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  1. Scotty added a post in a topic Happy birthday to Trekcore   

    You registered about a week after me. I remember you first arriving.
  2. Scotty added a topic in Introductions & Celebrations   

    Happy birthday to Trekcore
    I want to wish a very happy birthday this week. 10 years ago we started this site from the ashes of Trekpulse, we never looked back. I think it was around the 25th or 26th we launched the site, it took me months to screencap Enterprise. We have come along way since 2005, I am very happy I came to this site. I enjoyed the site and working on it, even though these days my time here is stretched to the point there are weeks where I have no chance to even look at the content of the sections. Hopefully this will change in the coming year. Wow I can,t believe that I've been here 10 years now. What a ride. 
    Here to another 10, thank you Mike and Adam.
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  3. Scotty added a post in a topic New Star Trek TV Series Being Developed   

    Well my suspicions, were correct. Michael Dorn comfirms it apparently.
  4. Scotty added a post in a topic New Star Trek TV Series Being Developed   

    Yes it time. Some people can't afford this streaming thing. What about them? I wish it well. As long as its great stories, staying true to the ideas of what came before. As long as there is none of this over PC nonsense, like people wanting to see actors go to the bathroom. Yes, I have seen a 60 page thread years ago on another site about that! I hope its set in the original timeline, perhaps in the later half of the 24th century? Even stay true and do the early Voyages under Captain April, they can do it. If a fan of Dtar Trek can make it work in their garage then they can do it in a studio, no more sexy babes in catsuits all this you mist be like this and that. Look and losten carefully no one makes a deal or even make an issue in the 23rd or 24th. We do in the 21st. If its going to be a series full of sexuality and people being easy offened and people being dumbasses I will not watch. I love Star Trek, I watch because I love it for its adventure and content and the model ships. 
    sadly they shows only sci-fi. Look at BTTF, there was jokes and fun because we past part 2's movie date of arrival in the film.
  5. Scotty added a post in a topic New Star Trek TV Series Being Developed   

    I'd like to see it so long ad they bring back the original timeline. Also keep it in line with whats been said and done. I hope its the early Voyager of the original Enterprise 1701, the obe we seen in TOS not that moster of a ship that went wrong. I am also a bit annoyed, they for forget those who don't watch tv via a stream service, I don't stream. If its rubbish, I weep for this franchise, I'd boycott it if I don't like what they are going to do.
  6. Scotty added a post in a topic What shows have you watched since the first episode?   

    Full House, Home Improvement, Boy Meets World (I even watched the pilot to Girl Meets World) Roseanne, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Quantium Leap, Leave it to Beaver, Everyone Loves Raymond, Red Drawf all come to mind. I have seen most shows like MASH and Punky Brewstar and Differnt Strokes in re-runs and other shows I am sure I will remember later on. I didn't have many friends in my area back in those days. I used to be a tv buff and enjoyed watching tv shows and movies.
  7. Scotty added a post in a topic More Pre-sequels no one asked for   

    I wouldn't go and see it I don't think. Die Hard was a classic. They ruined a few good films through re-makes. For example Willy Wonka and the Choclate factory and Eraser, and so on. I have said it for years now Hollywood are out of ideas. Mind you a few good dolms have come out in the last decade, thats it. There are few film yes please re-work and make them excellent, but come on why? Its like lets destroy All the films that made Hollywood great and actors remembered. The last few years now how many part 2's and 3's have we seen from movies way back in the early 80's to the late 90's? Even Star Trek was basicly re-made. We won't go there on what I actually think.
  8. Scotty added a topic in The Original Series   

    A walk through time of the carridors of Enterprise 1701
    I came across this via facebook. I know this was from DS9, but its noce to see some true fans who worked on the series take a tour of theEnterprise NCC-1701.

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  9. Scotty added a post in a topic What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?   

    Court Martial.
  10. Scotty added a post in a topic Starfleet Uniforms.   

    If I recall they had the same in season 3 of TNG. I could be wrong. You say about DS9 uniforms in Generations? Picard, LaForge, Data and Riker wore the TNG stuff at the beginning of the film.
  11. Scotty added a post in a topic Great to be back, but... (update problem thread)   

    what about the link to the main site and the color scheme?
  12. Scotty added a post in a topic Problems   

    I find it it a bit awkard, but just trying to get used to it. 
  13. Scotty added a post in a topic Rename that episode.   

    TNG: "Frame of Mind"
    "The one where Riker loses his Mind"
  14. Scotty added a post in a topic Theodore Bikel (Sergey Rozhenko) Dies at 91   

    Another of Star Trek guests passes away. Iam working on the stuff on the trekcore site, so many of the guests are passing on. Its scary a bit.   RIP 
  15. Scotty added a post in a topic Problems   

    Most likely the forums will be skined to match the rest of Trekcore.