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  1. Nice to meet ya! I'm just a wayward daughter of the OS...
  2. ADAM!!! So crazy, isn't it?!
  3. The Church of Space Totty

  4. The Church of Space Totty

    I've been taking care of them and now they're MINE. Is okay, I borrowed Mishi's cloning thingy and made myself some new ones. *nudges original Rikers over to Terilynn* *Greets Original Riker Boys with hugs and kisses (and a soft swat on their rears). Whispers in their ears: Hello Boys. Miss me? I missed you. Meet you in the loft for some alone time in a sec. And Tom - don't forget to put a bumper in front of the organ. I don't want to hit the pedals by mistake like we did before I left."* 5 year missions kinda suck. Lost some of my crew along the way but I made contact with many new people. Started a podcast - which is going VERY WELL. I owe so much to my friends here at OS and TrekCore for helping me come out of my Trek closet. Thank you. <3
  5. The Church of Space Totty

    Hey - I'm back from my 5 year mission. Where are my boys?
  6. Sho-Rin!! So glad to see you sir! <3 and nice to meet you Sehlat!
  7. Thanks Kieron and kc! I have. I have been here before. Yes, too long before and I have been appropriately chastised for my absense
  8. RUNTACKLEHUG *Sits on HR* Hi. I missed you. *kisses you right on your face*
  9. No. *pulls out crop* THIS is why you called me here, isn't it? Besides, Riker needs time to heal a little.
  10. HEY!!! WHO'S HERE? YOU CALLED? So this guy said I needed to come back. So... I jumped in the transwarp portal (there's one in the closet in Riker's "ready room') and came over. SO. WHO'S BUTT DO I NEED TO KICK? the bootz are back baybee
  11. Looking for a Good Photoshopper

    Klaus - thank you . *BIGKISS*
  12. All New Members - Post a Reply Here!

    lore - post here.
  13. Hey everyone, if my friend Lore drops in - say hello