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  1. Last Videogame You Played?

    EVE Online. Athough it's a great game, i wouldn't recommend it only for the reason that it's a highly addictive game. I think i spend too much time on it, but internet spaceships is serious business and deserves my complete attention. For multiple hours every day.
  2. It seems that for the past year or so the History Channel has been focusing on creating shows that don't quite involve History. Programs like "Pawn Stars", "Swamp People" and "Axe Men" seem to be missing the point, for the most part, of the channel's very name - history. I remember Saturday mornings, not 2 or 3 years ago, where I could sit down and watch hours of WWII documentaries, or an episode of Modern Marvels about something I had never really thought about before, and I learned a lot of interesting things from watching that channel. Today, I watch some of the TV shows they have on there, and I think "This is what the History Channel has become? Reality TV?" It's rather disappointing to not be able to see the same types of shows that I could see on that channel years ago. Does anyone else think the same about this? Do they think differently? Do you think this is just a phase, and they will eventually make it back to their original style of TV programs?
  3. Last Videogame You Played?

    I've been playing nothing but EVE Online for the past 6 months. It's a very addicting game :3
  4. Fuel The Film

    You can buy self-contained processors that do the entire process for you. Our friend has a Bio Pro processor. You can order them from this website: You can also search the internet for basic plans for a processor. You can easily build one with some piping, a pump, and some 55-gallon drums.
  5. Fuel The Film

    He goes around the area to restaurants and picks up the oil from restaurants.
  6. What does your desk look like?

    I did a bit of cleaning today, so I guess I'll show my desk area. It's still a little messy, though.
  7. I would definitely go with the EMH. He may not be the most interesting personality-wise, but I'd rather have a 100%-accurate (hopefully) diagnosis, and I wouldn't mind a surgery where the doctor can't slip up, like Voyager mentioned.
  8. Fuel The Film

    This was a very interesting movie! I found it to be very informational, and now I'm nagging my parents to convert one of our cars to run on liquid propane (it wasn't mentioned in the movie, but it's a lot cleaner than gasoline is, and it doesn't require too much work to convert a carburetor engine to LP -- fuel-injected engines are a different story.) A family friend of ours actually has a biodiesel processor in his garage, and he uses it to fuel his truck. My dad is looking into a processing machine, too, so we can fuel our furnace during the winter when we aren't using our wood stove.

    Baby Data is adorable! I can't wait to see the other ones!
  10. Distant 'Water world' confirmed

    The density of the atmosphere might have something to do with that. If the atmosphere of the planet is very dense (which the article mentions), it will have the same effect on the water as compressing propane or anything else on our planet will condense it into a liquid. Even air can be pressurized enough (I believe it's about 200PSI) to turn it into a liquid.
  11. It's been a while since I've been on here. Many cool new features!

  12. ussabbey-3's Fanart Thread!

    Here's quite a bit of progress! I've added nacelles, and made a sort of bridge-y looking thing on the top. It doesn't look too good, but I don't believe Paramount will be asking to use my models in their movies anytime soon. I've also made a test render. Fell free to watch in glorious 1080p if you wish. I plan to work on texturing over this weekend!
  13. ussabbey-3's Fanart Thread!

    So.... It's been quiiiiiiiiite a while since I've posted in this thread, or posted actively on the forums, and I haven't even seen a Star Trek episode for the past few months (almost a year!). However, I'm still a fan of Trek, (and I actively defend it when someone says Star Wars is better ). However, I thought I'd share a couple of progress images on a model of a Constitution-like class starship orbiting a planet that I've been working on for the past two hours, made in the 3D modeling program called Blender: I had just barely started the secondary hull when I took this screenshot. Notice that the planet is just a sphere - not much creativity there, but I plan to texture everything, so most of the work on the planet will be texturing it. The ship looks a bit strange, I'm playing around with some of the polygon shapes and vertex positions to fix that. More progress on the ship: the shuttle bay doors are defined the tiniest bit: I plan to shape them to look a lot more like a quarter of a sphere, like the TOS one. The basic structures for the nacelle pylons are up; I started shaping one of them into a cylinder at this point. I've made the primary hull less deep, it looked really out of proportion before. This render is basically just to see what smooth shading looks like on the ship and the planet. The planet ended up looking nice, but the ship looks too smooth, so I'll just enable the smooth shading for the planet. I hope to get a lot more done as time goes on, and to texture and then make an animation! (I'm not very good at texturing, so beware. )
  14. Happy Birthday Scotty and ussabbey!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! :D Happy birthday to Scotty!
  15. Happy Birthday to Hellfighter

    That's no good. Still, happy belated birthday! You're a great addition to the community!