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  1. welcome to the O.S. Zinnax
  2. Welcome to the O.S.
  3. cool february 16th it will be on
  4. welcome Back
  5. yawning....... reboots are old and boring, so what James Cameron to do another reboot of The Terminator Franchise who care's . in my opinion this leads me to Believe Hollywood has lost its creativity. all they know is the reboots of the different franchises . we need some new movie & T.V. franchise's of Instead of all the reboots of old T.V. and movies that have been rehashed over and over again .
  6. Happy Friday the 13th everyone

  7. I like watching the twilight zone the old series and the ones in the 90's,.....Alfred Hichcock of the Giants....adventures of superman 1960's...get smart...planet of the apes tv series 1974..Kolchak::the night Hornet... batman TV series ...
  8. time tunnel.. lost in space to the bottom of the sea... land of the lost........ the munsters
  9. Happy New year to all my trek core friends
  10. it was on CNN actress Debbie Reynolds Has passed away at 84 one day after her daughter carrie fisher died 

  11. R2D2 and see threepio was in the movie cameo along with some secondary actors from a new hope , the empire strikes back and return of the Jedi, but no, Hans solo, chewbacca or princess Leia, Luke Skywaker was in the film . oh well
  12. Star wars VIII come out in December of 2017, it sad the passing of Carrie fisher a Very sad day for SW fans , a question if Rouge one considered a star wars movie than why Don't it have a number behind of the title like the other star wars movies do.
  13. welcome back
  14. Welcome Enjoy your stay LLAP
  15. jay Riker welcome to the O.S. LLAP