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  1. 10th Anniversary

    That's really awesome - congratulations to both of you!
  2. I just bought a Blu-Ray player this week, so I'll eventually get the movie on Blu-Ray. But I'll wait till it goes on sale or something.
  3. Our new car.

    Congratulations on the new car! The whole paperwork process sounds so complicated...nothing like that in the US, if you paid for the car, you can usually drive it off the lot the same day, if you want...
  4. There was an episode on season 6 or 7 of VOY (can't remember which), where Harry Kim comments that he could have been a Lt. Commander or even a Commander by now, if they hadn't gotten stranded. Janeway acknowledges that he is probably right but there are no open spots for promotion on Voyager. So I agree with Lexi that they probably had to keep a certain structure of hierarchy on the ships. I could imagine that Tuvok may have been on track to being promoted when he returned aboard Voyager from his Maquis spying mission, so there was a "spot" for him available.
  5. Happy Birthday Ael.

    Happy birthday!
  6. What happened to the music club?!

    Let me dig through my emails and find all the songs that were sent to me and find the ones that I haven't had a chance to post.
  7. What happened to the music club?!

    That was my fault - I basically didn't have time to even read the board for a couple of months this summer, let alone keep up with doing the music club, so I kinda let it go...
  8. Lily Allen pwns self over Copyright crusade on Twitter

    Have no idea who Lily Allen is...but since she makes it sound like the only reason she was making music in the first place is to make a profit, well, good riddance.
  9. The What the Heck Were They Thinking Romance Poll

    Worst couples Seven/Chakotay - I refuse to acknowledge that one... Couples that could have been I voted for Geordi/Tyler - I can sort of see that one progress somewhere. Also, it's not in the poll, but I'll throw the Janeway/Chakotay pairing in this category as well.
  10. Phobias, just for fun

    No phobias - I get afraid of things on occasion but never to the degree where I can't function or can't continue doing whatever it is that's scaring me. Although I've yet to drum up the courage to go bungee jumping in our local amusement park...
  11. Belanna's Artwork

    I'm not a fan of J/T but it's very beautifully done!
  12. astrometrics lab...

    Voyager wasn't designed as a deep-space exploration vessel, it may not have had full-blown astrometrics facilities until Janeway and Seven expanded upon whatever stellar cartography computers they had.
  13. Meh... (Fall 2009 TV)

    Just as well, if there aren't many new shows that I'm interested in, at least that'll give me time to catch up on all the old(er) shows that I'm trying to find time to watch. I'm excited about the season premiere of House - less than a week to go, woo-hoo! (of course, I'm only halfway through the previous season, but I should be done by next Monday...if I don't get anything else done this week )
  14. RIP Patrick Swayze

    RIP Patrick Swayze, you will be missed.
  15. astrometrics lab...

    Not sure what there was before, but the astrometrics lab was only added after Seven joined the crew. Part of the technology used in the lab came from Borg, so it was really Seven's baby. Seven's regeneration alcove was in cargo bay 2, I think.