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  1. The more I watch TOS

    The more I like it. Well, more of them. Been thinking, how many 'alternate earths' have there been? The Omega Glory, Bread and Circuses, Miri, and possibly Mirror Mirror, A Piece of the Action, Patterns of Force, and The Paradise Syndrome.
  2. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Now, I would like to watch kind of 70s show.
  3. Quotes and scene requests

    """Title 15, Galactic Emergency Procedures""" Galileo Seven....I just love this
  4. The Paradise Syndrome

    Wow, built for this episode. I sure would like to see some 'behind the scenes' photos of the prop makers.... Great episode too.
  5. I just became a dad

    Congratulations, and get a Star Trek outfit for her!
  6. Pike's Wheelchair Build

    That is really cool! Build one!
  7. The Paradise Syndrome

    Watching this right now. And I think this must have been an expensive episode. Filming outside, that is very nice. And the large outside monument thing, I really wonder if they built that for this episode. Or was it a leftover prop from another movie. Because it looks very expensive. And it's a great episode too.
  8. Look at these lovely TOS guest stars!

    May I post this picture on my FB page? Do we need to ask?
  9. Miri

    I like this episode..quite a bit. BUT it would have been neat to see ST TNG visit this planet for a follow up. As someone else said, where is the scientific curiosity to find a duplicate earth...
  10. Balance of Terror

    This could have been made into a movie, it's so good. Everything is covered from the WWII aspect, like a submarine, to racism. And the Romulan blowing his ship up at the end. "We could have been friends".......
  11. The Way to Eden

    I love this episode. Spock comes in....and the hippies say "You Reach?". It is soooooo 1960s. And since I'm 59, and SAW the hippies.......this episode..."Reaches". (PS, in 1969, my dad said, let's go see the hippies, and we drove in the Chevy wagon right down to Haight Ashbury.)
  12. I got the coolest mom

    She is 85, we watched Star Trek, the original together many years ago. We had to beg her to stay up and watch it. . So she gives me this card for my birthday.
  13. What's the last non-Trek book you've read?

    Well, he was the son of a Liberian diplomat and a German lady. Some of his teachers were very prejudiced and some were very accepting. And his friends accepted him. It's a tad slow here n there, but really Spock would say "Fascinating!". He had a great recall of what went on. . After the war, he went to Liberia and met his father. The interesting insights, going from an industrialized nation, to a third world country. Then to the USA. He passed away about 10 years ago in Florida. I have passed the book around to friends and they all liked it.
  14. What's the last non-Trek book you've read?

    I read "Destined To Witness".And was that an interesting book!