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  1. Glad to be back!!

  2. Glad to be back!!

  3. Hey Fellow Trek Fans, I have been gone for a long time and most of you probably don't remember me, but I would like to propose an idea and see if we can get a cool project started. It will take several people and a lot of time. I would like to have a collection of Personal Logs to post online, and I am looking for good writers. Alot of you already write as your favorite ST characters so if you think you could do a log for each episode that your character appears in and also those logs that are mentioned by other characters, please send me a note. The Rules: All entries need to be PG13 If the episode quotes a log (Like most TNG episodes do with Picard's logs) you must quote it verbatim, however you can continue on if you choose as long as the episode doesn't show it as an unfinished log. Write as your character and stay true to their vernacular and personality. These will be on display for other fans to see and you all know how discriminating Trek fans can be. When we get the complete set finished (or probably much sooner) we will publish them all online either here or at a site that we can link to here. (Haven't talked to Webmaster about this, until I know it can actually be accomplished) My email is baqhnara at please send me your character first and second choices and we can get started. BaQ
  4. Hi Trekpictures,

    Thanks for the add. Do I already know you from another username or something? I enjoyed your website alot. You have some great wallpapers!


  5. Thanks guys! I had no idea there would be so many different answers to this question. Have a great day! BaQ
  6. Hey Guys, I know it has been a while since I was around but I am working on a project over at VAMBI and was wondering if anyone can give me a quick info check. What was the name of the Maquis ship Chakotay was captain of in Caretaker? Thanks guys, There may be many more quick questions here because I am creating a Personal Log set for the crew. I have barely started so it isn't much yet but it is here: Baq
  7. Thanks Everyone for the Congratulations, Married life is wonderful!! rta-man Yes I am playing patty cake with my maid of honor (sister) in that image. We were trying for silly and several of the pictures captured our crazy sister relationship. I love her so much! She is a crazy fun sis and also the one who encouraged my Trek Fandom when it was dormant at college. The fireworks picture surprised me. I didn't think they would get any kind of good photos of it. When Ron and I kissed we had a video of fireworks show on a screen. The photographer worked her magic and we have three really good shots of that firework moment. I was thrilled. Anyway thanks again for all the congrats, See ya round the galaxy. Baq
  8. Hey Everybody, The big day finally came and I am back from my honeymoon and enjoying married life VERY much!! When the pictures came in I thought I would share them here for you guys to enjoy. Here's the link: See ya all around soon, Baq
  9. Hey Everyone, Thanks so much for remembering me since I haven't even been around much lately. It is amazing for those of you who are still young, know this. 40 isn't so bad after all! I have had a wonderful 6 months or so since I talked to most of you. I will hopefully be back online again in September. I am getting married for those who might not know. The wedding is August 23rd and my man is awesome in everyway. I hope to get him online here before much longer. I will try to attach a picture and link to our blog. Here goes... It was really great to come home from work to a msn message telling me that you all had posted Happy Birthday messages and then to find them here. You guys rock and I miss you all. See ya round, Pam
  10. Yay!! You Guys Did It!! I was so excited to see the section finally up. Thanks to Dave and Adam for coming on MSN and calling my attention to it. Then Randy for the enthusiastic follow up. You guys made me feel like I was still part of things and I really appreciate that. The section looks absolutely great!!! I am glad to be able to put the word out to those I know that it is finally launched. Baq
  11. That is so much fun!! I enjoy thinking of captions and finding the perfect cap for my message. Thanks for adding that feature. It is great!! Baq
  12. Emanations Alice Vis a Vis
  13. Well if they expect this movie to come out spring 2007 then they better get on it. I feel for the guy now working against popular opinion on a project that is much anticipated with such a short deadline. Baq
  14. I like your story. Sometimes public transit can be the best gauge of public opinion. I think if they recast it the fans will kill it with attitude. I love Trek and would hate to see it end but I don't want to see it go out (if it has to) among anger and hostility. I will probably watch the movie when it comes out and give it a couple months to grow on me then decide if I want to continue forward or let my personal Trek rest. I kind of already did that when ENT turned out to be so badly written. But you know over time it is growing on me too. I just hope fans don't get all up in arms just because they expect it to be bad and don't give it a fair chance. Baq