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  1. Pick A Race

  2. The Defector

    The Defector One of my favourite moments in any show, the look on Tomalak's face is priceless.
  3. In The Pale Moonlight. Brilliant.
  4. Section 31

    Good call, that does sound like something they would do.
  5. Rate This DS-9 Character- General Martok

    Top, top character.
  6. Rate First Contact

    10. My favourite Star Trek movie.
  7. What Class of Ship Would You Want?

    Dominion Planetary Defender (the one seen in orbit of Cardassia in What You Leave Behind). Perfect for Weyoun.
  8. http://ds9.trekcore.com/episodes/season6/606/index.html
  9. Rate this DS9 character: Kira

    I gave her a 9. Brilliant in all of the later seasons, but the early PMSing brings her score down a bit. Her behaviour at first was understandable, but that doesn't stop it from being annoying.