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  1. loves her *true* friends.

  2. loves her *true* friends.

  3. This goes to a CD review for Search for Spock.
  4. Just so you know...

    Who'd of thunk it?
  5. Job woes

    The point is, you still have a job that you chose. No one forced you, you chose it. You asked for advice and the majority seems to be - sitck with it.
  6. Job woes

    And I also want to add that when you applied for the job you knew exactly how far it was from home, and that you would be outside in the summer heat all day. You knew these things, still applied and ultimately took the job. If you hate it that badly, search for other jobs while keeping Six Flags. But like I have a job. many people rigth now would kill for that chance. IMHO...stay where you are and make the best of it. You chose to work there. If someplace else near you is hiring with limitied spaces, I say let those who don't already have a job, try for it. Don't take work out of someone elses hands because you suddenly have decided that your current job stinks.
  7. And stuff like this is why I will never use anything Apple. Hell, I even got rid of my iPod and got a Zune. Sooooooo much better.
  8. Job woes

    To be blunt - suck it up and stick with it. Its a guarenteed job. You already have it. Millions of people don't even have a job at all right now. Uncomfortable or not, you have a job, which is more than most right now. 30 minutes is not that big of a drive. My husband works with people who live over an hour and a half away. Sounds to me like you don't like either option. I say stick with what you have and make the most of it. I would kill to have any sort of work right now.
  9. I think I will keep my distance!
  10. The Church of Space Totty

    *Marches down the corridor and grabs Tomalak's arm* Tomalak - What's with you? Come on. I need someone to spar with. Tomalak - You do not look happy. No effing hell I'm not happy, you... *seeths* Tomalak - What happened, Ael? None of your business. Bochra - *Overhears* Someone seems to be in a bad mood. You think! *growls* Tomalak - You should come too, Bochra, I have a feeling I am going to need assistance with this sparring match. Damn right you will. *Both Romulans follw her outside*
  11. This Ain't Avatar...XXX (2010)

    If thats even real, they're likely to get sued for copyright infringement. If they don't...well...some people will watch anything. I saw Avatar porn on DA before the movie was even in theaters. And no, I wasn't looking for it, it came up in my search window when I was looking for some reference pics.
  12. Hapy Birthday, even though they'll never ever see this. lol
  13. Firstborn

    ^ It just might be the best part of the episode!
  14. Random thoughts

    Altitude sickness is the worst, isn't it? I suffer from it everytime I get near anywhere with mountains. lol