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    Star Trek... okay, seriously! Media-wise, I love James Bond, Naruto (sorry), Sonic the Hedgehog and a few others. I run, fence and play golf. I also play PlayStation3 and Nintendo DS and have been known to write the odd bit of fiction, from time to time.

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  1. Glennnnn!!!!!!!! where the hell are you dude??? lol

  2. Happy new years

    Happy New Year! I'm celebrating by having germs, so thusfar the first three minutes of 2011 have been a huge letdown. But that means there's room for improvement! Best wishes to everybody celebrating (and heck, those who aren't as well)!
  3. wishes everybody a Happy New Year! *hugs* One minute late, that's not bad!

  4. wishes everybody a Happy New Year! *hugs* One minute late, that's not bad!

  5. US Senate repeals "don't ask, don't tell"!

    At least the institutional intolerance has been stamped out. I can't be totally over-the-moon, though, as I'm worried the individual intolerance within the existing and future ranks of all military branches won't exactly accept openly homosexual new recruits with open arms. Of course, I hate painting all of the serving men and women with the same brush, but especially amongst the older officers there's a certain degree of old fashioned mentality and, on a natural base level, a distrust of the unknown. My worry is, I guess, bullying might increase rather than decrease within the ranks. But like I said, at least the institutional intolerance has been stamped out. I guess I should have a little faith in humanity and the good individuals who are, unfairly, dragged down by the handful of headlines that always manage to highlight the worst in such cases (like the one or two, literally one or two, bad police officers who give the heroic and honourable Metropolitan Police a dirty reputation).
  6. Happy Birthday Klaus!

    Many happy returns, Klaus! Have a fantastic day and be sure to eat truckloads of cake!
  7. Finally a ship i like!

    Hey, what's with all the weapons being locked on the Galor-Class?! I quite like that ship, looks awesome! Congratulations, Artemis, nicely done! Just don't take it anywhere near the Badlands, okay? I've heard stuff can go wrong in there...!
  8. "Memorial" (VGR), but only the second half, alas. Must watch the full thing on DVD soon. A brilliant and powerful episode.
  9. Captain on the Bridge!

    *salutes* Nice one, Captain!
  10. Which is your favorite theme songs?

    Star Trek: The Next Generation, reused from the first cinematic voyage of the franchise, and Star Trek: Voyager, both composed by Jerry Goldsmith, are tied first place favourites for me. They're perfectly sweeping, spectacular themes composed by a master. Whenever I think of Star Trek and exploring space, I think of those themes. "Where My Heart Will Take Me", from Star Trek: Enterprise, is a close second. While not really traditional, the lyrics capture the point of the show absolutely fantasically and have a great way of instantly drawing you in. The original Star Trek theme is iconic but lost on me somewhat, alas. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a total snooze-fest, I'm afraid. Definitely bottom of the pile there, even after they increased the tempo.
  11. Many happy returns, Kyle!
  12. Happy Birthday T"Preen

    Many happy returns, T'Preen!
  13. Favorite Villains

    "CRY HAVOC, AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR!" He's brilliantly insane. Christopher Plummer is a fantastic actor, a joy to watch. One fantastic Klingon. Perhaps my favourite!
  14. Why Do You Change Your Nicknames?

    When I first joined, I was Captain J. Archer, quickly edited down to Captain Archer. That one explains itself, but as time continued and my relationships and friendships grew with the members of the Sector, I decided it was just silly. I was no longer just another user, I felt like I belonged and I had real lifetime friends around me, so why hide? My name is Glenn, everybody was calling me Glenn and having somebody else's name was unrequired. My name is now Glenn, or my full name, everywhere on the internet. Well, except eBay. But they won't let me change from my old username, curse them.
  15. What does your desktop look like?

    Might need to use them later... You really are quite insane. No wonder you fit in so well around here...!