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  2. What's You're Favorite Data Moment?

    This will sound slightly mean (which sometimes feel like the ultimate sin on this Ned Flanders of a Trek site), and I apologize to the OP as this is more of a general feeling than anything, but oh am I excited to have a new series so we can stop having such nostalgic, punch/past-drunk moments about anything Trek that passes our way! But to answer the question, my (current) favourite Data moment is him passing the torch to the "Next Generation" when he acknowledged being too old to play an (supposedly) immortal android...
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  4. I've been rewatching some of the old TNG footage and looking to compile some favorite Data moments. Here are two of my favorites: What are you're favorite Data moments?
  5. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    We never saw a female captain in command of a Galaxy-class starship, and I wanted to do something different than an older male veteran. When I first saw the name "Captain Chandra" in the principals part of the "Star Trek Compendium" (which gave detailed information about the TOS epsiodes and movies) in the episode "Court Martial," I thought the name struck me as being a woman (although I was nine at the time). The Captain Chandra in command of the Galaxy is a direct descendant of the Captain Chandra seen in "Court Martial," his great-great granddaughter.
  6. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    ^ This. SO very much this. From Pike’s sexist line in “The Cage” (“I can’t get used to having a woman on the bridge... no offense, lieutenant, you’re different of course”) or the line in “Turnabout Intruder” about how “your world of starship captains doesn’t allow women.” Both were contradicted in TOS anyway. The Cage’s "Number One” was clearly a woman and she was ready to take command in an instant. One would assume that others in the fleet already had. I think Pike was just making a bad joke (he even smirks a bit when he see how it rankled his exec). << The post-joke smirk... His ‘irritation' with Yeoman Colt was probably a means of masking his own latent attraction to her. That’s a character failing on Pike’s part, not a statement against women serving in Starfleet. And I always assumed that Janice Lester was projecting a false resentment at Starfleet because she had washed out at the academy for her own reasons; not because of her gender. She was clearly disturbed, but couldn’t accept those shortcomings so she looked for a scapegoat. There was an ST Continues episode that kind of ‘bridged the gap’ in a credible way, but even if CBS accepted it as canonical (as I do), it happens after the events of “Turnabout Intruder.” DSC is set 10 years before TOS. So yeah; I agree that it’s largely self-contradictory and best left ignored.
  7. The Orville

    The third episode was really good! It was like Measure of a Man, a good episode, meets the Outcast, a not so good episode, only it was good. Hopefully it will continue and the ratings will not tank. The ratings did go down.
  8. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    I have several Indian friends of mine who’d love to see an Indian woman as captain.
  9. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    OK you've seen the ship and the bridge? Well how about some of the senior staff who crew the Galaxy? I give you Captain Sonal Chandra!
  10. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Good topic ... I think most of the others touched on it. No technobabble. No technology seen in the later series. No aliens that Picard/Janeway/Sisko made first contact with. I don't care if they would "explain" it away like the Ferengi in ENT. The TOS has a lot of rich lore to explore. Plus, make new aliens. No time travel. I don't mind a temporal anomaly like in TNG Cause and Effect, but I hated how jumping through time became so easy. Although ... I'm pretty sure by TOS they were able to time travel to "study" some pilot or something. Ugh. I love, love, love TNG/DS9/VOY but the humans were too perfect. Make them human again like they were in TOS. I don't want them to have 21st century hang ups. I don't want them re-do episodes from the other shows. I like ENT but they were guilty of this way too many times.
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  12. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Hmmm. Good question... I want this series to enrich and add texture to the TOS universe, so I agree with others that I want it to remain consistent that that universe by assuming that TNG/DS9/VOY era aliens were largely first-contacted post-Undiscovered Country. (caveat: I will always take some Q--so long at he's not just dropping in to pester the DSC crew, but represents the Continuum on some important trans-dimensional outreach mission--and maybe establish a canonical Q-Trelane connection). Things from the TOS era... I don't want to see the limiting role for women in TOS retconned in DSC. Just ignore some of those silly lines of dialogue..To try to expalain it would only give credence to it and make TOS more sexist in our head canon by comparison.
  13. I just got the PS4 prepared with CBS All Access so I can watch it off the system on a big screen. Patience, Sehlat Vie. Patience!
  14. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Oh I totally agree. But after years of Bad Robot and Berman/Braga excuses, I love that this team knows its canon even down to the most obscure references. One of the Klingon houses in DSC has the same name as the Klingon house Janeway-as-Klingon mentioned in a throw away line in that Hirogen-Holodeck arc on Voyager. And Ted Sullivan has name dropped aliens from the Animated Series.
  15. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    I agree with respecting canon, up to a point. But there is a difference between something that was a major point in an episode and something that someone said once off the cuff. For example, Spock once went blind but his vision came back because Vulcans have a third eyelid because their planet is hot, dry and very brightly lit. The fact that Vulcan is a hot planet with a thin atmosphere and blinding light was established in several episodes. You shouldn't show Vulcan as a cold, wet, dark place without some kind of reason. I've heard people say things like, "When I was a kid, my dad was 10 feet tall." I wouldn't consider that to be canon. Bottom line is all's I expect is a reasonable effort and no obvious mistakes. If they miss something obscure, I really don't care. If someone is going to write for ST, they need to know ST history. Just like if someone wants to write for the show Washington's Spies, they need to know what life was like during the 1770's in the American Colonies.
  16. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    But what is refreshing about the DSC team is that they claim they WILL sweat every episode. Here is Ted Sullivan talking about the canon challenges of Enterprise, which they are going to respect even though it sounds like they don't care much for the series: Enterprise did a lot of scrambling and covering and patching up things, which I think worked for that show. It is hard to be in the middle between that show and TOS. [Discovery staff writer and “Keeper of the canon”] Kirsten Beyer will probably tell you the most arguments she and I have had are me saying “Wait, we can’t do that because of something on Enterprise?” But, we respect that. Enterprise is canon and it’s tough and it was a constantly shifting show.
  17. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    I always thought the idea that rules are restrictive is foolish. "What do you mean I can't have George Washington call down an airstrike during the U.S. war of independance. No one cares that the war happened more than 200 years ago." Of course, you can take canon too far. You really shouldn't have to keep track of every one time reference by every character in 700 episodes.
  18. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Gretchen Berg: “Any kind of canon is like Scripture. There’s some interpretation going on,” she said. “I really find that my favorite creative people can look at those boundaries and say, there’s so much room within to play. Instead of going outside the lines, we can dig deeper within the boundaries that exist.” I have always said this about canon. It's a copout to say its rules are limiting--though I understand that they way big blockbuster movies are made these days, you can't honor those rules. Glad this is the view of the DSC show runners.
  19. I also got the Rogue One novel at Books a Million, I'll start reading it after I finish Batman: the Long Halloween!
  20. "Arena" was an amazing TOS episode, in my opinion, one of the best ones. Yes the makeup may be laughably bad compared to the standards of stuff these days, but it definitely surpasses a lot of the modern stuff because it makes you think.
  21. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Magic repairs are never a good thing. I know they actually did a decent job of it when the Enterprise was in the expanse throughout Season 3 (especially that pummeling it got in "Azati Prime"). Usually I can imagine orders not coming directly from Starfleet Command on Earth, but from the nearest Starbase with an admiral in command. Might edit that "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles" story I did called "The Sound of the Shiant," to inject a bit more realism into it. This was the case in the "Star Trek: Bridge Commander" computer game when "Mission Control" was Starbase 12 and NOT Starfleet HQ! Speaking of other things, no magic "reset button" either. I doubt we'll be seeing Space Hippies. That seems on par with believing pigs can fly!
  22. The last episode I watched this morning on BBCA was "Arena", god it's so cheesy but it's so good!
  23. According to Minuet (who was programmed by the Bynars said) - "A star in the Bynar system went supernova and they miscalculated." That suggested it was an in-system star. If any star went supernova in an inhabited star system, it most likely would wipe out the planets orbiting them - to say nothing about the state of their computer. Of course you could always dismiss it as they were hasty in programming Minuet so that it came off like that. Besides, if it did go supernova, wouldn't the long-range sensors of the Federation detect such? Well, it is possible that Bynas may have been a very recent addition to the UFP by the time of the episode, which would explain them "putting all their eggs in one basket." In future, they probably would have backup systems.
  24. It depends on Bynar’s orbit, and the relative size of the star as well. Maybe the sun that flared was a small, barely visible brown dwarf star orbiting the main star; or at the edge of their system (maybe somewhere in their Oort cloud?). Maybe that tiny, relatively cold sun had a ‘gas attack’ and belched some serious gamma or x-rays (ate a really spicy planet...). Since exoplanets were first charted, it seems they have far wilder orbits (and proximities to their suns) than we ever used to guess at in our wildest imaginings. Who knows what the Bynar’s home system actually looks like; we only saw their planet and what appeared to be a sun. Or the simpler explanation: maybe they (writers or Bynars) simply misused the word ‘nova’ and meant another type of extreme solar event (?). And yes, that was somewhat poor planning for such of advanced race to have only ONE on-world computer like that; maybe a backup drive on another planet/moon elsewhere? Or are they capable of space travel? Wonder. LSTIW: VGR: “Non-Sequitur” and “Twisted.”
  25. Finally got a Kylo Ren lightsaber, Got it at Wal-Mart for $9.84, it doesn't light up but it'll do (Also got some red glow in the dark stuff to go with my costume)

  26. Alien Covenant

  27. That star would have to be DOZENS of light years away not to have lethal effects on the Bynar Homeworld. Furthermore, does their link to their central computer have limits? I would have to think it does. Wouldn't they have other computers elsewhere they could link to in case of a travesty like this instead of relying on putting their eggs in one basket?
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