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  1. Belanna's Artwork

    So I haven't posted in like 2 years! I suck, I am sorry. Hope everyone is having a good 2015 so far. Can't believe it's gone by so fast. lol Here is the latest work I've done. Today is May 20th, so Happy Bithday to Voyager's Captain In loving memory of Leonard Nemoy
  2. Belanna's Artwork

    Thank you, RTA!! ~Hugs~ I am not a fan of pink either... but it went well with this wallpaper
  3. Belanna's Artwork

    Today is Kate's birthday.... So I am celebrating it by making three wallpapers of my favorite Captain. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE!
  4. Belanna's Artwork

    Aww, thanks RTA!! I have been so busy with things.... xxoo Hope you are well and had a good holiday season
  5. Belanna's Artwork

    For those who play mass effect
  6. I have become a huge Mass Effect trilogy fan! I love the Mass Effect 3 comic that is based off of the ending of ME3. I was reading the current one and smiled brightly. If you guys know about Mass Effect, you will appreciate this to read the entire comic series, you can go here and start your way forward. ~hugs~
  7. Star Trek Icon challenge: Closing the contest

    TY guys, *hugs* It has been fun
  8. Belanna's Artwork

    Thanks guys for the feedback, been so busy right now in RL and I have been addicted to a new game and it has taken all my photoshop time away.. litterly. Hope everyone is having a good year so far. xxoo 30 icons I did a month ago of Kate... just didn't have the chance to post them. You're more then welcome to snag as many as you like, of course. ~hugs~
  9. Hey guys, due to lack of entries and lack of voting for the Star Trek Icon challenge, I am officially closing the contest. If you are interested in hosting it or still want it to go on, please feel free to take over. But it seems people are not interested in icons anymore, so there really is no point to fight tooth and nail to get people to either enter or vote. Madam Honey, both your icons won as a tie for the last icon challenge. I will mail you the banner as soon as I can get photoshop back up and running. Again, sorry guys... I hope you all had a good time with the contest, and maybe one day it will come back ~Bel
  10. waiting for a tie breaker.... will check back when I wake up... Sorry for the delay guys... RL kinda turned on me
  11. only three people have voted? Come on guys, at least come and vote....
  12. Rules are simple Vote for your favorite Icon Don't vote for yourself Voting ends on the 6th of May
  13. Star Trek Icon challenge April: 2012 "Icon the pic"

    Sorry for the delay guys.... been so busy here, forgot what day it even was!! Will get the icons up and posted asap
  14. Belanna's Artwork

    For those who play or have played Mass Effect ... you will understand Enjoy.... For those who just thought... "WTF is Mass Effect?" Well it's an epic trilogy game and I recommend it :D xxoo