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  1. I had finally reading Lord of the Rings: Return of the King a couple weeks ago.
  2. Welcome to the board and enjoy!
  3. Good to know that we finally got a Captain for the Discovery.
  4. Is anyone having any issue with logging in on the board and you have to do it twice in order to be finally logged in on the board? After I log in the first time, it still shows login. I would refresh the page and still shows Log in, and when I do the log in again, I'm logged in. Weird.
  5. I'm still logged in
  6. I am looking forward to the rebooted movie. Looks really good.
  7. Welcome to the board!
  8. Many years ago, I have gotten The Next Generation DVDs and Voyager DVDs....they are the ones that were released back in 2002 and 2004 (for Voyager). I did not get the DS9 seasons on DVDs. Now that there is the new TNG complete series set (which came out in 2016...not the blu ray version though) and Voyager series (coming soon) set.....I was thinking about replacing the old ones with the new ones. Thinking about getting the DS9 series set too even though I'm not big on DS9. Is the quality (as in more clearer) any better in the new series sets than the old individual TNG season DVDs and Voyager season DVDs?
  9. Since the quality would still be the same anyways but would be good to get them to free up some space on my bookshelf in my room. I would have to hold on to the old ones until I have watched through the new sets to make sure they are working fine before I take the old ones to the used store here in my town.
  10. Welcome to the board. I"m more into the later 24th century trek series than the 23rd century (including 22nd century for Enterprise) trek series. I have never watched The Original Series. My most favorite trek series is Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. I liked Deep Space Nine (not really among my favorite)...didn't care much for season 1 and 2 since it had a slow start. Season 3 was starting to get better. I liked season 3 to 7 more. Did watch Star Trek: Enterprise (which came after Star Trek: Voyager) which was a pre-federation star trek series that took place 5/6 years before the foundation of the Federation. I didn't care much for Enterprise but I did like the borg episode and did watch the final episode in season 4.
  11. I just cleaned out my cookies and that's what it was.
  12. I vote for the first one too.
  13. Welcome back! You could have cut down your computer time by coming on in the morning and then come on the computer in the evening.
  14. I thought I would return here for good this time.....so I'm back
  15. A live action pokemon film....this will be interesting. I would bet the pokemons would be CGI.
  16. After have done the Starfleet ships, I'll be doing the alien ships...just the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Borg, and the Dominion and also the Xindi (Glenn suggested it ). No need to do the Ferengi since they only just have one ship unless someone wants me to just throw that in for the heck of it. This time, I'll just post the link of the pics of the ships from Memory Alpha, I should have done that with the Starfleet ships lol Oh well. Anyways, starting off...the Klingon ships. Starting with the ships from Enterprise. The first one will be the D5 Class...how would you rate it?: Tanker:
  17. I meant to do this before I started doing the post-Federation ships so here it is, the Enterprise NX-01 How would you rate this ship?
  18. Now for the next ship up...our most favorite class ship, the Sovereign Class: How would you rate the beauty of this class ship?
  19. Seems like the other thread that was once made was completely dead and unsticked....I thought we would replace that one with a complete new one. If this one gets really active within a week, can one of the staff members sticky it? Thanks Anyways.... Come here to chat with your fellow members. Also help yourself to the replicator to serve yourself with drinks & food...also share with as well lol (I wonder if Terrilyn thought of making one here before but didn't lol)
  20. I'll check out the new series. I normally prefer thee the TNG, DS9, and VOY eras (and beyond) but would be good to have some new trek series to fill the gap in the earlier years (between 2255-2364).
  21. Back again lol I don't know why I keep vanishing lol My most favorite bridge is the Enterprise D's bridge in Star Trek: Generations, Enterprise E and also the Defiant and Voyager.
  22. I must have missed that part at the start of the trailer. They sure got that wrong. Interesting trailer for the movie. I'll give it a shot too.
  23. I went to see the Star Wars movie back in early January. It was great.
  24. She would not join Starfleet. Seven was 26 (2374) when Voyager disconnected her link from the Borg and she was 29 (almost 30) when Voyager got home by the end of 2377. It would have been a too late for her to try and go through the 4 years of training at Starfleet Academy.
  25. Here's another good game to participate in. Much like the person above you thread, the Person below you thread is where you predict the person who will post next, but some people will prove you wrong! I'll try to give an example anyways... First I would say like Next person is a Ninja Storm fan....then the next person would say yes or no (and state reason if necessary) and then that person would make a new question. It can be anything. I'll start.... Next person loves Star Trek: The Next Generation