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  1. Scotty added a post in a topic Great to be back, but... (update problem thread)   

    what about the link to the main site and the color scheme?
  2. Scotty added a post in a topic Problems   

    I find it it a bit awkard, but just trying to get used to it. 
  3. Scotty added a post in a topic Rename that episode.   

    TNG: "Frame of Mind"
    "The one where Riker loses his Mind"
  4. Scotty added a post in a topic Theodore Bikel (Sergey Rozhenko) Dies at 91   

    Another of Star Trek guests passes away. Iam working on the stuff on the trekcore site, so many of the guests are passing on. Its scary a bit.   RIP 
  5. Scotty added a post in a topic Problems   

    Most likely the forums will be skined to match the rest of Trekcore. 
  6. Scotty added a post in a topic Problems   

    Even the old log ins are different. My original account name, no longer works. I used to hav log in with my original username, even those its been Scotty for nearly 8 years now. Not planning on changing it soon. I am happy enough. I am not not used to this design.
  7. Scotty added a post in a topic We're Back   

    Nice to have the forums back.
  8. Scotty added a topic in Enterprise   

    A Kazon perhaps?
    Today I seen a part of These of the Voyages..., this is something I didn't notice in this scene, which Shran tries to get hos daughter back from the aloen gangsters. Look at the photo in begind Shran. He looks alot like a Kazon. Yet the Kazon are a Delta Quadrent race. The Federation never knew or heard of them at this point.
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  9. Scotty added a post in a topic R.I.P. Grace-lee Whitney   

    The next few year will be rouf here. Had a look back at TOS almost all the fuests are mostly gone now. She'll be missed seemed like a nice person. Rest in peace.
  10. Scotty added a post in a topic Should Enterprise be given another chance?   

    Theres a mistake, Broken Bow aired in 2001 not 2000. Also, it didn't point out alot of it was re-written rejects of Voyager. There was a few episode of Enterprise I liked, the majority didn't like. For starters why make a pre-TOS era show and make it more advanced looking? Didn't they even try? The named the ship Enterprise, why not call it Yorktown or even Cochrane? Even though the characters are not real, but its made most of them liars for example the first contact with Klingons, encounters with Ferengi and Borg. I think the problem lies in a half throught through rush job. Bermand Braga knew after season 7 of Voyager, it'll wrap up for good. T'Pol look like Seven of Nine, I found Tucker to be a prat. pholox was a mix of Neelix and the Doctor. Tomhey tried too hard. Even Nemeis seemed to rushed. Forgive me, but if a new show comes along make it more in the light of Trek.
  11. Scotty added a post in a topic If Enterprise Was Done the Way Brannon Wanted To   

    To be honest, looking back at it. They should have made it the NCC-1701 and its first adventures. It would've been interesting to dee the Voyages of the original Enterprise, the ships original crew. It would've been fasinating. The design of the ship should've been something early and not as close as over technology as Enterprise was. It looked more advanced than Kirk's Enterprise. Also it should've had a differnt name. Just my two cents.
  12. Scotty added a post in a topic Zachary Quinto is Spock   

    Quinto to me is the only one that seems to look simular to the younger counterparts. Nimoy will always be Spock, even after his death. To my mind when I hear a Scotty referance or a McCoy referance its not from the JJ films. Its most likely they'll have that mention of Spock prime in the next film. Would have loved to see Spock Prime return to the proper universe, it'd be nice sentiment. I suspect this trilogy was meant end like that. To me Leanard Nimoy is Spock. Quinto, is only his counterpart in an alternate reality.
  13. Scotty added a post in a topic I love this place   

    I don't consider it Trek either. Welcome aboard our little corner of the galaxy.
  14. Scotty added a post in a topic Leonard Nimoy dies at 83   

    I am realy sad right now. Another Star Trek great. Hope James Doohan and DeForrest Kelley welcome you to the gates of heaven. Never forget the joy you brought me of playing Spock. RIP Mr. Nimoy.
  15. Scotty added a post in a topic Why Can't I post in......   

    Have a few of them. Read them years ago. Some where good reads.