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  1. USS ENTERPRISE 1964 - Rare Pics

    Those are the coolest pictures. Man, would I have loved to be there.
  2. The more I watch TOS

    The 3D effect is good, now where did I put those glasses?
  3. Vulcan nerve pinch

    Saw this on Facebook, and it would make an interesting trivia question. Seems the 'nerve pinch' was used more in the TOS, than all the other series combined. Come to think about it, I rarely see it used in TNG, or Voyager. Anyway interesting tidbits about Star trek.....
  4. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    I just started watching these. Excellent. And the "Mirror Mirror" Episode, where TOS left us...again, very very good.
  5. TRIVIA...Fastest Warp in any episode.

    Watching that episode right now...
  6. Spock's Brain

    Watching it now, a guilty pleasure!!!!
  7. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    I favor a PG Star Trek. To me, TOS, was the right combo. Anyone could watch it. If you want an 'R' rating, put it in the DVD extra. I bet there would be more sales!
  8. The more I watch TOS

    The more I like it. Well, more of them. Been thinking, how many 'alternate earths' have there been? The Omega Glory, Bread and Circuses, Miri, and possibly Mirror Mirror, A Piece of the Action, Patterns of Force, and The Paradise Syndrome.
  9. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Now, I would like to watch kind of 70s show.
  10. Quotes and scene requests

    """Title 15, Galactic Emergency Procedures""" Galileo Seven....I just love this
  11. The Paradise Syndrome

    Wow, built for this episode. I sure would like to see some 'behind the scenes' photos of the prop makers.... Great episode too.
  12. I just became a dad

    Congratulations, and get a Star Trek outfit for her!
  13. Pike's Wheelchair Build

    That is really cool! Build one!
  14. The Paradise Syndrome

    Watching this right now. And I think this must have been an expensive episode. Filming outside, that is very nice. And the large outside monument thing, I really wonder if they built that for this episode. Or was it a leftover prop from another movie. Because it looks very expensive. And it's a great episode too.