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  2. I'll have to remove myself to the KM section, but I'm, like, in "Runaway greenhouse effect expectancy" mode right now. Yeah, that rig is seriously nuts. I'd clear the basement to install it!
  3. Fresh minds and fresh ideas are always a good idea. Here's hoping!
  4. No kidding, right? I want his 4 min. exercise machine ( * feeling covetous...* ) ^ I seriously want this (); I'm guessing if you put a big rotating dish on the back and you could probably travel through time....
  5. Let's hope so. Given his track record, he can't be unaware of the possibilities...
  6. Margoy can draw me to a movie anytime she want. Yes, I am in love LOL Gus
  7. Jim Gianopulos Takes Reins Of Paramount As Chairman & CEO Good news for STAR TREK on the big screen ? I wonder.,.... Gus
  8. She is. She's great to look at and, judging by her other work as well as Suicide, she's a good actress. But she's not draw enough for a movie. Not when, if what you're into is "appreciating her hotness," her Wolf of Wall Street clips are easily found.
  9. "The Walking Dead", episodes 7.13 and 7.14 with buddy and pizza. It was okay. Sufficiently entertaining for that night.
  10. Well, that I agree, But nevertheless, hire Megan Fox and Margot for GOTHAM SIRENS and i will be in line in 2018 LOL Oh, my ! Beatiful women in sexy outfits kicking butt. Thats what modern cinema needs ! Gus
  11. Well, reality's kind of a bummer anyway, so what is there to lose?
  12. Can't imagine why. I remember reading the book when I was recovering from my motorcycle accident 23 years ago. Great book (and movie) but it's a poor choice of literature when one is in hospital for two months...
  13. Never said she wasn't sexy or good looking; I'm just saying that a pretty face/body isn't really enough to make me plunk down $10-$13 for a movie anymore, that's all.
  14. Watching "Misery" right now. I like this movie for some reason.
  15. Blasphemy ! LOL Margot Robbie is the sh$# ! Gus
  16. New SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Trailer Sees Peter Parker Take On The Vulture And Iron Man The amazing (and spectacular) new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has debuted and it features some serious tension between Peter Parker and Tony Stark along with an epic battle with The Vulture.
  17. ^ That's true, and not to mention that I attend so many conventions that I see a couple thousand Harley Quinn cosplayers (and cross-players) every year; some far better than Margot Robbie's interpretation, to be honest.
  18. There is so much sex appeal available from your own home these days, I just can't fathom why anyone goes and pays for all these high priced movie tickets and popcorn because you might see a pretty ldy in her bra or a skimpy dress. I want story and characters, I can find any depraved sex appeal I want from my computer, you want me to buy a ticket to the theater offer me something deeper.
  19. Glad to hear it's not just a low testosterone problem then...
  20. It can't be an age thing because I am still fairly young, and I agree. I really don't understand enjoying a movie on sex appeal appeal by itself certainly doesn't entice me to a theater.
  21. I think it was an unconventional war. Thousands of terrorists cells all coordinated. Historians are still arguing. Does the terrorist attack in xyz country count? Was it part of the war or was it an independent action? Does the famine in abc country count as war deaths? Different historians count it different ways. Some historians count every plague, famine and terrorist death as a war death. Some do not. So the figures for how many died depend on what historian you are quoting.
  22. Guess I'm getting old, but I still prefer a bit of actual movie to go with the eye candy these days. Otherwise it's like having a cake that's nothing but frosting...
  23. As long they put Margot Robbie in sexy outfits, I am there,dude, I am so there. Oh, my dear about a nasty sex appeal ! LOL Gus
  24. Or perhaps (as in the Cox novels) deaths attributed to other causes (such as the Bhopal disaster in 1984 India) were actually found to be loosely or directly related to the secretive Eugenics Wars. Much in the way that certain Cold War incidents were covered in the press or by the military as 'accidents' or 'training exercises.' Actual history is never going to fully reconcile with the fictional future posed by '60s Star Trek; though I applaud Greg Cox for a very noteworthy and entertaining attempt.
  25. What could go wrong?
  26. Regarding the 30-35 million death toll mentioned in ENT from historical do we know those records are reliable? Dr Soong says at one point that very little is known for certain of the Eugenics Wars; some sources say different things. Perhaps later historians, biased against augments, exaggerated the extent of the carnage?
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