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  1. J.J. Wants Shatner & Nimoy

    Unfortunately there is a new rumour that I have posted in the other thread that makes me wonder about this one. Dont get me wrong - if it was said at a convention then I am sure it was said... but it looks like JJ may have some bizaar thoughts... Makes me worry a bit.
  2. Trek XI Rumors and Spoilers

    From the latest 'EMPIRE' magazine - February 2007... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I just had to come back and post this... its most upsetting to me... LOL... they just cant do it... TREKKIES AND TREKKERS REVOLT! LOL Seriously - I cant see this as being a good move with the 'classic' fans... I'm sure most of you will agree.
  3. Doctor Who

    OK well I havent been a fan of Doctor Who until I saw last years series... and from then on I've been totally hooked!!! I caught the odd old ep on the ABC here in Australia, didn't like it, and went on my merry way.. now I'm grabbing each new ep any way possible as soon as I can cos simply put - its fracking brilliant!!! The last three eps, New Earth, Tooth & Claw and School Reunion have been fantastic! I didn't know if I could get into it after Christopher Eccleston left, but the 'new guy' is doing GREAT!!! Good to see a thread here on the subject... will have to drop in and put my thoughts in on each new ep as I watch them! (Tho I planned on doing that for S2 of SGA and never got around to it... LOL... thats the problem you have when you moderate another TV forum!)
  4. JJ Abrams to write/direct Trek 11 ?!

    *shakes head* its one thing to have a go at a post for the actual content and have something hard as evidence to disprove it... but having a go at peoples OPINIONS on this is just not good sport. Everyone is going to have an opinion on this... how about we all just let people post their thoughts without trying to 'change' their POV or tell them that they are an idiot for thinking that way??? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now my general opinion is that under a new director etc. it may have promise. I hope its not a SFAcademy type flick - but as posted below nothing is nailed down yet - so I'm really hoping for something on the birth of the Federation or the Romulan War... *fingers crossed for Romulan War* :D Personally I'm just happy to see that they are reviving Trek before it got too long... (Me thinks the launch of the Star Wars TV series has prompted some action - Personal opinion only.)
  5. Omega Sector Chat #1!

    Oh crap... 9pm GMT = 7am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)... LOL... bit early for me on a Sunday but I'll try!
  6. TrekCore DS9 Section Launches!

    Best thing is that there is more to come everyone!!! Hope you enjoy whats up at the moment!
  7. New Avatars

    My character Sloan is up so I'm happy and there are some great DS9 and Defiant pics there (as well as the Bashir/Ezri & Odo/Kira ones for those shippers) - so it should keep most of us Niners happy!
  8. Ds9 Dvd Screencaps Are Up!

    Hairy... The menu would probably be because of your location: Looks like the browser has plugged into something in it that has prompted the German menu instead of the English menu. *shrugs*
  9. Ds9 Dvd Screencaps Are Up!

    And a big thanks to all our DS9 screencappers for getting the gallery to where it currently is... there is still a LOT more caps coming in the new year... so stay tuned to TrekCore for all your screencap needs! (Amongst other things!!! )