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  1. Ghostbusters III - No, Really...

    Sony seems to employ mediocrity throughout the entire company, even in their graphic design department. Good lord, this is an exercise in eyesores. Did they pick up their team fresh out of middle school?
  2. SUICIDE SQUAD is Going to be Big at the Box Office

    DC's films don't have to be The Dark Knight every time. They can be The Dark Knight Rises, too, they can be anything so long as the quality is good! Even as the weakest entry -- or second if you feel Batman Begins is the weakest -- it's still better than everything DC and WB have released since! That's all anyone really asks.
  3. SUICIDE SQUAD is Going to be Big at the Box Office

    How bad, and I mean bad, does your movie have to be to have test audiences not have a strong affinity for either one of two (TWO!) different cuts of the same movie!? Two cuts! Ayer's grittier, darker cut, and the studio's brighter, more colorful and bouncy cut. Neither was received well enough to release one, so WB literally smashed both cuts together and released the rainbow-colored vomit pie we see before us today. This film cannot decide what it wants to be, thanks to this absolute clusterf*** that is studio/director mismanagement. This is on both parties. Like with BvS, I had the fortune to not pay for my ticket. Movie passes be praised, but not in this instance. Definitely not. When Will Smith, just being Will Smith but in a superhero movie, is your best part, you might want to rethink your strategies. Also, Jai Courtney should never be a serious actor again. Ever. He's awful at it, he's wooden, he's a muscular pylon with intense stares. Except in this. He had great comedic timing, and that intense stare did Captain Boomerang some well-deserved justice after being, well, just a low-rent villain who's a joke of a nemesis against The Flash. Shame he was more underused than he was in the trailers. Jared Leto was the biggest letdown since, well, every DC film after The Dark Knight. Mountains of hype, tall enough to reach the moon and back, and he was just... blah. Nothing good, nothing bad. Okay, maybe bad, but not awful. I certainly don't blame him for the awful design choices implemented. Because I certainly don't envision an inner city gangbanger when I think of the Joker. But he did nothing with the role I've not already seen. Doesn't help that his laugh was more forced than Mel Gibson's apology after getting arrested. Margot Robbie was in Wolf of Wall Street form, which meant acting with a fake Brooklyn accent that went from several horrible degrees of minor irritating subtlety to 'please, God, stop it all.' DC now has Geoff Johns at the helm, one of the best and most creative comic writers to ever grace the pages. But that doesn't mean it'll translate into their film ventures. If WB and DC can't get their collective s**ts together, their entire film universe will need another reboot, just like their comics.
  4. SUICIDE SQUAD is Going to be Big at the Box Office

    Oh, yes, David Ayer, "F*** Marvel," indeed. Asshat. Even Marvel Studios' worst films are better than the dreck WB has churned out in the last three years. And I'm not saying that as a Marvel fanboy. Age of Ultron was purely mediocre, as was Iron Man 2 and, to lesser extent based solely on entertainment value, Iron Man 3. Thor 2 was utterly forgettable and everything Fox has made in the last 10+ minus Deadpool and the main X-Men series (excluding X3) has been laughable. I'm not a Marvel fanboy, I can admit when their movies, whether by the big studio or by Fox/Sony, are awful. Unfortunately, most DC films have been just as awful since The Dark Knight Rises. There hasn't been anything remotely as good, even for as underwhelming as that was, or even barely entertaining. I've always wanted good DC movies, but this just seems to continue the trend of mediocrity, because it seems like WB can't find a writer/director who actually gets DC Comics. Also, a bunch of whiny fanboys are petitioning to shut down Rotten Tomatoes because of the bad reviews on said website. It's not like film critics do this for a living and often have vast backgrounds of varying degrees in film studies.
  5. Ghostbusters III - No, Really...

    Why bother watching classic movies when you can watch them rip apart classic bad movies?
  6. Ghostbusters III - No, Really...

    Of course they did, it's a piece of s***. And I mean that constructively. It fails, in many aspects, as a film. Not just as a comedy, which is the first cardinal sin it commits. It just wasn't funny. You don't do that when you're trying to remake what's considered to be one of the best comedies ever.
  7. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I'd rather have Sean Pertwee play his father's role than have Tennant come back in any form again. Fans have really ruined his iteration of the Doctor for me.
  8. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    It's too soon, far too soon, to bring back Smith entirely. If there's a multi-doctor episode (not a Christmas special or anniversary shindig), I'm all aboard for having Smith return to share the floor with Capaldi. They'd be an excellent contrast and play off of each other well, especially if it's Smith's Series 6 Doctor. He became more of an old man, inwardly, while Capaldi's seems to have a mid-life crisis, what with the guitar playing and overall punk attitude (which I adore about him). But to have the Doctor regenerate back into Smith's form just after he transformed is too much, too soon. Capaldi needs to have at least one Moffat-free season. He deserves new, fresh writing. Not to say that the last two seasons were awful, they were far from it. Probably my favorite of the revival. But the episodes all eventually fell prey to the usual Moffat-isms that have plagued the show since the beginning of Smith's tenure.
  9. Bryan Fuller - News on the New Show

    I have a confession.... I am the source!
  10. Ghostbusters III - No, Really...

    Honestly, don't bother having Stay Puft in the film if he's not the big bad. Now, we get a giant version of the GB logo with a bowtie instead. Wow, such creativity. And getting blasted in the crotch, no less! Man, that's some great humor I could just as easily watch a Jackass movie for. I don't recall any "getting kicked/punched/hit in the balls" jokes in the originals. Matter of fact, only dick jokes I could recall were, "Everything was fine until the power grid was shut down by dickless, here." "Is this true?" "Yes, your honor, it's true. This man has no dick." And, "How's school? Bet those science chicks must really dig that big cranium of yours, huh?" "Actually, I think they're more interested in my epididymitis." Word play. Snarky insults. Not, "OHHH, SNAP, HE GOT SHOT IN THE DICK!" *cue heinous laughter*
  11. General Star Wars Discussion

    Exactly as you said, there's a time to play it safe. For example: Last Crusade was a perfect time to play it safe. Especially after the progenitor to the PG-13 rating, Temple of Doom, had stirred its own controversy. Likewise, Crystal Skull should've been the perfect moment to play it unsafe. It should've been the sci-fi B-movie that George Lucas claimed it was.
  12. General Star Wars Discussion

    And then there's purely ridiculous hyperbole fueled by unwarranted, unfounded, and petulant hate.
  13. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Watch, that'll be exactly how she is, since this will be Moffat's last series. Wouldn't put it past him to write in a jab like that, really.
  14. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Certainly has a modern day twist of Ace about her, doesn't she? Definitely looking forward to what she'll bring to the table.
  15. General Star Wars Discussion

    I'm sorry, but I really fail to see how you can't understand the nuances of this character. It's not exactly complex, but I'll be damned if it's not at least done well. He doesn't have to look intimidating. That is the point of the mask. The mask is fear and intimidation, underneath it is a young, naive, and egotistical boy. What he doesn't want to be. He uses the mask to hide from himself.