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  1. Mr. Picard's Cozy Little Icon Corner

    Picard with the Rifle looks like something out of Deliverance, pretty bad ass! I didn't think you would like Stewart's role in the movie Jeffery Ms. Picard! I thought you may be abhorred at a gay Patrick Stewart, yet there are the icons! That movie was hilarious!!
  2. Living Witness

    This one gets an 8 from me, definitely a good Doctor episode, plus I was incredibly surprised when I saw the "Warship" Voyager! It was great to see the Doctor defend the Voyager against everyone on that planet with absolutely no help at all, the episode got extremely good when the Doctor actually realized this was the reality those people had to live with, it was definitely a tear jerker to see that in the end, he would have to travel 70 years just to see whether or not the Voyager made it home or if anyone even survived....
  3. Latent Image

    One of my absolute favorite Doctor episodes!!! This one definitely gets a 10 from me, I believe this episode is where The Doctor's humanity truly became prominent, and I never actually thought I'd see him really fight against even Captain Janeway herself! It's too bad the story turned so sad when he actually found his memory that was blocked, it almost made me cry to see him locked up in the Holodeck treated like a Mental patient....
  4. Equinox pt1

    Part 1 of this episode was great, but it wasn't until part 2 that it really got good! It was definitely exciting to see another Federation ship in the Delta Quadrant, but you could tell as soon as they got on the ship, the Equinox Crew weren't the upstanding Starfleet Officers they wanted the Voyager to think they were, a great foreshadowing episode that did it's job perfectly!
  5. Counterpoint

    This one definitely gets a 10 from me, it was awesome to see Janeway really expose her cunning side, and I'll be completely honest, I had no clue what was really going on until the very end, definitely a great espionage and deception episode!
  6. Once Upon a Time

    This episode definitely showed how close Neelix was with Naomi Wildman, you could definitely tell how important Neelix was to shaping her upbringing. a solid 7, not a really Trek-ish episode, but regardless, the character development was phenomenal, plus, it was kinda funny to see Neelix running around in a fantasy forest!
  7. The Disease

    I really enjoyed this episode simply because it was so damn hilarious! Just watching Harry Kim be the complete Man Child and completely lose all sanity made me laugh my ass off, and it was even funnier when pretty much everyone including Janeway got so annoyed with him they pretty much called him an idiot every time they saw him! This one gets an 8 from me, that conversation he had with the Doctor was priceless!
  8. Flashback

    This episode was kinda weird, by the end I wasn't really sure what was happening. I give it a 6 overall, it was definitely cool to see Tuvok's past and see Captain Sulu saving Kirk and Spock from the Klingons, but everything else was really undone and confusing.
  9. Star Trek XII: Khan

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really don't care, I suppose I would be a little edgy considering Ricardo Montalban is dead, but with the way that Karl Urban more or less perfectly portrayed Bones, I may have a little hope that they could find someone equally as good for a new Khan. Either way, I don't honestly care because, seeing what they did with the first movie, they don't really have to stay Canon with the TOS story line we know and love, so regardless if they brought Khan back or not, it would most likely be a completely different experience from what we saw in TWOK.
  10. Threshold

    I give it an 8, I was definitely ecstatic to see Tom finally fulfill one of his dreams, not to mention I never once thought a Shuttle could go Transwarp speed! The episode started getting really good when you could obviously tell Tom had comer back from Transwarp with something that didn't belong, and it was going good until they figured out he was actually de-volving into some lizard creature, I won't lie, that part kinda disappointed me.... I was expecting something more like a powerful, almost omnipotent being or something like that, and I was actually expecting Q to come and see what was happening, since that experiment obviously disrupted the universes balance somewhat, but all in all, it was definitely exciting!
  11. Caption Contest 29 voting

  12. Rouge's spy jumpsuit in Sonic X

    It's just her regular breast plate over a black ninja suit, but I guess when you look at it from an angle it looks like a pink version of a TNG Starfleet uniform.
  13. Star Trek TOS directed by JJ Abrams

    How right this guy was! I can't really agree with the shaky camera, but I definitely see what he was doing with the ungodly bright lighting in almost every scene that took place inside the ship! I specifically remember the scene where the close up of Spock was supposed to pan to Uhura, but you couldn't really see Uhura at all because the light was swallowing her whole!