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  1. hip hop cant stand,hell I don't like the crap they calling music today,it the same style dancing stuff.Give me the old school of rock from the 80s
  2. The main questions r will we actually get to see the show at all and will it be good enough for a second season.
  3. I couldn't follow the episode when it first aired in Australia,still having problems understanding it.
  4. get rid off his lens flare(hate them with a passion)
  5. I watched the will smith movie concussion the other night n hail caesar
  6. the last episode was night the 1st episode of voyager's 5th season.
  7. I watched the movie nemesis couple nights ago.
  8. With the rumours about matt smith returning,couple of questions if he does?,will he b the 11th again or the 13th doctor and would he play the doctor the same way or completety different?.
  9. Blindspot and the flash
  10. currently reading illegal alien a doctor who book featuring the 7th doc and ace and the cybermen
  11. Just started to watch the first season of blindspot
  12. When will we know more about the cast and characters plus paramount is pretty silent about realising news about the show.
  13. Just wondering do u think tv shows and movies are being more predictable?the current crop of superheroes shows that im watching are all starting to go the way im thinkin each episodes and the series will finish.The new shows starts about differently but they too become predictable in the future.
  14. If shran was to be added to the main cast,which one of the least used main cast would get even less stories for their character?.
  15. the highlander,the martain(thought it was pretty good)the man who knew to much,the reboot the transporter,the living daylights, and license to kill