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  1. What's the last non-Trek book you've read?

    Well, he was the son of a Liberian diplomat and a German lady. Some of his teachers were very prejudiced and some were very accepting. And his friends accepted him. It's a tad slow here n there, but really Spock would say "Fascinating!". He had a great recall of what went on. . After the war, he went to Liberia and met his father. The interesting insights, going from an industrialized nation, to a third world country. Then to the USA. He passed away about 10 years ago in Florida. I have passed the book around to friends and they all liked it.
  2. What's the last non-Trek book you've read?

    I read "Destined To Witness".And was that an interesting book!
  3. No God in Trek?

    I think the reference to a Bible passage, 'fits the bill'. When Kirk and Spock went to the planet run by Nazis, Kirk said the helmet over Spock's ears "covers a multitude of sins". I thought that was a perfect moment. Very funny too. Other time in TOS the bible is mentioned, during the court marshall episode. So, it's part of American culture and Star Trek history.
  4. Secret of Vulcan Fury, I would love that!
  5. Watching some Enterprise

    And over all, some really interesting stories........ now to me, in TOS, Spock was...'interesting', an oddity. But that is missing in Enterprise. I would like some of the crew be....suspicious of aliens... or something like that. Overall, good. But to heck with the canon.... as it's called.
  6. Anton Yelchin Dies

    I liked him..miss miss his talents...."Vik-tor Vik-tor"
  7. Computer voice

    Thank for those links, I listened to them. I was struck how B'elanna didn't say, "computer, get me the schematic" but ask a crewman to do that.
  8. Computer voice

    Ok, TOS, Kirk asked computer to answer a question, and the response is something like this "Computer....working...." and gives answer. Which got me thinking......Watching Voyager today, and they don't seem to do that.....As a matter of fact, did any movie or show have that talking computer besides TOS. And I just thought about that today........ PS remember the time a planet of females changed the voice...I loved TOS!
  9. Voyage...1st season. 3 episodes today.
  10. Carol Burnett Meets Spock

    Wow, that is soooo cool, Spock showing up!
  11. Anyone Playing the Old ST Games?

    To me, DS9 The Fallen, Elite Force 1, and expansion pack were the best shoot 'em ups. I REALLY enjoyed them. Elite Force 2 was good too. FPS (First Person shooters) I like to do. But also..way back when, I had a game ...."Away Team", and it was kind of fun, but had bugs in it. Land and explore. Personally, I'd love to see a new FPS, TNG, DS9,....
  12. What is the best message that the Star Trek passes?

    Good vs evil, with good winning. The Yangs vs the Coms, remember that one? And the UFP accepting others.
  13. Well, I'd like a hand phaser, with a real high output laser. Or........ an Enterprise bridge model. Or......... another Bird of Prey
  14. R.I.P. Grace-lee Whitney

    She was a friend of my cousins, she will be missed. I'm sorry never met her. And yes, the "Old Guard" is passing away.
  15. Interesting topic. And we can't forget the illegal Romulan Ale that sneaks across the neutral zone.