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  1. Cannon Killer, or Not?

    I thought that i remembered the Borg saying Resistance is Futile, you will be assimilated and all that jazz, but I haven't watched that episode in quite some time (so I could be wrong), which I have the Borg DVD set, so I am gonna check up on that in the next few days, I hope. I am not often annoyed by Enterprise, and my dad (an old TOS lover) loves Enterprise, but I was annoyed by the Ferengi episode, but for the most part, I was able to overlook the minor slip-ups that were made when it came to cannon, because some were obviously going to happen in a prequel series. It's like expecting 10 feet of snow, and thinking that the nearby river won't flood, it's a little unrealistic to think that someone would be able to not break cannon in some way, when writing a prequel.
  2. Cannon Killer, or Not?

    I was watching the Enterprise episode "Judgement" and although Archer did manage to escape Rura Penthe, it appeared as though no serious effort was made by the Klingons to get him back, so I am thinking that it may have been that the Klingons had no idea that Archer had managed to escape from the prison camp, other then the future interactions that he would have with them, which I doubt the average Klingon would know that this one was supposed to be on Rura Penthe, so I am thinking that perhaps the Klingon Empire was unaware of this escape from their penal colony. Which would make the claim of no prisoner escaping from Rura Penthe to be true from their point of view. It has been some time since I have seen the Borg, and Ferengi Enterprise episodes so I can not make a judgement on those.
  3. I crawled out of my cave again!

    I hope you all missed my unique contributions to the O-Sector boards, now time to bring on awkward topics in the Kobiashi Maru!!!!
  4. Computer Monitor Issues

    You can get rid of this, A friend was able to resolve this for me, but thank you, those who were going to help.
  5. Hello everyone, I am back from the craziness of life, and I hope to show my face more than I have been recently, I hope things have been well in my absence, and I welcome the opportunity to interact with you all again.
  6. Computer Monitor Issues

    I wasn't sure, where this should go, and I am no longer a part of very many forums anymore, so I ask you all, I have a Microwise computer with a Pentium 4, running XP, just got a guy to fix the computer, but there is a problem, it doesn't like my monitor, which is a MAG Innovision monitor, 15 Inches I believe. What shows on the screen is H:68.8KHZ and V:85.1HZ, the computer guy who fixed my computer had to reinstall XP to fix the original issues so please tell me how to fix this one. I also have an old CRT that I can use to do changes, it is getting in the way though. Please help me with this issue.
  7. ADULT: Star Trek (2009+) Gals

    The green didn't bother me, but wait, isn't Russia the one who likes 8 feet tall, Blue skin, and a tail? Talk about a double standard, just joking in all honesty.
  8. 595 Oranges Power an iphone

    Why do that though, I for one don't have kind of money to blow on who knows how many pounds of oranges or grapefruit if that would be more economical, I can barely afford college as it is. Although I do find it neat, also another question is did it power it with Alternating Current of Dirrect Current because it does differ depending on the country.
  9. STO Game Names for Friends List

    kovath@tevapox tevapox@tevapox
  10. [STO] Captains of The Omega Sector

    I will post my dude, I was having trouble with my screenshot program, but its all good now. Oh and I am Tevapox of the USS Indianapolis (Yes it was named after a ship that got sunk, I thought about it later) The USS Indianapolis Tevapox I can't remember her name The chick that used to be Borg, something Newton. I would post my dude but I can't find a good screenshot program, I tried Lightscreen but it gave a a black screen when I tried. Anyone know a screenshot program that will work Oh and I am Tevapox of the USS Indianapolis (Yes it was named afer a ship that got sunk, I thought about it later)
  11. Nasa accepts Spirit Mars rover 'stuck for good'

    I am somewhat happy to hear this. Happy to hear that the government can turn something that is expected to last 90 days and make it last over six years. The government doesn't even keep some Vehicles that long.(I come from a family that drives cars that are driven till utter death.)I have had issues with MANY things the Government has done, I am really happy about this, cause it means at least some degree of using money wisely.
  12. Windows Vista with a Pentium M

    I told my brother that 7 did wonders for my HP dv7, oh by the way, I still haven't decided on the right netbook, I have been looking at the MSI netbooks, does anyone have experience with the MSI netbooks. I am wondering how they are.
  13. My bro has a laptop with a pentium M, He has put Windows Vista on it, is that a bad idea? He plans to upgrade to Windows 7 but I just wanted to ask yall if there could be problems, cause the Computer is fairly old.