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  1. Last Videogame You Played?

    Mass Effect 2 - I'm addicted!
  2. Doctor Who companions

    Sarah Jane Smith - and I mean classic Sarah Jane Smith. I like her in her own series and all (yes, I'm a big kid and always watch) but I like her best with the 3rd and 4th Doctor. I always liked the 2nd Romana too - and I can only have seen a hand full of stories with her in, but I liked her for some reason. I loved Martha - sadly RTD made an epic disaster with her (mostly the whole...unrequited love thing never sat well), I also felt he just didn't do her justice in the end. I think she had the potential to become something more if they'd kept her around in Torchwood a little longer but there was no way they could do that. I think Donna is awesome to, but I hated how everything ended with her. She was made into the most amazing person then it was all undone in an instant, and I suppose that was the whole point, but I felt cheated and...hurt on behalf of her. I foolishly had high hopes with 'The End of Time', that RTD would give her something better or take her back to herself before her mind was erased, but he just brought her back for no special reason it seemed. I kept waiting for something amazing to happen but it didn't - I think that sums up my feelings for the whole two part mess episode to be honest.
  3. What does your desktop look like?

    Considering I've been playing Mass Effect 2 every free moment since I got it over the weekend, I had to make a wallpaper with my two favourite characters from the first and second game...
  4. For the students...

    Just finishing up my MA in media production for tv and video - one more essay and for the first time in four long years (I went straight from my BA to working towards the MA) I won't be a student anymore. I don't know how I feel about that to be honest
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  8. Happy Birthday Frontier

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Amazing news

    Aww, congrats guys
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  12. The Dark Knight Rises - Rumors and News!

    Remind me to bill Warner Brothers for my creative effort The more I think about it the more I want to see Poison Ivy in the next film. I think she's interesting as deep down she's got a good cause, but just goes about defending it in completely wrong way. In fact I think I'd want to see Poison Ivy more than the Riddler who I just can't picture out of bright green outfits covered in question marks - goddamn 'Batman Forever'! Ruined me forever on the Riddler!