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  2. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Given the promise of a more serialized format? I would almost guarantee the last point. And yes, it would be nice if Starfleet weren't always so close-by. In "Balance of Terror" and even S2's "Return to Tomorrow" they established that round-trip comm time to HQ would take weeks (though that was cheated by the end of BoT).
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  4. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Another thing I don't want to see, easy communication with StarFleet when on a mission. Bring back subspace radio. When they finally go on their mission of exploration say that it took 8 weeks at warp 6 to get to the new frontier and that it takes 3 weeks each way for subspace radio messages to arrive. Show why ST captains tend to be mavericks. Have an episode where a Starfleet admiral tries to micromanage the ship with a 6 week time lag and giving the captain a choice, follow orders and risk starting a war or disobey and risk your career. Also if no magic repairs. If the ship is badly damaged, it stays badly damaged until it gets back to be repaired.
  5. Alien Covenant

    They were teenagers-in-a-slasher-film stupid. I can accept that maybe some of the Covenant crew were just simple folk who wanted a fresh start, but I assume they needed some basic skills and intelligence to settle a virginal planet. Even the most rural of farmhands knows something of husbandry or basic agriculture. But the crew of Covenant were so dumb I wouldn’t trust them to boil water for tea without causing a ship-crippling explosion. Hell, it’s amazing they successfully tie their own shoes without taking heavy casualties.
  6. Alien Covenant

    I was entertained by it, yes. I'll re-watch it again at some point, maybe it'll get a little better then (Prometheus did for me although not by much). I definitely don't regret watching it. It was meh, but not horrible. And yeah, Ripley's crew in ALIEN seems about a thousand times smarter than these people, and they do what, towing other ships around? These people in Covenant are supposed to be SCIENTISTS and yet they ignored basically EVERY SINGLE RULE. I mean what even. The movie would have worked with a smarter crew as well, there was no REASON to make them this dumb.
  7. Excitement for Discovery building...I half-expect McCoy to ask me if I’d like a tranquilizer. :radekexcited::P

  8. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Must-drink TV....
  9. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    [quietly sits back and delights in all of the nerdy, ST-goodness...] One more thing I don’t want to see: Space Hippies (). However... it’d be interesting to see a pre-Space Hippie version of Dr. Severin when he was a buttoned-up square. Maybe he could be a visiting scientist aboard the Discovery in some future episode (?)
  10. I’ve even got Mrs. Vie excited about it, and he’s only a lukewarm fan (she ‘gets’ Trek, but doesn’t worship at the altar as I do...hehe). 12 years is a LONG dry spell. Preach, Veruka...
  11. Alien Covenant

    I just couldn’t get past this one. It’s one thing for a bunch of space truckers (like the Nostromo crew) to blunder about the cosmos, but these guys were TRAINED for this. This is what they DID. Yet they still acted like a bunch of camp counselors in a Friday the 13th movie... ^ Yeah, that bugged too. I half expected David to credit “Often Wrong Soong” at some point... Anyway, glad you were entertained by it (if it makes one friend of mine happy, I’m happy), but this ALIEN movie I won’t be adding to my collection anytime soon (or at all).
  12. No, it's funny! Me too! This does feel a lot like that!
  13. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Total fanboy reversion - [drops all pretensions to sophistication and shouts] CGI GORN! Yaaaaay!
  14. Steal away.... Yikes...that did sound a bit Lord McPompous of me, didn’t it? Tomorrow is the night. Wow... I can’t recall the last time I’ve been this excited for the debut of a new TV show. It might’ve been 2005 when Dr. Who came back; but I had to enjoy that one solo at the time, because none of my fellow Yanks were into DW at the time (now they ALL are, of course...).
  15. Maybe (and I’m spitballing here) their system is a multiple-star system (a trinary or even quadruple sun system?) so that the star that went nova was small and distant enough to not destroy the planet...? Otherwise I got nothin’...
  16. Beltran too, as I recall. Both those guys were really underserved by scripts. Tim Russ was excellent as Tuvok when he was given something meaty. I always liked McNeill as Paris, but in the end, he felt underserved too. All the characters were. It sort of turned into the Seven-of-Nine show after she arrived. And she was great, but as whole, Voyager just doesn't hang together as satisfyingly as every other iteration of Trek. From this moment forward, I'm stealing the phrase "numbingly homogenous" to describe it!
  17. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    I think I saw that in the DS9 DVD bonus features; it was a beautiful model! Jein is a master; he also built the mothership for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Forgot to quote this earlier on my last post; yes...this! Absolutely! I don’t mind a war storyline in an episode or two, or even a brief arc, but I don’t want DSC to be ALL ABOUT war. ST isn’t Battlestar Galactica...
  18. ^ I could just cut-and-paste this; pretty much exactly my feelings on the show. Ironic that I’m streaming the show, since there is that ‘sameness’ to it. After a few episodes, it becomes a homogenous blend. Not exactly offensive to the palette, just numbingly homogenous. Maybe this is part of its appeal to VGR fans (?); that ‘comfort food’ quality to the show. It’s predictability is almost like a cozy blanket, perhaps. And yes, like you, I don’t fault the actors. Having seen part of the VGR reunion panel at Vegas (Garrett Wang, Tim Russ & Robert Duncan McNeill), it seems as though the actors really tried to do their best, but were somewhat stymied by the front office; especially Wang, who’s made no secret of his occasional dissatisfaction with the show’s management).
  19. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    THIS - so much. Apparently that was a model of the original 1701 faithfully recreated by Greg Jein, IRRC. All motion control. You and me both!
  20. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    With over 700 hours of ST in the can this one might be a bit unavoidable. That said, I think that (with a bit of imagination) they can redress it to where, as you say, it’s not too obvious. ST has pretty much encountered every type of ‘unknown phenomena’ the writers can think of (even more so if you count TAS), so the trick will be to rejigger it enough to seem fresh and new. I believe that’s entirely possible. TNG did so multiple times. Me too, but it is what it is. I just hope they do it well. ^ This is very true. Even in the two-part Mirror ENT episodes in S4, there were little attempts to gloss up the TOS sets by having the graphics move, more subtle lighting schemes, etc. They also used what appeared to a CGI render of the Trials and Tribble-ations’ Enterprise for the Defiant; with those same, slightly slicker lines to it here and there. On the surface, it’s very faithful to TOS but if you look REALLY closely... Okay, I need a life.
  21. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    I'm not wildly opposed to it or anything; I just don't think it's a good idea too early. And given the design differences between the clean, 60s lines of the original Enterprise and the design of every single ship that followed TOS, respecters of canon on the production side have been trying to square away the differences in their looks ever since. It's a similar sort of problem with things like the design of the Klingons and Romulans. You don't really care or notice when you're watching the original episodes because you're caught up in the story. But when these aspects of their fictional world are addressed, onscreen, in-Universe, you then run the risks of comparisons. The modern updates will always look more sophisticated to our eyes! The one instance I can think of when this really worked is when DS9 did Trials and Tribble-ations and they added these incredibly graceful, oh-so-subtle lines to the Enterprise and the K-7. But when they did the Klingon ship, suddenly it was all bristling with detail, which struck me as a minor misstep. Fan service is one thing - mentions, tips of the hat - but anything that puts you out of the reality of the current story being told is a bad idea, IMHO. Agreed. I still kind of wish they'd have just started there and set this show post-Voyager, but anyway... I hated that beyond words. I think that was at the point I knew I was watching a moronic hit parade of the most shallow ideas of what Star Trek is. Terrible movie. STB was by far my favorite of the JJverse movies, simply because it felt much more like its own thing - except that it was also the most respectful and celebratory in terms of honoring other iterations of Trek. For example, I found the scene when JJ-Spock opens his predecessor's box of personal effects extremely moving. That, and the scene where Spock tells McCoy of Spock Prime's passing, are examples of modern Trek acknowledging the past in-Universe and using it to great effect for purposes of character development. It absolutely can work if it's done with respect to the characters involved and not as a huge fanwank, as STID played as.
  22. That song...! Ubiquitous in moments like these... I've forgotten loads of Voyager, too. I watched every single episode on its original run, but I've since rewatched so few. It's not that I ever drummed in other iterations of Trek into my memory, it's just that I never felt drawn back to rewatch in the first place. I'm now pondering why I never felt particularly impressed by this show (but remained loyal to it). There's a sameness to all seven seasons that just isn't true of all the other shows. Some of it really is very good - I'm cherry-picking episodes and looking online to see "best of" lists - but it remains, to me at least, less impactful than all the other versions of Star Trek. I think it might be the crew, as well as the writing and overall sense of production - at this point the producers were so confident in their game that it almost felt a little bit processed, a little too McDonalds in space. Occasionally they'd live up to the premise of the show, but most of the time, Voyager was this impregnable, indestructible little ship. Characterwise, you had the Doctor, Seven, Tom Paris, but the rest of the crew were really kind of meh. No disrespect meant to the actors; they worked with what they were given. This is the great advantage all the other shows achieved - an eclectic, but somehow balanced and deeply interactive set of characters. Even on bad days (and even though I initially loathed the prequel premise), Enterprise had a great crew. I'd watch for that chemistry alone.
  23. I watched TNG's "Lonely Among Us" earlier today, and I looooooved it all over again. It's hilarious, and that's why it's one of my top ten TNG episodes. I just can't stop laughing when I watch it. Brilliant stuff. Heh.
  24. Alien Covenant

    I just watched it... and really, I've seen worse. Alien vs. Predator 2 was worse, IMO. Alien vs. Predator is probably on the same level as this one for me. Good: - It didn't annoy me as much as Prometheus did story-wise. This one at least TRIED to be a full Alien prequel. Prometheus just made me frustrated with its "I'm a prequel, no wait, I'm not" approach. - Shallow me raised an eyebrow at the Walter/David kiss - Fassbender really is a good actor, and I so enjoy the fact that his German is accent-free. - That shower scene, mwahahahaha. I cheered for the Xenomorph - Despite being predictable I did enjoy the non-happy ending. I like movies with non-happy endings, what can I say. Bad: - Stupid crew is stupid. How did any of these people ever get a license for space travel? I get it that not everyone can be as smart as Ripley and her fellows, but COME ON. This felt like as if a bunch of scared civilians was suddenly in charge of a space ship. - Someone watched too much "Datalore" and "Descent". - Predictable "OMG IT'S LORE DAVID" twist ending was predictable. I guess they just didn't have a Wesley Crusher to point out the obvious...? - Same old story idea again, but then, there isn't much to do with the source material in the first place. So yeah. It wasn't anywhere near the best of the franchise, but somehow also not near the worst. At least not for me. I'm okay with the fact that I got the DVD.
  25. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    We've been watching Twin Peaks: The Return on HBO Nordic. It's good, but so weird that I need a drink or two to watch it. Last week we also started on GoT. My husband has been wanting to watch it for quite some time already, while I've been less than enthusiastic. The first episode was good, and not as graphic as I'd feared. Very angsty, though, so it's best enjoyed in small doses.
  26. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Sounds familiar to me. Heh. For me personally I guess the question of this thread is the equivalent of "what will NOT make me buy the DVDs for this show": - War, death, destruction all the time. I get it that these are times we live in and that the show will be dark, but let's not completely lose track of Trek's trademark optimism, shall we. - Too many endless space battles and a focus on "wow look at these amazing special effects!!!". Yawn? Yawn. - Badly written intimate relationships. We had that on every other Trek series, I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to see more of it. - Re-hashing plots from previous shows. At least don't make it too obvious. I'm tired of the whole "hey didn't I see this before somewhere?" thing. - Disrespecting canon. Bend it when necessary - this needs to be done sometimes, I know that from my own writing adventures - but blatantly ignoring it doesn't help either. This kind of "we need to find a way to have aliens from TNG onwards and come up with really lame excuses as to why they're there" really put me off ENT for a long time. There are enough aliens from the TOS era to use AND they can always invent new ones (just don't make it a Xindi thing plz). Anyways... those are the biggest and most blatant things that would make me go "no thanks, not gonna bother with those DVDs".
  27. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    I think that the world that Discovery is set is in more like TOS. The Earth wasn't perfect in TOS just better. I got the feeling that no one starved on Earth anymore and everyone had a comfortable standard of living. There was almost no disease. Crime was almost non existent. But there were conflicts and problems. But comparing an average person on Earth's problems to a first world person living today would be like comparing a rich first world person to an very poor third world persons problem today. But off of the Earth, on colonies or dealing with other species was different. Plenty of conflict and problems. I don't like the idea of introducing any species that was not seen until later shows. I don't have a problem with TOS era species when it fits the plot. So if they go to a Star Base, I'd like to see a lot of different TOS aliens in the background or maybe even a constitution class ship docked in the setup scene. I don't have much problem with introducing minor TOS characters when they fit the plot. If the plot requires them to contact a smuggler, why not use a younger and more risk taking Harry Mudd rather than a new character. Just keep it to a small number a season and make most of them so obscure that no one who is not a Star Trek expert would recognize them. Like if you need a cameo for the doctor on a space station make it the first Dr. in the original pilot or some doctor who was used once. Name one of the Red Shirts on a space station the same as a Red Shirt used in TOS. I wouldn't mind it if it was used sparingly. People on starships go from space station to space station and ship to ship. It would actually be unusual if the people on Discovery never met anyone from the TOS world when they are located near the area the Enterprise traveled in. Do not use more than one or two significant characters a year. They've used Mudd, that's one. (I don't count the couple of semi regulars) So no species that was not in TOS unless it is a completely new species. No cameo's by major TOS or later series characters or actors until later seasons. Minor characters are allowed if they are just part of the background. I wouldn't mind old some of the old Star Trek actors playing new Characters if they are aliens under makeup. I'd love to see Jeffrey Combs get a recurring part if he wants it.
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