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  1. Have You Ever...

    Of course: A Connie refit. Have you ever had a month-long food craving?
  2. Tell us about your screenname!

    Well, mine is named after the incomparable MiG-31 Foxhound interceptor.
  3. Have You Ever...

    Can't say I have. Have you ever yelled "Banzai" at an inappropriate time?
  4. Pick A Race

    I picked the Cardassians. I'd like being a sympathetic baddie. Plus, they're just cool.
  5. Have You Ever...

    Does "Dive, Dive, DIVE!" count? Have you ever yelled "hit the deck"?
  6. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but now they taste terrible. I wish I could print money legally.
  7. Have You Ever...

    Nyet. Have you ever said "achievement unlocked" in everyday life?
  8. Have You Ever...

    Yeah. Have you ever referred to an authority figure as Il Duce?
  9. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but the lettuce is rotten and can't be removed. I wish I had the ability to read people's minds.
  10. Klingons vs. Cardassion

    Honestly, pound for pound, Cardies are the best soldiers in the galaxy, except for maybe Jem'Hadar. I'm going with Cardassians here.
  11. Have You Ever...

    Nyet. Have you ever seen a full-grown man scream like a little girl?
  12. Have You Ever...

    Nope. Have you ever found out the cake was a lie?
  13. Have You Ever...

    If that means absolute ruler of the entire world, then yes. Have you ever eaten catfish?
  14. Have You Ever...

    Yep. Have you ever screamed something completely ridiculous while playing video games?
  15. Have You Ever...

    Yes. Have you ever seen Bigfoot?