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  1. What Class of Ship Would You Want?

    Actually, you cna land the saucer. There are three legs that fold out of the bottom- ever wonder what those triangles on the bottom of the saucer were for? I would want a Connie Refit.... simple, elegant, and will turn heads no matter what era.
  2. the Siege of SR- 558. Great ep.
  3. The Kitty Thread

    We still have ours up at our cabin in the mountains.... As for the cat photos, she only does one of those things at a time...
  4. The Kitty Thread

    We used to have china with that exact same pattern..... One of these days I need to take a picture of my Cat... going after ice cream or abusing the dog. or both.
  5. Who do you think is the most annoying character?

    Odo/ Quark was one of the best things about the show! what are you talking about? But the one char that got a little annoying for me was Jake and Nog in the early seasons. later on they go much better, but early on I think it was bad becuase the writers gave them really cheesy parts...
  6. I mudd, from TOS. just finished audiocapping it....
  7. The Kitty Thread

    our neighbors have a pair like that- a tiny dog and a large cat. The cat always looks like it's going to kill that dog (he's a yapper) but The dog has a much larger friend who protects him. Very interesting dynamic.
  8. The captain's woman

    TOS: Just one? DS9: Jadzia Dax. VOY: seven. No other decent options. ENT. Hoshi. No contest there.
  9. What does your desktop look like?

    1400x 1050. Not a standard size...
  10. What does your desktop look like?

    I need to get a new one soon... the thing is, with the size screen I have, I have to make them myself, and that takes thought and work.
  11. Which captain are you?

    I got Janeway, but I think I'm closer to Calhoun....
  12. If Voyager had been another class

    It would Crash? seriously, what's the track record of those things? Trubo's comment about Kirk is only too true... The sov would have had the best chance though. I'ts faster, more durable, newer, bigger, better armed and equipped for long term missions... I'm not sure about the Galaxy. It was weak. There were a lot of problems with that thing in battles. it would have died about season 4. Seeing a connie would have been cool too. Old ship- but tough. And we see in BoBW they still make variations. And a model of a much more advanced connie refit showed up in Sisko's office once... Starfleet's most proven design. The Constellation class would have been neat as well, but it's smaller and I don't think it would have made it. If it lost to a Ferengi ship...
  13. Official: Kirk in Trek XI

    I was not suggesting he could play a younger self then in VI... I do not think tha's possible in any way, shape or form. Which admittedly Shatner has a lot of these days.
  14. The other Academy idea

    it was not rejected because it was silly Scorned. It was rejected because the Actors still could do a full lenth film, and they wanted a better one then five for the last full length with those actors. And after that, TNG came along and it just never happened because of things like First Contact and so on. And you have to admit, it would have been a hell of a lot better then what we got for #10.
  15. the founder leader

    the only death penalty the federation has is violation of GO #7- visiting Talos. And that's probalby off of the books by DS9. Star trek is about Mankind imporving itself, not descending to barbaric sacrifices. just would not happen.