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  2. Time problems like this happen all the time in books, TV shows and movies. I was just reading a book where the hero took something like half a day to drive somewhere and a full day to walk back. Even at say 50 km/hr, 10 hours of driving would get you 500 km or a little over 300 miles. You can't walk 300 miles in a day. The needs of the story outweigh the needs of reality sometimes.
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  4. What about the white-knuckle tension that comes with knowing they'll be back....AND in greater numbers. Dun-dun-duuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn.
  5. The TNG technical manual conceded the point and stated that the speed scales had been recalculated from TOS to TNG.
  6. Well, Trek hasn't always understood warp speeds it seems. TMP: Earth to Vulcan in 4 days (presumably at warp 7). JJ Trek: Earth to Vulcan in roughly 4 minutes (at maybe Warp 9). TOS also never stipulated there was a limit to warp speeds either (warp 11?). Remember in Broken Bow, Trip says Earth to Neptune and back in 6 minutes (presumably at warp 5)? Maybe 6 seconds... Something else about this episode; Scotty says no way to repair the engines on their own. So how did they get to a Starbase I wonder?
  7. Well, we knew the Kenobi movie was an eventuality, do it’s not exactly like they sprang it on us. I’m just trying to imagine how much Kenobi ‘story’ is left to tell; We saw him retire to a life of hermitude and Luke-watching on Tatooine at the end of ROTS, and we see him 20 years later as a “crazy old man” in SW77. While I really enjoyed Ewan McGregor in the role (one of the few things that actually worked in the prequels), it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm without knowing more. As it is, we should be watching a movie about a guy growing into retirement age in a hot desert while occasionally scaring off sandpeople and going to the local market for groceries, etc. It might as well be called “Florida Retirement: The Movie.”
  8. STAR WARS: Lucasfilm Developing OBI-WAN KENOBI Film With Stephen Daldry In Talks To Direct Bah, another prequel huh ? Whats next,a "Chewbacca and his family" movie ? Gus
  9. Final Trailer For THE DEFENDERS Teases A DAREDEVIL vs IRON FIST Fight And A Menacing Alexandra Hell, yeah ! This show I have to watch n Netflix ! Marvel rulez ! I also love Sigourney Weaver !
  10. I’m looking forward to it... though I want to see S1 first before I read spoilers for S2. Kinda weird that way.
  11. Works for me.
  12. Good point. Very good, in fact. It also depends on how long the ship was pushed at warp 9 to meet the deflection point, but yeah; if the ship was at warp 9 for any substantial length of time (even a few hours), it would take a hell of a lot longer than a few months to limp back at sub-light speeds. More like years. I noticed a similar thing in The Voyage Home; the Klingon bird-of-prey’s speed is off the dial (well beyond its maximum warp) and yet it does this nice, gentle parabola around the sun. The sun itself is only about eight light minutes away from Earth. And warp 9-plus whatever, the BOP’s flight to and around it would be less than a blink.
  13. SPOILER WARNING ! STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2 to Deal with the Aftermath of the Klingon War, According to Alex Kurtzman Gus
  14. THOR: RAGNAROK International Trailer Features An Appearance From Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange !!! Good morning, bom dia !
  15. Isn't the science of warp speed off a little bit? Ship is zooming to meet the asteroid at Warp 9, but then it takes 2-3 months to get back to the planet at impulse? Doesn't add up any way you look at it. Another thing that always bugs me; why do they show the ship (both original and the updated fx version) going in reverse the whole way back to the planet? Great episode despite these nitpicks.
  16. As we reported upon their Comic-Con debut, QMx has STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's license for the new split-delta Starfleet insignia badges, as seen in the new series — and while they’ve only been available to fans on-site at SDCC or Star Trek Las Vegas so far, the retailer has finally launched their online purchase portal for everyone to obtain! Warp to the full article!
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  18. 21 updates this month so far Janeway Discovery --- Random Trek #3 Kirk Discovery --- Random Trek #3 Klingon Cardassian Alliance --- Logo's #2 USS Kahlan Plaque --- Random Trek #4 Worf - Discovery --- Random Trek #3 Gul Macet --- Random Trek #3 Corat Damar --- Random Trek #3 Elim Garak --- Random Trek #3 Quark --- Random Trek #3 USS Enterprise Poster --- Random Trek #2 Gul Dukat --- Random Trek #3 Cardassian Crests --- Logo's #1 New Discovery Starfleet --- Logo's #2 Corat Damar 1 --- Random Trek #3 Corat Damar 2 --- Random Trek #3 Casey Biggs --- Random Trek #3 Discovery is gonna suck ---Random Trek #3 Caitain - Aliens ---Random Trek #4 Vanessa Hudgens - Vulcan - Celebrity Crew #2 Tuvok - First Contact --- Random Trek #2 B'lanna Torres - TNG- Random Trek #2
  19. tonights additions Gul Macet Klingon Cardassian alliance logo
  20. So did I. Stayed with me long after the credits rolled.
  21. I found Loving a very carefully structured and emotional movie. They captured the paranoia, fear, and legal elements all so well.
  22. My guess is at the very end when he leaves the base and heads towards the TARDIS, he slips off for an adventure with the Twelfth Doctor, and with time travel and all he is returned to the snow for Ben and Polly to arrive outside the TARDIS banging on the door, and then he regenerates. The trailer also seemed to make it evident that part of the plot of this involved Time time-travelling craziness will most definitely be apart of Moff's grand exit (especially as it was a hallmark of his tenure).
  23. Watched two movies recently; “Loving” (2016) Based on the interracial couple living in 1950s-‘60s Virginia whose Supreme Court decision outcome made interracial marriage legal across all of the United States. Understated, but haunting movie. Joel Edgerton deserved an Oscar, IMHO. and “The Founder” (2016) A biography/dark comedy about McDonald’s ‘partner/co-opter’ Ray Kroc, who sort of steals the McDonald’s restaurant franchise and name right out from under the McDonald brothers. Michael Keaton is very good here, but on more familiar footing (playing a lying huckster) than the raw, deeper performance he gave in “Birdman.”
  24. In the newest edition of SFX magazine, released today in the UK, the magainze caught up with the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY cast to get some more detail on the series and their characters - as well as some of their Trek viewing habits! Warp to the full article!
  25. How is twice upon a time fits into the tenth planet saga,i watch the tenth planet the other night and cant work out how the first doctor shows up.
  26. Who would complain about a prefix code? I mean, I kind of want at least a basic password to keep enemies from controlling my starship. I don't find anything particularly technobabble-ish about that.
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  28. Yeah, I agree. I know some complain about the prefix code, but that is innovative and a good safety feature to have on Starfleet vessels.
  29. I would rather that was long gone, too. However, I have some faith in the likes of Meyer. He didn't bypass the primary EPS conduits to overload the main deflector dish so that it emits an anti-verteron pulse to beat Khan. It's people like him that I think will keep us from much of that nonsense.
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