 3 Deep Space nine Friendship One ISA Space Agency Starfleet Mission Control Starfleet Academy Artic Archeology Starfleet counselling UFP Logos x 4 Starfleet Counselling United Earth NX -01 Enterprise NX -02 Columbia NX-05 Novaro Cold Station 12 USS ARES Axanar NON TREK LOGO'S Starfleet Orville Logo Orville Rank Wallpaper Spiderman Wallpaper Superman Wallpaper Batman Wallpaper Agents of Shield Wallpaper Metallic Wallpaper
  5. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    Thanks Sehlat Vie but that 1400 landmark is well and truly broken, in fact so has the 1500 mark. over 1550 pics on my site now
  6. New VOY Episodic Photo Gallery Updates!

    all these galleries were updated months ago why only advertise them now ?
  7. wont work for me either and my pc is new(ish) All I get is the following Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  8. The Obsidian Files

    Updated the site 7 Additions this week Gul Evek Gul Ocett Gul Dukat Cardassian Crests Wallpaper Corat Damar x 3
  9. The Obsidian Files

    Site Updated again. Latest update Cardassian Intelligence Bureau
  10. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    Latest addition to the comedy section on my site
  11. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    to mark my 1400th pic on my site Kirk meets Kirk
  12. TO BOLDLY GO Rare Photos from TOS

    maybe I am missing something here but these so called rare pics are not exactly rare, seen all of these before and most of them in higher resolution and used a few in my manips
  13. 50 Years of Star Trek on History Channel

    I'm not sure there's anything anyone can do about this kind of thing though. I know it's not EXACTLY the same but my Sir Patrick screencaps/enhanced pics end up pretty much everywhere these days, I encounter them on websites, TV, Twitter, etc (the most amusing/embarrassing moments are the ones when people shove them at me "have you seen this?!"... "yes, that's from my collection" "oh, oops"). One of them of him as a young man even made it onto an NBC (I think) morning show where they showed the pic to Sir Patrick. No source given, of course. (I could tell it was my screencap because it has part of a little dot in the upper left corner, I simply forgot to edit it out.) This kind of "image grabbing" really has gotten a little out of hand. Of course it's even worse for real artists like you, gazomg, who spend time and effort perfectly photoshopping pics. To then not have your art recognized is really bad form. IF the documentary folks really knew it wasn't a real pic. IF. It's always possible they actually thought it was real. We'll indeed probably never know. I made this wallpaper pic of star trek beyond months back from scratch by trying to copy at the time an early pre release screencap, and it has been used on dozens of sites all over the world, and almost all are just fan site or non profit sites, but when revenue creating sites use it and take the name off it has started to piss me off. The history channel would not dare use paramount pics without permission, yet as said, they made a simple error, or else deliberately said **** you, to me and belanna and went ahead knowingly posted the work after cropping things and for that I admit I am a little annoyed.