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  1. Prime Hellix added a post in a topic How You Became a Trekkie   

    Who: Nobody. I happened to watch it for the first time by accident - I just run onto it while switching the TV channels and it seemed interesting.
    What: TNG episode 3 - "The Naked now". Fist ST character I saw was Data, looking rather curious and disbelieving on the fact of someone freezing in the shower - funniest thing I've ever seen I'll never forget that look - it was I think what made me not to switch the next TV prog (and later I've been very gratefull to my English teacher at that time - for I was a 12 years-old girl, never spoken with a native English-speaking person, but I DID UNDERSTOOD WHAT THE FUNNY WHITE MAN WAS SAYING!!! )
    Why: Curiosity maybe, at first. And as I started watching each episode, I really liked the stories and the humanism in them. I've always been keen on Sci-Fi, even before I watched ST.
    When: February of 1992.

    My brother is the closest person to me that fances Star Trek too. I got him into the swarm, ofcourse But also I know loads of people here - fans of ST, especially those with whom I'm planning on creating the first dedicated ST group in my country.

    Pam, you're joking, right? I don't think you're a loony, I don't think anyone here is, I don't think I am!!! I'm a normal person - I study hard, I do to work, I hang out with friends, I go to the disco, I love night parties... What's the big deal? I don't understand why we're so in the way of other people! After all, what we fancy is not their bussiness at all!

    Denise :alien:
  2. Prime Hellix added a post in a topic Trek Comics   

    I have the DC's TNG second run... about 80 issues if I recall correctly... And the movies' comics, but I think Marvel just spoiled them, it should've been DC making those.

    Some crossovers too, TNG and DS9, but they're Marvel's as well The X-Men/TNG crossovers are quite good in appearance, but I don't like such mixed up stories, I mean, put the X-Men in, Star Trek, Star Wars, some Babulon, etc... Hm. I've always asked myself (reading those crossovers) are they trying to tell us something or what..?