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  1. i believe there is a heaven and we go there. We all know actors, peoducers and some of the fine people who played memorible characters wrote the most complling episodesin Star Trek history. Today I read a very intresting artical on Nasa and them looking at nebula. I love Star Trek, I'd be a writer if I had the time. I know almost everything about Star Trek. This artical brought a tear to my eye. the hubble space telecope, captured a stunning nebula out in the final frontier. Not only do I feel its a sign from DeForrest Kelley, James Doohan and the great Leanard Nimoy, Grace Whitney Gene and Majel Roddenberry. They seem to have a signal that they are out there. happy birthday Star Trek!!!
  2. Heard this. It sounds intresting.
  3. ^ Agreed. And, as the teaser reminded us, "New Characters, New Aliens..." you'll find the chronology, states that The Cage took place in 2254. This make sense of what Spock's statement that he served with Pike for 11 years in the first season. It is possible ahe left the Enterprise in 2255. In a sense she'd be a new character. She never had a name only known as Number One. we might even see the Enterprise, it'd be interesting to see. Time will tell.
  4. Everyday for the last 3 or 4 years I check any Star Trek news. When the news broke about the lead, it was to be a Lt. Commander in a lead. I was reading an artical today with this theory sort of theory, it'll be a character we have met before. Number One from the original "The Cage". As some of you hard core fans like myself will know Spock served on the Enterprise as a crew member of Captain Pike, in 2254. The series is meant to be set 10 years before Kirk's original 5 year mission in 2265. heres the link.
  5. I really don't a point in changing usernames. I have changed 3 times in 11 years. You can only change your twice a year. If you were to change your name on August 1st 2016, you then decide to change it in a month, on September 1st 2016. You'll have to wait until August 1st 2017, because of your first change.
  6. Without giving away the ending or giving away plots details, I have to say I liked this one. I am a fan of the JJ Abram Nu-Trek or Kelvin timeline. I still and go to see the films, who wouldn't? I was nearly in tears when I seen the homeage to Nimoy, to me the original series cast are the real crew. I loved Spock and Scotty and think ot was a nice touch. I liked the Franklin, perhaps a homeage to James Doohan? In Relic, Scotty was in the transporter beam with someone called Franklin. It was overall a good film, I was impressed with Simon Pegg's work. He researched ideas, gave us a new villian. No rehash of the villians that came before.
  7. I always see It as Spock arrived in a differnt universe. If anyone ever remember the premise of the old show Sliders? All differnt outcomes, differnt sernarios. For example the Enterprise NCC-1701 was blown up by an auto destruct order by Kirk which is the reality we saw for all through the years. What would've been the outcome if they didn't save Spock and Kirk didn't go look for him? Genesis would've been taken by the Klingons or the planet exploding. I don't think Nero or Spock altered the timeline, they simply ended up in another relity. Kirk was born in space, the Enterprise was build on the surface.
  8. I am currently watching Nemesis, as always I love the movies, the ships and the stories of the first ten films. I also enjoy the timelines of Star Trek. Quiet a while ago I read that someone was complaining about the inconsistancy concerning the Enterprise-E. It was stated that the Enterprise had 24 decks, another scene saying deck 26. Heres how I think it makes makes sense. I never respond to this person because I never thought about this. Heres how I see it. In a small cargo bay, Picard and Lily Sloan are escaping the Borg. He states that there is 24 decks. Fact. My thought: Picard, simply said 24 to not give away too much about the Enterprise. If you came across someone you didn't know would you tell them a full detail of a the future? I wouldn't. Daniels, states that the Borg took a portion of the ship, up to deck 26. Fact. My thought: he was sinply doing his job. He told what the he had to tell his commander. So he told what number of decls the ship had. Nemeis, had a line of deck 35. The movie takes place after the Doninion war. The Borg, took place fore the war. I really think deck were added after first Contact. The ship got a refit. The ship got refitted at the end of Nemesis after the Enterprise got mashed into Shinzons ship. Your thoughts? Sorry for the ramble, I am just a bot bored.
  9. That's sad news. At least he got the 3rd one done. It should be a tribute to him. As much I disliked the reboot, I did like how they got an actual russian. Rest in peace, thank you for being Star Trek.
  10. I live in Europe, though I was born in the US. I can tell by the local accents of where you are from. I picked it up a bit, hate it. I have been told every once and awhile you can hear my American accent pop up. I find people generally rude and very ignorant with my accent, my actual name. As you may of gathered my name I use here online is an average name. As my last name is actually of German orgian, my family moved to the US back in the early 19th century. What pisses me off the most is when they do the Nazi salute, thinking I'd like this. I think its disrespectful and rather offenive to those who were killed during Hitlers reign, also think its disgusting what some people act. I love the North American accent, shame I don't hear it as often as I like. Though some of the accents are interesting ober here.
  11. I don't want to be rude. As long as its not going to be in your face, you must like it becuase I said so, rubbish that people do these days. Pick and picket games becuase Someone gets butt hurt, someone doesn't their way. It seems this is the new norm. I wasn't overly impressed with neu Trek. Its too much of a shoot them up. Where was the message? Sorry thats my rant of the day. Seriously, I wanting to see what they bring to the table. I am holding judgement until then. I wonder if I can access this from Europe?
  12. I have taken up on a course with maths and english in a community college. In my english class, I am to write about something that is my interest, I did consider writing about my favourite soccer team. I feel there would be too much rivalary on the sport. Anyway I picked Star Trek, why Star Trek? Becuase I am passionaite about the universe of a better future. I am asking you all to help me with this essay. What is the most memoriable of the five series, movies. I want to add in some of the greatest moments of the series. For example, The Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror, Mirror ot What You Leave Behind. I can add in as many words as I like. My first day which was yesterday (2/3) I wrote over 1000 words on the series and franchise. I know alot about Star Trek, people say I know so much I could wrote a book. I try to spend as much time on this site working on it so I say I don't haverime to write a book. Thank for your help if you can.
  13. I'd love to this convention, though money wise and the way the company I work for as screwing with wages, pensions, hours and contracts. God know what happening in 8 months.
  14. So many. At the minute, Sisko farwell to his crew in Vic's, not the singing. Also Sisko's scene with Yates, his promise he'll return one day.
  15. I don't think there ever was. There are signal characters throughout the episodes, I originally screencapped for DS9 for Trekcore. I don't recall them all in one shot in ops. What you leave behind is the only shot really. Unless I missed something. Garak would be correct, they'd be closest.