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  1. Which Star Trek Actors Have You Met?

    HE'S BACK!!!!! *runjumphugs* :P/> Well hello my dear! Back as requested So anything I post is all your fault! Missed you! <3
  2. I do love Sherlock Has anyone seen the US version - Elementary. Is it any good?
  3. I have come and gone for many years due to work commitments but when I pop back I always feel like I'm coming back home TrekCore is brilliant!
  4. I realise I am a little behind bust I have just caught up with Season 7 of Bones which I thoroughly enjoyed (despite it being a short 13 episode season which I assume is due to Emily Dechanel being pregnant at the time) AND Paul and I are half way through the first season of Heroes. It's something I never watched when it was on TV first time around so I am making up for last ground.
  5. Which Star Trek Actors Have You Met?

    I haven't met that many - mainly because I would never travel out of my home city to do so! (Lazy!) That being said I have met: Andrew Robinson (Garak) John De Lancie (Q) Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) Tim Russ (Tuvok) Which is nothing to be sniffed at
  6. Real Enterprise Shuttle Damaged

    Oh goodness! Although I can't really call them, I bumped my car off the back of a car park wall in Birmingham the other week. Just completely forgot to look behind me...I guess that was stupidity rather than anything else though. As for the Shuttle I'm sure its repairable. I would love to go and see it when its settled into its new home. I did visit the Intrepid when I was in New York a couple of years ago, if I go back I will certainly pop in. For a picture with the real Enterprise it would be worth it
  7. Where did everyone go?

    Speaking as someone who was super obsessively active three years ago and then trailed off - for me it was work that got it the way. I tend now to stick to social networking that doesn't require me to read through a lot of messages. Short, sharp networking as it were such as Twitter and Facebook. But all that said I do miss these boards - hence me popping my head in now
  8. Good evening all! *waves*

  9. star trek tricorder t.v. commerical

    Embedded video: Haha aww it looks rather exciting, but I bet it was like carrying around a small house!
  10. Season 4 never quite topped the epic nature of season 3 for me. But let me know what you think. The last one I watched was VOY Caretaker
  11. Going boldly in a new ship!

    Haha Hellfighter! Best reply ever!! Congratulations all the same...I for one hope you survive your Borg encounter
  12. It's Trek's 45th Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary to Star Trek and Madam Honey! Congratulations to both! x
  13. back from his jolly holidays!

  14. back from his jolly holidays!

  15. the Great Bird turns 90 Today

    Happy Birthday to the big man