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  1. My Starships...

    Here is the latest for Glenn Judd he wanted a Dark Mirror Jumpsuit uniform ala Enterprise with pouches and zippers. So this is what I came up with a mixture of Enterprise and First Contact uniforms. Sean P. Tourangeau 3-6-2013 Adobe Illustrator CS6
  2. My Starships...

    Here is something I am working on between Homework and commissions. I am in the process of redrawing a piece that I drew in 1995 to compare my style from then and now. Also to take a chance to redesign a character of mine as well. I have been taking photos at different stages to post when finished. Sean P. Tourangeau 3-1-2013 Hand Drawn Col-Erase 20044 blue pencils on Strathmore Multimedia 11X14 Paper.
  3. My Starships...

    Here are a few pictures of the Starcraft U.S.S. Titan model at home with the fleet. Sean P. Tourangeau U.S.S.Titan Designer
  4. My Starships...

    Well I finally have my Starcraft Models Resin kit of the U.S.S. Titan completed and ready to be the center of my fleet on my desk at home. This kit was built and painted by Brian Lyod a fellow Web Design Student. He did a great job, I am about 95% happy with it. There are some very minor minor things that I am not going to complain about since he did a great job going from my instructions and I gave him range to improvise where he saw fit. I will post more images of her once she is in my home office. In the future I plan on expanding the base so that I can take it to conventions and get Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, Tim Russ, Michael Okuda, Doug Drexler, Marco Palmieri, Andy Mangels, Dayton Ward, Geoffrey Thorne, and Will Wheaton's Signatures To have on display with her. Sean P. Tourangeau Designer U.S.S.Titan
  5. My Starships...

    Just saw a pic of what STO is calling a Mirror Universe Luna Class. I say thee NO!!!! The STO LUNA class is still way way off from how the USS is supposed to be. And even farther off from how I envisioned a Imperial Luna to look like. All it is is here is a Repaint, NO STO you really messed up with this one. I would of been more than happy to let you have the I.S.S. Titan Design to go with my U.S.S Titan. And you wonder why I don't play the game. Beasides the 2 plus hour download and the fact that I have to use my wife's PC since you won't make a version that plays on the MAC. Feel Free anyone who plays and is active on the STO Forums to pass my distaste for this GOD awful excuse for a Luna class. Sean
  6. My Starships...

    For about the past year I have been helping Alec Peters on a new Trek Fan Film called Star Trek Axanar. It is set about 20 years before TOS with Captain Garth of Izar. I haven't been able to post images before now since Alec had not made images public. But now he has and I am aloud to post my Concept images (Logo, Uniforms, Ship design, and some set design) as he post them on his FB page. Here is the first image. This is the final 2d Schematics of the U.S.S. Ares the hero ship of Star Trek Axanar. I handed these off to Alec Peters who sent them to Tobias Richter who made the 3D Mesh. I will also post the 3D images if aloud. Sean P. Tourangeau Adobe Illustrator CS5 Here is a link to the Public Axanar Page:
  7. My Starships...

  8. My Starships...

    Here is my next Photoshop Stencil assignment image. For this on I attempted my version of the Shepard Fairey Obama poster. but using Spock for the subject. Sean P. Tourangeau 9-20-2012 *note I am not a Obama supporter just like the poster.
  9. My Starships...

    Here is another fun one commissioned by Glenn Judd. He wanted a Horta for this one. So he got one. Sean P. Tourangeau 9-3-2012 Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CS6
  10. My Starships...

    Well Glenn Judd ordered a tough one this time. He wanted a Imperial Jem'hadar Warrior. I decided to also come up with a quick back story with these guys as well. Imperial Jem'hadar Warriors In the Dark Mirror Universe the Dominion has not been defeated,(YET) but the Empire has captured a few Jem'hdar cloning facilities and have incorporated them into their fighting force. Due to their volatile nature the Imperial Jem’hadar are kept in special colonies and only used in battle as a last resort. To stop them from firing on their Imperial handlers they have beenb hardwired with a genetic loyalty to the Empire. If they should try and rebel they have been genetically imprinted command to kill themselves. Like their Dominion brothers, they too are addicted to Ketracel White. Heaven help the Empire should their failsafes fail. Sean P. Tourangeau 8-23-2012 Adobe Illustrator CS6
  11. My Starships...

    Here is the Final Nose Art/Pin-Up commission for @PATHFINDER_KDF of is character Storm Dancer. Sean P. Tourangeau • 8-23-2012 • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  12. My Starships...

    While creating the last commission for kclcmdr. I decided to do a upgraded "Super Akira Class" with more weapons and since some people think the Luna is just a Akira Knock-Off I gave this Akira the Luna Class Starship's Nacelles. So I give you the I.S.S.John Dillinger. Sean P. Tourangeau 8-12-2012 Adobe Illustrator CS6
  13. My Starships...

    Here is my latest Finished commission for :iconkclcmdr:. This time he wanted a Dark Mirror Akira Class Starship. Sean P. Tourangeau 8-12-2012 Adobe Illustrator CS6 *Note I can tell you from just this angle that my Titan looks very little like this design
  14. My Starships...

    Originally was a top view commission for DrinkingCleric/Alastor/Alex Ray from Of one of his San Palo Class ship in STO done up as a Terran Empire Ship. Now Glenn Judd has commissioned me do up the other views for him. Thank you Glenn from Alastor. Sean P. Tourangeau 8-12-2012 Adobe Illustrator CS6
  15. My Starships...

    Originally this was a quick commission for DrinkingCleric/Alastor/Alex Ray from Of a Dark Mirror version of his character in STO. Now Glenn Judd has commissioned me to do a full color work up of this character. School is out for three weeks so time to catch up on and take more commissions. Sean P. Tourangeau 8-6-2012 Adobe Illustrator CS6