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  1. Nice to meet ya! I'm just a wayward daughter of the OS...
  2. ADAM!!! So crazy, isn't it?!
  3. MANETH!!
  4. I've been taking care of them and now they're MINE. Is okay, I borrowed Mishi's cloning thingy and made myself some new ones. *nudges original Rikers over to Terilynn* *Greets Original Riker Boys with hugs and kisses (and a soft swat on their rears). Whispers in their ears: Hello Boys. Miss me? I missed you. Meet you in the loft for some alone time in a sec. And Tom - don't forget to put a bumper in front of the organ. I don't want to hit the pedals by mistake like we did before I left."* 5 year missions kinda suck. Lost some of my crew along the way but I made contact with many new people. Started a podcast - which is going VERY WELL. I owe so much to my friends here at OS and TrekCore for helping me come out of my Trek closet. Thank you. <3
  5. Hey - I'm back from my 5 year mission. Where are my boys?
  6. Sho-Rin!! So glad to see you sir! <3 and nice to meet you Sehlat!
  7. Thanks Kieron and kc! I have. I have been here before. Yes, too long before and I have been appropriately chastised for my absense
  8. RUNTACKLEHUG *Sits on HR* Hi. I missed you. *kisses you right on your face*
  9. No. *pulls out crop* THIS is why you called me here, isn't it? Besides, Riker needs time to heal a little.
  10. HEY!!! WHO'S HERE? YOU CALLED? So this guy said I needed to come back. So... I jumped in the transwarp portal (there's one in the closet in Riker's "ready room') and came over. SO. WHO'S BUTT DO I NEED TO KICK? the bootz are back baybee
  11. Klaus - thank you . *BIGKISS*
  12. lore - post here.
  13. Hey everyone, if my friend Lore drops in - say hello