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  1. 5 stars from me. Your banners rock!

  2. 2 stars from me. Your banners could be better.

  3. How would you improve Voyager?

    I didn't say they were comparable, but I did feel that it was an incredibly bad writing choice for Janeway's character.
  4. How would you improve Voyager?

    - Nix C7 and Tomlanna. - Hook up D7. - Not have every single episode after Scorpion II be entirely about Seven of Freaking Nine. - [rant] Not have Janeway make an alliance with the Borg instead of even CONSIDERING helping 8472 in Scorpion I & II. This just pissed me off, since the writers made Janeway incredibly stupid here. Thinking the Borg would keep a promise about not assimilating them? Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Also, after that little fiasco, it sets Janeway up to also look INCREDIBLY self-righteous in Equinox I & II (I mean, come on...she kinda had no right to judge the Equinox crew after she basically agreed to help the Borg exterminate 8472). I didn't like that the writers made her act that way...Janeway's better than that, damn it! [/rant] - Kill Seska in Caretaker, and the entire Kazon nation with her. - Give everyone a little bit more Riker in their blood. SeeingEyeBorg and I are currently in Season Seven of our Voyager marathon, and I'm really get weary of this 'target their weapons array' or 'target their propulsion systems' crap. If it's shooting at you and yours, you KILL IT! If Sam Wildman was a senior officer, you'd better bet she wouldn't let ANYTHING endanger her little princess! - If the Voyager crew is playing tag with the Borg every other epi for like three seasons, can we PLEASE get a frickin' clue and steal some of their trans-warp hub technology? I know they stole a trans-warp coil or something, but why can't we go for the gold and steal a cube here? Seven's a frickin' ex-drone, why can't she replicate the ability to make trans-warp conduits appear???
  5. Who is the best Character?

    The Doctor for me, no question.
  6. Who is the best Character?

    Data, with Riker, Deanna and Worf all in a very close tie for 2nd.
  7. Who is the best Character?

    Martok. Of those listed, Quark.
  8. CaptJamieway's Graphics

    Love 'em, Jamie, esp. the Harris icons! <3
  9. What do u think the changelings on earth did?

    My guess would be that they all died from the disease that Odo accidentally spread to The Link.
  10. Belanna's Artwork

    OMG Bel, LOVE the D7 Wedding one! <333
  11. Everything and Anything!

    Damn straight! Love 'em Daxy! I'm actually working an Adora/Sea Hawk She-Ra banner right now! <333
  12. Who do you think is the most annoying character?

  13. Rate this DS9 character: Odo

    Odo gets an eight from me, but it bumps up to ten when he's paired w/Quark.
  14. Voyager's graphics

    Love 'em Voyager! <333 Oh and you did Mulan icons! Awwwww!!!! [/girl moment]
  15. Belanna's Artwork

    They're all great, B'Elanna! I especially love the 'Living Witness' icon set...god, I love my bad Voyager crew! <333