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  2. So happy for Sir Patrick that his beloved Huddersfield Town will be playing in the Premier League next season!

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  4. "American Gods" episode 1.05. Finally the story takes up some pace! And I just LOVE Gillian Anderson in this weird role! I like this show more and more... And: "Twin Peaks" episode 2.13. "The Fall" episode 2.04.
  5. Just finished this episode. Not a terrible one, but rather slow. This episode was, to be fair, a focus on character development. Odo's, Jake's, Kira's. In that regard - it did succeed. For Kira - her (to me) uninteresting relationship with Bareil. An aspect I find interesting is .... the Bajoran religious order seems to be loosely based off of the Roman Catholic Church. I wonder if Bareil being in a relationship is "scandalous" or the vedeks can marry and have relationships? I don't know. We don't really get much in that regard. This episode was just for them to share a kiss. I do love Quark's nefarious plot to distract her. Seems like him working with his cousin (Gaila?) would have been the better focus. I also love that when Odo is away - Kira makes sure to be on Quark's ass. Haha. I wonder if Odo asked her to do that? For Jake - I really enjoyed this subplot. One thing DS9 was so good at was showing the average life of civilians. It is interesting to see not all humans want to join Starfleet. And it was a really nice father/son moment when Sisko did not explode in anger but rather understood Jake's desire to carve his own path in life. Rather than simply being Ben Sisko part 2. Plus, this episode started the path for Jake to become a writer. Odo/Dax - The plot here was interesting. It was good for character growth with Odo. Having been rewatching the old seasons of DS9 - it's clear why Odo starts off so strict and stand-offish. No one was ever really his friend in the old days. They either used him for entertainment (Cardassian neck trick), used him for his ability to be intuitive (Dukat), or saw him as a fascinating specimen (Mora). Kira was probably his first true friend and that relationship was strained when she admitted she lied to him in the past about that murder. When he meets the little girl and she genuinely likes Odo - you could tell he was moved by it. His final moment of shape-shifting for her was nice because you can tell it's a big deal for him to do that for someone. We get another mention of the ominous "Dominion". Which I obviously loved. The fact that their world is under brutal occupation made me think of how the little girl told Odo they have "scary stories" of Changelings. I wonder if their superstition and mythology was largely influenced by the presence of the Founders. Seems like this quiet, agrarian species may have gotten a visit from the Founders and not just a Vorta supervisor? I did notice a minor plot hole (maybe not one?) - but the "protector" (their equivalent to a sheriff I guess) reacted in shock when Odo showed him transporters. He beams from the building and returns to show him that he could leave anytime he wanted to. The "protector" reacts in shock and is like "where did he go!?" as if he never saw a transporter before. Than, literally moments later, Jadzia and Odo ask if he tried searching for the missing villagers by scanning for transport signatures. He then replies that it was the first thing he tried.... So if he knew of transporters - why did he react in such confusion and shock when Odo beamed away? I chalk that up to his program malfunctioning. All in all - this was a nice episode and I loved how Odo actually saw the holograms as real people. When the village leader resigned himself to them being gone. Odo gave a rather impassioned plea not to give up on them and how they are just real as anyone else. The poor EMH on VOY could have used Odo during his trial for sentience. 7/10.
  6. Watched Twin Peaks: The Return last night, man I've forgotten how weird that show can be.....#itsnotaboutthebunny

  7. And here we have a first reaction from Sir Patrick. His VOICE is failing from all the screaming that he did listen to this excited and happy and proud cinnamon roll, you can HEAR how wonderful this is for him I WANT TO HUG HIM
  8. THEY DID IT!!!! Huddersfield Town will be playing in the Premier League next season! LOOK AT HIM I'M SO HAPPY FOR HIM (Source)
  9. Space... the final frontier.
  10. I've never had any issues with "Blandish." Hehe... occasionally true, I'm afraid. ^ Oh my goodness! My sympathies to Moffat and his loved ones. I've yet to watch it, but it's on today's agenda. If I find any nit-pickish faults, I will certainly bear that in mind. That poor man... I remember (many) arguments on this message board regarding exactly that... And I agree, it doesn't. To those who think otherwise? Give it a try...
  11. British people are used to watching US shows on TV. They understand all the accents without even really having to try because they're schooled in them via all the imported TV shows and movies. But US TV doesn't import as many British TV shows - it's more niche. PBS might show a few, you get more on Netflix and the like now, but UK TV isn't an embedded cultural export here the way US TV is in the UK, and arguably the rest of the world. Simply put, it's a truism to say that the rest of the world understands American (up to a point) but America doesn't have the same fluency of understanding for the way English is spoken elsewhere. It's a weird equation that I trip up over all the time - I assume people here understand what I'm saying and they don't, not always. When I get "that look" in conversation, I realize I have to speak more slowly. What's the epithet? "The UK and America are divided by a common language." Found out after reading the Preview in the latest DWM that Steven Moffat's mother died while this one was being written (and rewritten). They were up against production pressure, so he didn't have the time to do the usual back-and-forth with Harness to shape it better. He literally wrote it at his dying mother's bedside - the co-writing credit was probably as much to protect Harness as anything; extending an umbrella so if there was flak for the way the episode worked out, he'd share it. Hats off to the guy's total and utter professionalism - that, at a time like that, he kept the show running. Extraordinary. It's weird - I could tell while watching it something wasn't quite right. It didn't have the usual polish the co-written episodes usually have. In this case, there were good concepts, not quite correctly shaped. Poor Steven Moffat. I always think this about any kind of professional writing or storytelling - you never know the whole story. The audience has the luxury to come in afterwards and shoot things down, but behind the scenes, there are a thousand distractions in the real world that can upset the creative flow of creating the piece. It's not an excuse - but "good writing" doesn't just happen in a vacuum.
  12. I would like to have my own federation ship collection someday but they are expensive. Another thing, is where to put them in my room lol
  13. Okay, you're forgiven... this time.
  14. HEY I'm hurt by all this as well - it wasn't easy to write my poor cinnamon roll getting hurt!
  15. Dan pokes me often enough about stuff (I'm still pouting about him hating my idea of Sir Patrick doing a video next in which he talks to guinea pigs instead of sheep) so it was nice to be the poking one for a change! Pictures are now coming in and Dan looks happy on exactly NONE of them. Poor guy. (I am glad he's with his father though... Sir Patrick is very emotional and this is IS the biggest game for Huddersfield Town, he isn't exagerrating, and I'm just glad someone's with him.)
  16. That's too funny....
  17. I'm honestly trying to tune down the cliffhangers in that other story of mine, but this one just NEEDED a big "who shot JR" ending for its second act.
  18. And the saga continues... (Source)
  19. I completely understand your feelings Justin. The last great STAR TREK episode, at least for me, was DS9 finale in 1999. ALthough I found some of Voyager seasons good entertaimnet (specially seasons 4 and 5), I really did not care for Enterprise and also stop after a few season 1 episodes, only returning for the season 4 episodes, which I found average. So yeah, there you are. Gus
  20. Cliffhangers are my specialty - it's all the Dallas and Dyasty watching! (Seriously people love to yell at me about this in my Picard/Alex story already, the episodes always have mean cliffhangers, and people really get mad about this, lol!)
  21. My grandfather always wore gloves when driving as well. I couldn't resist poking Dan about these 'dad takes son with him to important soccer game' shenanigans earlier this morning already and he made his feelings pretty clear (the background here: Dan supports Leeds United, and Leeds United HATE Huddersfield and vice versa, which is why it's... UNFORTUNATE that Dan is being dragged into this by his father, lmfao)
  22. When I was a kid, my parents wore driving gloves. Kind of takes me back. Almost all of the major department stores had them in those days....
  23. Oooooooohhh, how can you leave us hanging like that?
  24. I'm not sure he's driving - he isn't wearing his leather gloves, he usually wears black leather gloves when he's driving. (Of course it's possible he put them on after Dan took the pic.)
  25. No unsafe velocities, now...
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