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  1. Almost everyone in this forum is a bore!

  2. The Enterprise J?

    Enterprise-J type Doug Drexler; The ship is approximately two miles long. I believe that would make it about five times the length of the Enterprise D. The saucer is 30 decks thick. Doug Drexler; The J which even dwarfed the D ship, the concept was for a multi-generational vessel, that had large parks, entertainment zones, and entire universities on board. The ship is so large that turbo lifts would be replaced with site to site transporters. I guess I’d have to call it a Universe class vessel. The approved J had one deflector, recognizably descended from the NX. I imagine they are beyond Transwarp. I imagine they can fold space, and that they are exploring other Galaxy’s besides the Milky Way.
  3. Federation Flagship

    No not all the Enterprises were flagships, only the NX-01, Ent-D and maybe the Ent-E were flagships. Anyway a flagship is a term referring to the status conferred upon a starship. Typically, a flagship is a starship commanded by a flag officer (an admiral or similar rank). The term also properly applies to the ship of whatever commanding officer is in charge of a grouping of ships. A third, more colloquial usage of the term can mean that the ship in question is considered an "exemplar" of the best capabilities and virtues of the force it represents.
  4. The Delaney sisters

    The Delaney sisters appeared in "Time and Again", "Prime Factors", and "Thirty Days". There rank was never shown or mentioned.

    Riker was sent to Lazon II located in Cardassian space. It is the site of a labor camp, where Thomas Riker was to be imprisoned for the remainder of his life. Kira stated that she promised him and his crew will get a fair trial and they will come for him one day. But as far as we know there was never a trial for Riker and crew and more then likely died in the labor camp, unless during the Dominion War he escaped which seems very unlikely. If he did somehow make it back to Federation space, I do not think the Federation would have really done anything to him except a slap on the hand. Being Riker did transmits the sensor logs of the Defiant to Sisko about the Obsidian Order secretly building up an invasion fleet of Keldon-class ships. This is a surprise even to Dukat being the Obsidian Order is not suppose possess any military equipment or interfere in military operations.
  6. "Tell Morn your problems"

    Well Morn I picked a staph infection on my right hand which turned into cellulitis. My hand is swollen to a point of a baseball and swollen half way to my elbow, I can't even use my hand. Nice way to start out the New Years.
  7. First time DS9er here

    Nah, it would be a waste of your Tivo hours! Just buy all seven season of DS9 on dvd all at once and watch it at your leisure.
  8. Trek stuff for Christmas!

    Yeah it was pretty cool!
  9. The Enemy within

    I was under the assumption that all transporter were effected, hence they could not be used. As far as not sending down a shuttle, simple answer is that it's before the hangar deck and shuttlecraft were invented.
  10. Trek stuff for Christmas!

    Recieved a Christmas card from William Shatner!
  11. T'Pol's Pon Farr

    Its could because of two things, first its because the series Enterprise is from another alternet timeline and is not from the timeline that TOS, DS9, VOY, & TNG came from. Or that the whole series of Enterprise was a holo-program which was shown in the final episode "These Are the Voyages... ". Or it could be both!
  12. Zero Hour

    He is talking about the Neptune, Intrepid, & Sarajevo classes. We really do not know what happened to them being they could have been destroyed by the Xindi fleet, or they were somewhere else and thay could not get back intime to join the battle.
  13. "Tell Morn your problems"

    Well Morn I finally get to bring home my kitten being it was sick and was not allowed to leave the shelter! It took 3 weeks but at least it will be home for Christmas.
  14. deflector dish

    I have the samething! What your talking about where it lights up at the top rear is called "photon-control" or "photon-control assembly". We know this being in the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the Enterprise fired on the Reliant hitting that exact spot where afterwards Khan right hand man stated the name of it. I think the deflector dish is located internaly, hence why we do not see it. I heard that the this type of deflector is not as powerful then the normal deflectors we are use to seeing and that it's somehow tied in with the ship shield.
  15. "Tell Morn your problems"

    Well Morn I barely made it home last night, the highway was so bad to where you could not see the road or where the lanes were at being I-5 was covered with at least 8 inches of snow and ice. To make matters worse, I could not see anything being it was snowing so hard that it caused a whiteout and my wipers started to ice up making them almost useless. This morning I had to give myself extra time to get to work, I was glad the county finally got around clearing the snow off the highway. But it still had 4 or 5 inches of slush, ice, and snow on the roads. I was hoping that it was not going to snow anymore but guess what Morn? Its snowing again and at least 3 inches has already came down! I hope the highway is good to go when its time for me to go home or I am going to have a nerve racking ride going home. Anyway Morn, can't wait to get the holidays over with! Sick and tired of it all, its really depressing that I have to spend money on people that I do not like!