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  2. Duck Trek - Discovery!

    This Lorca duck just reminded me (honestly, this was buried quite deep!) that I used to play Max Barry's NationsStates online and was part of a group called Ducks of War. We really took that stuff seriously. Too bad the image hosting service I used back then disappeared, there was a few cool designs. I feel like Lorca Duck would have been quite a welcome addition...
  3. Duck Trek - Discovery!

    I want it !!!
  4. Mr.Picard's Jean-Luc Picard Collection, Y'All.

    This is nice, a very great collection ..
  5. Gazomg's Art Fakes & Wallpapers

    71 updates this month : 40 brand new pics this month 24 reworked Logos 7 non trek Wallpapers. 12 additions today in Logos#2 & Logos#3
  6. At this point they should just write what they want to write (prequel, post-Voyager, the gap between Captain Sulu and Picard, etc.) use whatever works for them and leave the reconciliation issues to the fanbase that will never be satisfied anyway.
  7. ENT did a much more phenomenal job at reconciling with TOS than DSC has so far. The small things that don't fit can be dismissed by the (admittedly over-used) "When we said so and so was the first to do this ... we meant during the Federation. Not Pre-Federation." DSC doesn't even have that much. Hopping to the "It's an alternate time line...." is just an admission that this doesn't work with DSC. Again, the reason this is even an issue is before the show started we got a lot of "Don't worry. We'll explain how this all connects. Just give us a chance!" And now that a chance was given, it didn't really mesh well, the idea is to just give in to an alternate time line? In other words - the very same idea I put forward months ago ala DC/Marvel's multiverse reboots? SIGH Can we just never have Trek prequels in the "prime" time line anymore? Apparently, no one outside of fan films, can make that work.
  8. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    In his defense, who knows? Early Arnie stuff was dubbed simply because people thought nobody would want to deal with the accent, but, he's always been a passable actor.
  9. ST Continues “To Boldly Go” Part 2 had an elegant solution to this; the ‘flawed god’ Gary Mitchell simply goofed. ^ This is perhaps the best reconciliation of them all; it also explains why an older Spock in ST09 recognizes a blue-eyed, Brad Pitt-ish Captain Kirk, for example. It’s like Shakespeare, or Sherlock Holmes; the specifics change, the underlying and overall mythology does not.
  10. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Since all of his dialogue was dubbed in by Gene Hackman, we may never know the full answer to that. The late Tony Perkins said it best in “Psycho”:
  11. Mr.Picard's Jean-Luc Picard Collection, Y'All.

    Perfect for lounging about one’s comfy quarters aboard the 1701-D...
  12. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    I can't imagine watching that film again, much less an extended cut.
  13. So TOS and TAS are both considered canon (James R Kirk/James T Kirk-style discrepancies notwithstanding). It is generally accepted that TAS is one of infinite potential stylistic visual representations of the universe. The live-action look and feel of TOS is just another one of those infinite options. The look of the ship and crew in the Kelvin films is yet another. I have no problem reconcilling that the bridge of the Discovery will "lead in", technologically and stylistically, to the bridge of the Enterprise as seen in TOS, for the same reason that I consider these two bridges to be the same thing: My canon does not contain visuals, because the visuals aren't the heart of the show. TAS demonstrates this well. Edit for clarity: I think the core events of the shows happened. But the minutiae, like actors, sets, special effects, are all fuzzy and interpretable.
  14. Blade Runner Sequel

    Yeah, hopefully not.
  15. Blade Runner Sequel

    Now we only have to worry if someone decides to make a third film and it isn’t Villeneuve...
  16. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    I see...... Mark PIllow is not the best actor in the world........ LOL Anyway, I am a bit afraid I am finally going mad at the age of 47. As I told you yesterday, late last night, I watched SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE and I actually liked the movie. Yeah, its that bad. The first reason is Christopher Reeve, RIP. I just adore Reeve Superman and this time, Reeve wrote the story and directed the second unit on the movie. Believe or not, the plot is like a Silver Age Superman comic book story, in which Superman decide to end the possibility of a nuclear war and battles Nuclear Man, a clone created by Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman, which is another plus in the movie). Superman IV was produced by Cannon, and not by the Salkinds, who produced Superman I-III and Supergirl. Cannon only produced B-movies and YES, Superman IV is a B-movie with a major B. The FX is terrible and Alexander Courage music is a cheap version of John Williams Superman music. Margot Kidder looks terrible as Lois Lane (too old) and having Jon Cryer as Luthor nephew is ridicolous. Having said all that, I still enjoyed the movie, which is a shame on my credibility (I watched the international version with 12 minutes of extra scenes from the Japanese LD. The extra scenes dont help the movie either). I will ask again : Am I going mad ? LOL Good day ! Bom dia ! Gus
  17. Mr.Picard's Jean-Luc Picard Collection, Y'All.

    New stuff to wear! I couldn't resist when I saw that ThinkGeek has released an updated version of the TNG hoodie AND they now also sell TNG bathrobes. *shakes fist at ThinkGeek* The bathrobe is SUPER FLUFFY and the hoodie is incredibly comfy.
  18. DEAL ALERT! Pick up Nick Meyer's STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN remastered director's cut Blu-ray for just $5.96! Warp to the full article!
  19. DEAL ALERT! Pick up the latest chapter of the STAR TREK Kelvin Timeline on Blu-ray for just $5.96! Warp to the full article!
  20. Blade Runner Sequel

    I definitely find it superior to the original and I NEVER expected to say that.
  21. Blade Runner Sequel

    I’m sticking with your latter theory (with a bit of your former too... hey, it’s true sometimes); BR 1 took forever to find its audience and I suspect BR2049 will have to skate uphill a bit as well. Me neither, but with my old, low-res, worn-out eyes, the blu ray should suffice...
  22. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    So much NO....
  23. Blade Runner Sequel

    Yeah. They ain't cheap!
  24. Blade Runner Sequel

    Save your pennies.
  25. Blade Runner Sequel

    In a bit of a cynical mood. I do think it'll find a wider appreciation, though. Like the first movie, it'll take a little more time. Yeah! I don't have a 4K blu-ray player, but want to get one just for this. We have a nice 4K TV and the stuff we get via streaming looks incredible.
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