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  1. Have You Ever...

    Yeah, but that's dirty as in DIRT, not any other stuff!! We have a heating & air company, and when you have to belly-crawl in the dirt some of it goes down your pants. Have you ever been to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum?
  2. Lie your butt off

    Me too!! And I don't like Macs either, ha ha ha!!!
  3. Member of the Month Vote for July.

  4. Star Trek Caption Contest Week 10 - Vote!

    voted #2 is funny from a girls point of view. lol
  5. Banner Contest -5- DS9

  6. Weekly Caption Competition! WEEK -8- Tomb Raider

    What do you mean you can still see my baby fat?!?!?!
  7. Sci-Fi Icon Contest: 1

    I promise I'm gonna enter this time. But probably not until the last minute! As soon as I found out what the theme was I thought of a million things I wanted to put in!
  8. Have You Ever...

    Yes - many times fishing, and a few times out with Mac. Have you ever slept on a boat?
  9. Have You Ever...

    Yes, I love catfish and flounder fillets. Have you ever went fishing all night long?
  10. Have You Ever...

    No, I didn't kill one but I ate one that had just been killed by my ex-husband's grandpa. Have you ever wanted something that you can't have?
  11. No 'Yes or No' Answers!

    Yes. When my nephew was born he was very sick and needed blood that was cytomegalovirus negative, which is extremely rare. Our family had a huge "private" blood drive at the Red Cross, and I was a match. But everyone won that day - there was something like 300 people showed up to give blood trying to find a match, so many lives were surely helped by it. What's your favorite way to be lazy?
  12. No 'Yes or No' Answers!

    Well, I wouldnt mind cooking on holidays if my mother wasn't such a witch with a capital B. She kind of ruined holidays for me a couple of years ago, they haven't been the same since. I like cooking on regular days, though, if someone's around to appreciate it. What would you do if a family member needed a kidney and you were a match?
  13. Have You Ever...

    Those damned mice!! No, but I crashed my first motorcycle into the ground 3 times trying to learn how to drive!!! LOL We live on a gravel road. Have you ever eaten a fresh farm egg?
  14. Have You Ever...

    Yes, but not lately! The local one here went from good to NASTY recently. Have you ever broken someone's heart?