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  2. The Orville

    Basically this. Its back half hour crashed on Sunday without football and starting on the 28th it has to compete. And, to paraphrase Stewie, I don't think it's got the grapes.
  3. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    This news leaves me sincerely happy.
  4. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Will JUSTICE LEAGUE's Zack Snyder Return To The DC Extended Universe? The Filmmaker Reveals What's Next Gus
  5. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Haha my pleasure. The movie does not need a new Lara Crioft, maybe in a TV Series, I dunno. I sense box office disaster. Gus
  6. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Yeah, I gave up on the Tomb Raider movies after the first one back in 2001 (I think?). The first movie had some interesting ideas (Jolie seemed to have a lot of fun in the role), and it was mildly diverting. My wife enjoyed that first movie a bit more than I did, but the second one lost us both. And while I loved the talented Vikander’s roles in “Ex Machina” and in “The Danish Girl” (another great movie, BTW), I’ve already seen her in two really good movies so I’m not looking forward to seeing her do a predictable, by-the-numbers actioner. It feels like a step backward in her otherwise prestigious career. Kind of like Eddie Redmayne doing a Die Hard sequel. If it succeeds? Great. Maybe she can use that capitol to do other projects more worthy of her talent. It’s not a crime for an artist to do commercial projects to pay the bills now and then, and sometimes those projects can be a hell of a lot of fun, but this one just looks like a cookie-cutter movie. I feel similarly with Brie Larson (so painfully brilliant in “Room”) doing Captain Marvel (they could just call it "Marvel Movie 397” at this point). So, in answer to the query in the title? No, thanks....
  7. The Orville

    Each new season they could just number them for convenience; STBC #2, STBC #3, etc.
  8. The Klingon Redesign?

    Very much so. I’ll admit, I was a bit irked when I heard Klingons were in the show; frankly, 18 years of ST shows and TONS of Klingon episodes left me kind of tired of them. But if they can find a new or fresh angle in which to use them again? I say sure. It’s a similar problem DW has with the Daleks; fans love them, but they’ve done so many types of Dalek stories that you wonder what the hell could they do next? And they usually manage to surprise me. The Klingons have, with few exceptions, always seemed a bit one-note to me. The most interesting portrayal of them in the movies (IMO) was TUC because it showed different personae of Klingons; you had Gorkon, who was unlike any Klingon seen before or since. I’d LOVE to see another Klingon who isn’t just another rank-and-file ‘warrior.’ I also enjoyed seeing Klingon lawyers on ENT and DS9; it was nice to see their cunning tactics brought to bear in a court of law. Archer’s lawyer in “Judgment” (well-played by J.G. Hertzler) was a fine example of a different kind of Klingon; a lawyer who was old enough to remember a slightly different Klingon society, before the warrior caste took over. And where are the Klingon artists? Where are their musicians? Where are their teachers, their merchants, their tailors, their writers? For a culture that I thought I’d seen too much of, I realize now that I’ve barely seen ANY of their culture, outside the warrior/political/legal classes. I don’t know if DSC will show these (my immediate guess is not right off) but it’d be interesting to shed some light on other aspects of Klingon society...
  9. The Orville

    I work for a Fox affiliate, and I think they want this show to succeed, because of their ties to MacFarlane and because it probably was a bit more expensive for a comedy than they are used to. My main reason is that usually on Sunday nights with Football, they cut into whatever show they've got on. Rarely do we have to worry about them pushing shows back, and thus pushing back our news. But they pushed it back because it was "new." Where was that mentality when Futurama was on? So I think Fox is definitely trying to help it along. But I don't think the audience rarely is gonna care. It's aiming at such a niche audience, as it seemed to be trying to grab those offended by the "not your father's Star Trek" campaign of 2009...saying "oh but we kinda look like your fathers Star Trek!" And ultimately that's only a sliver of loud Trekkies. MacFarlane, maybe counting himself among them (who knows really), is overemphasizing the size of such a group...and then filling his TNG fantasy with nothing but predictable humor. And Sci-fi or anything off kilter and weird never lasts long on Fox. I joke each year at work that they should just title some shows "Soon to be Cancelled!" This fits the bill of that kind of show. I think it is being given a chance because of the guy behind it...but I think it is more of a "throw him a bone Family Guy makes money" kind of deal. Unfortunately MacFarlane hasn't constructed an actual joke in years.
  10. General DC Discussion

    Guilty indeed...
  11. DISCOVERY Hollywood Premiere Wrap-Up

    Me, right now...
  12. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Not particularly, but thanks for asking!
  13. Do You Wanna More TOMB RAIDER ???

    Full Length Trailer For TOMB RAIDER Features Plenty Of New Footage And Story Details Warner Bros. has officially released the first full trailer for Tomb Raider and it's crammed full of new footage as we learn more about what this adventure holds in store for Alicia Vikander's Lara Croft.
  14. General DC Discussion

    I have the extended TV Versions of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE (the 3 hour version), SUPERMAN II and SUPERMAN III and all are improvment over the theatrical versions. I even have the Japanese LD version of SUPERMAN IV that restores two scenes (Nuclear Man attacks on Smallville and Moscow - watch below these scenes from the 1988 Japanese Laserdisc) and love it. Of course I did transfer those old 1980s VHS to DVD-R a while ago. Guilty pleasures indeed. Gus
  15. The Klingon Redesign?

    Seems probable! And if Discovery's ethos is indeed about the perceptions and exploration of how we view "the other," this could be very interesting indeed.
  16. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    That's Jeannie! It's funny how we go through life with names given to us before we're formed. I think we should be allowed to choose additional legal names when we're over 21 to sit alongside those we're born with. Lots of people now change the spellings of their names, or take pet names as given names... a name isn't always something you're given, but something you earn.
  17. We’ve just beamed back from the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Hollywood premiere, where our team was part of the first group of fans and critics to get a look at the first episodes of DISCOVERY's first season -- you can see photo previews of just a few of our many cast and crew interviews, plus a few spoiler-free reactions to the screening! Warp to the full article!
  18. Quentin Tarantino Speaks on "His" STAR TREK Movie

    I think you can heap a lot of criticism on STID and it's mostly deserved, and while it did rip Khan and flipped the TWOK death scene, it was still different enough to call its own thing.
  19. Most audiences probably wouldn't care one way or the other if it was a rehash. Which is how they were able to get away with what they did with ST:ID.
  20. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Brother and I went and saw "It" last night. Stephen King's novel is given a new life on the big screen (originally adapted in 1990 as a TV mini-series), and for the most part it is a solid movie. This is essentially only part of the book, focusing in entirely on the kids portion of the novel, though updated from the 50s/60s of the source material to the 80s (so when they make the second part featuring the Losers Club grown up, they can set it in modern times). This is not an issue, as the key idea behind the story seems to be there. I've yet to read the giant novel that is "It" but I gather this doesn't stray too far from the point to garner much criticism. The young cast is solid, the direction is great, it visually is a winner...the biggest problem lies with something simple and seems like it should be minor, but ends up being a detriment to the whole experience...and that is Sound Design. It is riddled with the problem so many modern horror films have, which is loud noises to emphasize when something scary is happening. The moment Pennywise first appears in the sewer to Georgie should've been totally frightening, but it is undercut by a loud musical sting that lets us morons immediately know that the clown is evil. It totally takes the scare out of it for me, makes it all less scary, and is unfortunate because the obnoxious sound design upends what is otherwise a totally solid horror picture. I still liked it, but that little thing hurt the movie more than it needed to. Then tonight, against my better judgement, I watched Alien: Covenant. I am so bored with this franchise. I love the original "Alien," I liked "Aliens," and I can forgive a lot of the flaws of "Alien 3." But after that it just feels like a constant retread of ideas, never feeling fresh or new. I felt "Prometheus" was flawed, but I liked that it felt like it had some ideas...even if they were all muddled in the end. This film sort of expands on those ideas, but not really enough, and then it is just a generic Alien movie. And it was tedious to sit through. I liked some of the David stuff, but it wasn't enough to get me through the dull action and scares, and it still didn't feel like it had a solid enough philosophical statement to warrant a 2 hour movie. The franchise needs to has just become too boring to bother with for me.
  21. Lots of New Information on Discovery
  22. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    Oh, that color scheme is gorgeous!
  23. The Klingon Redesign?

    ^ This. From what I heard in Vegas, they sound a lot more like TUC’s vision of the Klingons. I’m wondering if that was due to some influence of Nick Meyer's while he was involved with DSC (?). Just curious...
  24. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Oh sure, I could totally see that... Unused TNG transporter effect:
  25. VGR, “Equinox” parts 1 and 2. Don’t know why I’ve been in the mood to revisit VGR again lately, but what's even more curious is that I’m not disliking it, either...
  26. DS9 - One Little Ship A fun romp, always enjoyed this one. Well, I say a fun romp, but there's lot of death - it's war. DS9 - In the Pale Moonlight Being in the mood for some dramatic Trek in the run-up to the debut of Discovery, thought I'd rewatch this one. Still holds up incredibly well. When the Romulan Senator holds up the forged Cardassian data stick and hisses, "It's a faaaaaake!" you can feel Sisko's skin crawl. Then, as he proceeds to justify his actions to himself, and Garak's too, you see his moral scruples unfurl, one after the other, sure as he is in the knowledge that one or two little evils justify the greater good. But is he...? Magnificent. Voyager - The Year of Hell, parts 1 & 2 Why Voyager didn't just use these two episodes as a basic blueprint for the rest of the show's run is beyond me. While the discussions of rewriting time are loopy (in a good way), the slow destruction of this ship and Janeway's obsessive behaviors are compelling. This story, and The Raven, were so much better than my recent rewatch of Endgame - enjoyed them enough to think I'll cherry-pick and watch a few more.
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