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  1. Scotty added a post in a topic Question for native speakers: What English dialects/accents do you like or dislike?   

    I live in Europe, though I was born in the US. I can tell by the local accents of where you are from. I picked it up a bit, hate it. I have been told every once and awhile you can hear my American accent pop up. I find people generally rude and very ignorant with my accent, my actual name. As you may of gathered my name I use here online is an average name. As my last name is actually of German orgian, my family moved to the US back in the early 19th century. What pisses me off the most is when they do the Nazi salute, thinking I'd like this. I think its disrespectful and rather offenive to those who were killed during Hitlers reign, also think its disgusting what some people act. I love the North American accent, shame I don't hear it as often as I like. Though some of the accents are interesting ober here. 
  2. Scotty added a post in a topic Red Flags for CBS's New Trek Series   

    I don't want to be rude. As long as its not going to be in your face, you must like it becuase I said so, rubbish that people do these days. Pick and picket games becuase Someone gets butt hurt, someone doesn't their way. It seems this is the new norm. I wasn't overly impressed with neu Trek. Its too much of a shoot them up. Where was the message? Sorry thats my rant of the day. Seriously, I wanting to see what they bring to the table. I am holding judgement until then. I wonder if I can access this from Europe?
  3. Scotty added a topic in Trek General   

    My Star Trek essay
    I have taken up on a course with maths and english in a community college. In my english class, I am to write about something that is my interest, I did consider writing about my favourite soccer team. I feel there would be too much rivalary on the sport. Anyway I picked Star Trek, why Star Trek? Becuase I am passionaite about the universe of a better future. I am asking you all to help me with this essay. What is the most memoriable of the five series, movies. I want to add in some of the greatest moments of the series. For example, The Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror, Mirror ot What You Leave Behind. I can add in as many words as I like. My first day which was yesterday (2/3) I wrote over 1000 words on the series and franchise. I know alot about Star Trek, people say I know so much I could wrote a book. I try to spend as much time on this site working on it so I say I don't haverime to write a book. 
     Thank for your help if you can.
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  4. Scotty added a post in a topic Star Trek Mission: New York   

    I'd love to this convention, though money wise and the way the company I work for as screwing with wages, pensions, hours and contracts. God know what happening in 8 months.
  5. Scotty added a post in a topic What is some of your favorite Trek scenes?   

    So many. At the minute, Sisko farwell to his crew in Vic's, not the singing. Also Sisko's scene with Yates, his promise he'll return one day. 
  6. Scotty added a post in a topic Help finding a good shot of most of the crew in ops.   

    I don't think there ever was. There are signal characters throughout the episodes, I originally screencapped for DS9 for Trekcore. I don't recall them all in one shot in ops. What you leave behind is the only shot really. Unless I missed something. Garak would be correct, they'd be closest.
  7. Scotty added a post in a topic Spock's wife   

    Perhaps Sareks second wife? It's possible they had children?
  8. Scotty added a post in a topic Brannon Braga   

    Surprised you didn't tell him we have a great community here. A few former Star Trek production staff and a few actors from the shows visit us believe it or not. One I recall I had to get him a few screen shots, because they needed to see a scene and how it played outas it was a long time they had seen it. You'll be surprised who you talk to. I don't like how both him and Berman made Enterprise into something that wasn't right in respects to what they tried to do. Seven was too mich of a porn model as was T'Pol. Over all hes not a bad writer. He wrote some of my favourites, Cause and Effect and so on. Fair play anyway.
  9. Scotty added a post in a topic Captain Sulu   

    I can say the same for Shinzon, the nu-Trek cast. She was eaiting in the lounge in Star Trek III? It was a thought that makes you think. It made me think as I watched Generations recently. It pits her being born around 2272. This would be her first assignment on a ship, much like Harry Kims. This is what make its interesting when people say about Captain Sulu in the 24th century in the 2360's and 2370's. It would likely been her. I haven't seen a lot of the fan films so I don't know. 
  10. Scotty added a topic in The Motion Pictures (TOS/TNG Era Films)   

    Captain Sulu
    I have been thinking alot about Star Trek lately, one thing came to mind about what George Takei once said about Generations. As you may or may not know Sulu had a daughter, she was the helm officer of the Enterprise-B. takei reaction was who was her mother? I am not too fussed on Takei in general. Heres my anwser, to his question.
    Janice Rand!!!!
    They seemed to be very close during TOS, Charlie X is one example. Another example, she was featured in Flashback on the Excelisor. Do you think they got hitched and had a family? There is your answer Mr. Takei. 
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  11. Scotty added a post in a topic Amazon Links Suggestion   

    Sticky it. We should actually like it to the main site drop downs in general?
  12. Scotty added a post in a topic What's YOUR Star Trek?   

    I grew up with the TNG and DS9 era. I had Voyager, though TNg and DS9 was more my love. Don't get me wrong I loved TOS and their movies and the TNg movies. My Star Trek is what we have had the prime universe. These days I barely have time to watch television in general, never seen the remastered versions of TNG and TOS. I used to say it was all the time Trekfests, now if I had the time I'd watch any of all Trek. I recall the nights we had Trek nights, when Star Trek had new episodes every week. I miss having that, had a few idea for a Trek book but thats in the backburner now days. Came across a simular story a couple of months back. I am pleased that my post on this nu-Trek post sort of inspired you, its nice to see I can make people think. :)
  13. Scotty added a topic in Star Trek (J.J. Abrams Films)   

    This guy has a point
    I enjoyed Star Trek 11 and 12 as good movies. I have seen all 80 episodes of TOS and all the films, die hard to watch everything good and bad. I have been gulity of critizing on how the JJ films have protrayed our beloved characters from TOS. I always have on episodes and characters. Anyway, to this I came across this youtube video. This guy gave his points on the Jj era of Trek. Feel hes right in most of it.

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  14. Scotty added a post in a topic Happy birthday to Trekcore   

    You registered about a week after me. I remember you first arriving.
  15. Scotty added a topic in Introductions & Celebrations   

    Happy birthday to Trekcore
    I want to wish a very happy birthday this week. 10 years ago we started this site from the ashes of Trekpulse, we never looked back. I think it was around the 25th or 26th we launched the site, it took me months to screencap Enterprise. We have come along way since 2005, I am very happy I came to this site. I enjoyed the site and working on it, even though these days my time here is stretched to the point there are weeks where I have no chance to even look at the content of the sections. Hopefully this will change in the coming year. Wow I can,t believe that I've been here 10 years now. What a ride. 
    Here to another 10, thank you Mike and Adam.
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