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  1. I voted 'Other'.The Cloudminders. The costumes were derivative. The foam 'rocks' moved when Plasus was shoved against them. Overacting in this episode - which was just too much for me to handle. This episode has only a single redeeming quality- Droxine's barely there dress, but that isn't enough for me not to consider this one the cheesiest of all. Other episodes suffered from cheesiness due to FX and constumes this one suffers from cheesiness due to fx, costumes, bad acting and writing.
  2. Been watching a lot of TOS. Just watched Return of the Archons last night.
  3. The least favorite women in ST?

    I would like to see the counterbalance to this thread, but while I am here I personally would choose the alternate reality Carol Marcus as the one female character that most annoyed me. She was cute to look at, but what did she really bring to the movie except her looks?
  4. Hello

    Welcome. I too have just come back to this site after some time away.
  5. Elaan of troyius

    I would venture to say because she was part of a noble family and she was used to having her whims fulfilled even if that included changing her clothes every couple of hours. Lets face it, its a hard life but someone has to endure it. LOL.
  6. Favorite Season 7 Episodes

    Friendship One Author,Author Renaissance Man Shattered Endgame
  7. Favorite Season 6 episodes!

    Memorial Tsunkatse Muse Ashes to Ashes Equinox part 2
  8. Favorite Season 5 Episodes

    Bride of Chaotica Night Equinox Think Tank Warhead
  9. Favorite Season 4 Episodes

    Year of Hell (1&2) Living Witness Scientific Method The Omega Directive The Gift Unforgettable The Raven
  10. Favorite Season 3 Episodes

    Basics, Part 2 The Chute Coda Distant Origin Worst Case Scenario
  11. Favorite Season 2 Episodes

    Basics,Part 1 Tattoo Death Wish Deadlock Meld
  12. Favorite Season 1 Episodes

    Caretaker Time and Again Eye of the Needle Faces Jetrel
  13. A jem'hadar solider

    Thats cool! I never noticed that before.
  14. Tucker Mayweather Admiral Forrest