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  2. Just no.
  3. The plot thickens in Chapter 4 of Star Trek: The Wonderland Redemption. Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 4.pdf
  4. Two New GHOSTBUSTERS Films Could Be Coming; One As Early As 2019 According To Ivan Reitman The return of Bill Murray and the original Ghostbusters ? Gus
  5. This has been one hell of week! First Chester of Linkin park kills himself, then I get a 2 pack Nancy drew game package at Wal-Mart which turned out to be a defective disc because it wouldn't install and now the lightbulb in my room has gone out!  CAN THIS WEEK GET ANY WORSE?!??

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  7. Affleck Probably Out After JL.
  8. The closest thing to a "Shadowrun" movie I'll ever get. Looks pretty good!
  9. In today's Kobayashi Maru: What are these two talking about? The weird redesign of the Klingons for Discovery, perhaps?
  10. Um - does the "Tour de France" count?
  11. Good points. When I caught back up on DS9 I think I accidentally skipped "Inter Arma..." - guess I can rewatch it on Netflix. As Sisko quotes - "desperate times call for desperate measures."
  12. I dunno. With its back firmly against the wall, the Federation appears willing to be arguably as ruthless as the Dominion. The Federation was absolutely willing to genocide the Founders. And, if they'd known Garak was going to engineer the deaths of only two people to get the Romulans into the war, they would have approved it. Not to mention happily hosing an ally in "Inter Arma..." In the years since I've come to believe that the Federation likely would have hatched a plot to Genesis Torpedo the homeworld and a few other industrial centers to break the Empire's back.
  13. Unless it's the original producers I'm not sure I care.
  14. Saw here that a 10 episode series called Stargate Origins is being prepared. It'll focus on the daughter of the guy who discovered the first Stargate in the 1920s. The series web site is (note that its .co, not .com). I'm going to hold judgement until I see more. I'm curious, but not intrigued enough to say I'd shell out money for this show. That could change is more details come out. Thoughts???
  15. Good one! I feel exactly the same way; that episode could've been sawed in half, and I would've been perfectly fine with the result.
  16. Well, the TNG episode "Brothers" should qualify - the Jake / Willie Potts subplot - ugh children. That's always been a weakness of Trek. The Data / Lore stuff was good though
  17. Luckily I didn't see ANY of those at the Star Trek Discovery exhibit yesterday here at San Diego Comic Con. They might've been too busy pitching virtual Molotov cocktails into CBS' mainframe. Very true. Compare architecture of say, traditional Japanese to that of Sweden. Or Ancient Greece to modern North American suburbs. Not to mention the wild variations in world languages (!). Personally I like that there are ridged Romulans and smooth Romulans, just as there are 'biker Klingons' and Feudal warrior Klingons. The costumes, production art and other Klingon artifacts I saw yesterday informed me that these Klingons will be a more graceful and ornate Klingon sect than we've yet seen on Star Trek. I'm curious to see where they go with this. In a way, it reminds me of the abandoned 1975 ST Phase II episode "Kitumba" (later remade as a New Voyages/Phase II fan film) which was loosely modeled on Feudal Japan. That episode (as originally scripted) showed a somewhat different Klingon culture than the surly pirate/bikers we saw on most of ST from 1979 thru 2005.
  18. Well, yeah there was some naivety, but I still appreciate "Star Trek VI" as a sendoff for the original crew. It's still one of the best of the Trek films (second only to TWOK). And keep in mind to be fair, peace with the Klingons had its struggles. If the Enterprise-C hadn't intervened at Narendra III in "Yesterday's Enterprise," the Klingons would have handed the Federation's butt to them on a silver platter, not to mention struggles with the Klingons otherwise, the alliance wasn't always that easy, as shown in TNG (and it temporarily collapsed in DS9).
  19. I think it boils down to, "vaporizing effect" is cheaper than an explosion. With Savage Curtain, as I ponder it, I think Lincoln is the biggest problem. As a real historical figure that I know something about, it doesn't work with the rest of the fictional characters Surak? Colonel Green? They're fine because the producers can make them what they want. Lincoln is something else. And that entrance for Lincoln is just awful. Turn him into, say, Robert April, or some other figure historical to that universe and I think it would have worked way better. I actually have grown to like it more as I've grown older and kind of just "get it" a little better. And it really is Spock's absolute best display of logic in the entire series. Agreed on both counts. I hate "Catspaw" and Jack the Ripper as a sci-fi creature is actually a pretty neat little contrivance.
  20. Well, it's possible not all Klingons were susceptible to the agument virus - like there are some people I hear today who are genetically immune to HIV. Exactly Sehlat Vie. It really makes more sense this way when you really come to think about it. Not to mention differences in architecture, etc. For example, who is to say that all Romulans in the TNG era had those extra forehead features? There may have been some that didn't (and some truly didn't - e.g. Nero).
  21. Well, with "The Alternative Factor" - why couldn't they just trap mad Lazarus in the corridor by himself and have "anti-Lazarus" just sit out in his universe. Did anti-Lazarus HAVE to be there? Well, there probably wouldn't be time for the Enterprise to obliterate Lazarus's ship from orbit, so there's that. This was also an episode where the Enterprise's phasers weren't fully defined, they just "vaporized" the ship without any kind of explosion. Yeah, the execution of "The Savage Curtain" was rather poorly done. "Specter of the Gun" was also an abhorred episode by my parents - the whole OK Corral thing. Though Walter Koenig thought it was his favorite episode (no offense to him). The Halloween episode "Catspaw" was also not a very high point either. One of the big problems was at the end you could see the strings on the true forms of Korob and Silvia (I think they were done away with for the re-mastered episode). The question is - how did they transport to that planet, and why were they hanging out on it knowing that in their true forms they wouldn't be able to survive on that world. "Wolf in the Fold" in my opinion made a far better Halloween episode.
  22. Tell that to the folks who created the #NotMyKlingons hashtag on Twitter and are waving their social media pitchforks at CBS...
  23. I used to be paranoid about the grass OUTSIDE before I gave it to my piggies (I'd wash it twice and go through it to make sure there wasn't anything harmful in it) so I'd be a zillion times more paranoid about grass on an alien planet (or anything else guinea pigs might find tasty)! I mean having this "ah whatevs, nice planet, I'm taking my doggo" attitude is utterly irresponsible but also not the first time Archer does this (he does the same in "Strange New World")... it's a common pattern for him, apparently. I do like him, but sometimes I want to slap him. Yeah I know, asexuality was not "mainstream" enough back then, but you're absolutely right, a gay male officer would have been nice (and that line, too, haha). But naaah, ALL the men are affected by the alien ladies. Bleh. Disappointing... and also downright infurating.
  24. To me, it's an alternate timeline created in the wake of the movie "First Contact"; just as DSC will be an alternate timeline to me. If they were going to be totally 'true' to TOS that would mean tabulating computers, sexist jokes at women's expenses, etc. and frankly that's just not where we are these days as a culture. I'll take the revamped ST as long as it stays true to ST's overall mission statement, and not to those elements that no longer work. ST is about ideas, not smooth/bumpy Klingons or clunky retro-looking technology.
  25. Sorry, it's the same reason you don't watch the opening of a murder case on CSI start in November sweeps and then not pick up again until January when the lab results would ACTUALLY come back. It's why Vegas, NY, and Miami all looked like they had $500B "pfft...the bleeding edge is in the rear-view mirror" crime labs. Asexuality might have been a little too deep in terms of time and context of the episode to touch on with an audience, there are 80 people on that ship, one of them is gay and male. "Commander, they're lovely and all, I'm just not interested. But tell Commander Tucker if he'd ever like someone to sit next to for movie night..."
  26. Action-Packed New Trailer For David Ayer's BRIGHT Has Will Smith And Joel Edgerton In Search Of A Wand Netflix has released the latest trailer for David Ayer's Bright, and it does not pull any punches. Watch as Will Smith and Joel Edgerton kill fairies, fight elves, and save the world from a magic wand!
  27. DOCTOR DOOM Solo Movie In Development At 20th Century Fox With LEGION Creator Noah Hawley This is getting ridiculous. Whats next ? An Aunt May movie ?
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