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  1. Kirk got rid of Trelane.... Picard could not get rid of Q
  2. Oh yeah... Fair Haven... I would chalk those up with the clown episode. They reminded me of the TNG holodeck cop-out episodes.
  3. I enjoyed most episodes of Voyager but one that really stood out as being, IMHO, bad, was the Clown episode. I forget the name, but it was early on in the series...
  4. I really enjoyed them! They are a fun read!! But read them in order!!!!
  5. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere... but.. Will the file be posted here.. will in be avaliable on the podcost list in Itunes...? is there a link I am missing... This sounds very cool! Thanks!!!!!!!!
  6. Good one!!
  7. you go right ahead.... don't do anything I wouldn't do with 'em!
  8. Orion Slave Girls.....
  9. hello...!?!?!? *echos through the empty Enterprise section*
  10. Hey! Found a couple more of Mirror T'Pol... Kicking some Ho-Hoshi ass...
  11. MU T'Pol...!!! That Mirror Universe T'Pol sure gets around!
  12. Well there's Ho-Hoshi... And there's... And this very very very beautiful hand...
  13. I have them larger but don't have the web space... PM me if you want and I will try to send you some larger ones...LOL..
  14. Thank god for the sixties!!!