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  2. If it doesn't, we'll capsize the whole ship and go down with it.
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  4. I won't even dignify those Tweets with a response; even if this were a KM thread, I wouldn't.
  5. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but it feels to me that this wave of crazy has surpassed its peak and is very slowly ebbing back. Not saying more out of regard for our dear mods, but I'm cautiously optimistic.
  6. I think maybe in 2016 and 2017 we're just shining a light into all those little dark corners which we always knew were crazy, but now the crazy is trying to scuttle out and hog the stage.
  7. The world is a crazy place.
  8. LOL
  9. Chinese have been very underrepresented on Star Trek so far. How much of the world population is Chinese? 20%? Yet we never had a Chinese character, as far as I remember. While statistically at least, one out of five should be. Maybe Yeoh's captain is going to change that... assuming she isn't just a guest character. Yeah it's absurd, isn't it? Star Trek had black and Japanese characters at a time when this wasn't common at all, and even a female in a leading top position when that was still against many people's expectations... and now suddenly, these people complain? Huh? Doesn't appear so logical to me that they were okay with diversity then, but suddenly aren't anymore.
  10. Yup. The social justice aspects fly right over their heads. I always wonder if they really CANNOT see them or if they don't WANT to see them.
  11. These are just people that literally can't handle the reality that the world is more 'not white' than white, so any reminder of that fact is a personal attack. Never mind that Star Trek, for 50 years, has been all about social justice. That's really the whole point. There are A LOT of 'fans' who are not fans of any of the social aspects of the show, but rather seem to love the gunboat diplomacy and the Americentric notion, grafted onto the vehicle of "The Federation," that our way is the right way, best way, and everyone else wants to be like us.
  12. Without getting too much into KM territory here (let's be careful, I'd hate to be forced to move this topic there)... these are exactly the kinds of fans whose existence a lot of folks have always tried to deny or play down because they never were the target (I was told countless times that "ah maybe there are a handful of bigots in the Trek fandom but DON'T WORRY WE ARE ALL NIIICE, REAAAALLY" - nope, there are a LOT of bigots and racists and whatnot). I'm both glad and horrified at the same time that they're finally showing their ugly faces to EVERYONE - showing their faces means exposing them and their views. I'm particularly fond of the "I love Janeway but please don't ruin this with political correctness" thing in one of the comments. Love the line of "I have nothing against [insert group], I like [people from group]/I have [people from group] friends but please don't force me to look at them all the time" arguments. ("Love" as in "please go away".) Although I do feel the need to point out that some of these "fans" might also simply be trolls who have never watched a single Star Trek episode. A lot of these people surface on Twitter whenever there's something they perceive as "controversial" or "too politically correct". I see it all the time with Sir Patrick - whenever he says something "controversial", people who know literally nothing about him other than the fact that he was in Star Trek or X Men show up and voice their "opinions" and draw others to the table as well. It's like a bunch of rabid dogs.
  13. Leaving the whole debate of racism aside for a moment... even if you feel white males are underrepresented, it strikes me as absurd drawing this conclusion from this short trailer. The main character is a black female, okay, but apart from her, we see hardly any other characters -- two aliens and an Asian female captain we even know won't be the Discovery's captain... that leaves huge room for other white male characters, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure there will be white males in the show too, so this complaining is extra absurd. (Just for the record, personally I care more if a character is well written than for his or her skin color.)
  14. The first time I heard someone describe the Enterprise as a character, I immediately could relate. Hopefully, Discovery can recapture that connection to the ship. When the NCC-1701 was destroyed in Star Trek III, it was heartbreaking. By First Contact, I did not have that same connection. I cringed a little at Picard's line "there are plenty of letters left in the alphabet." If the Shenzhou is lost in battle (which I suspect it will be), I would hope I am connected to it and feel the emotional impact of that. If it is destroyed, I expect much of the crew will be too, and that may deepen the sense of loss. "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." With regard to your sidebar, I don't like the way that Starfleet ships have flattened out over time. When I first saw the Enterprise-E, I was immediately struck by how the ship lacked "dimension." It is probably the main reason I was never drawn to it. At the time, I thought it had something to do with the digital effects, but we have seen the pattern of flat ships repeated. Perhaps they are trying to make the ships more like sports cars or stealth ships for the coolness factor. Unfortunately, the USS Shenzhou seems to carry on that pattern. Hopefully, the Discovery will not.
  15. Since this seems to be where the 'dislike DSC stuff is going, I'll place this here, but we're not talking 'This just isn't my thing' dislike. We're talking, literally, "DSC is white genocide" nonsense. Rascism here, there, and everywhere. (Some comments NSFW)
  16. Stunning STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Pics Provide First Looks At Benicio Del Toro & Laura Dern's Characters Vanity Fair has now debuted a gallery of over a dozen incredible new Star Wars: The Last Jedi portraits, offering up new looks at most of the main characters, and first glimpses of some new faces.
  17. Good morning - bom dia !!! Here's the new third traler from SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING, and its a blast ! Enjoy !
  18. Oops I forgot I wanted to quote this, too. Bad me. Anyways - you are quite welcome! I have observed the same behavior in the fandom. The rabid haters are as bad as the rabid lovers who will tear EVERYONE apart who DARES voice even the SLIGHTEST "but...". I get it that they're fed up with all the negativity (I am too, at least to a certain degree), but there is NO need to attack people who simply state that they see no reason to like what they're seeing so far. There's a whopping big difference between a hater and someone who is simply not seeing any reason to fall in love with Discovery just yet. (Or ever.) Or the new rebooted Dynasty! I'm SO down for that show! I wish I knew more people who are enthusiastic about Dallas and Dynasty - I always shout into a void when I tell my Trekkie friends about these shows. It was the characters who spoke to me when I watched TNG for the first time - it WAS also the plot of the episode, yes, but if I hadn't felt a connection with most of the characters I doubt the episode would have worked on me. The plot is cool, sure, but without the characters... nah. I loved how everyone re-lived stuff and I also loved how they solved the mystery with the three's and all, but then, the characters had to work together for this, and that sense of family that came from them, THAT was what hooked me and made me want to watch the next episode, not the starship or space or whatnot, meh. lol I think this is why I have such a thing for soap operas, now THOSE focus on CHARACTERS in an almost obnoxious way, haha
  19. I SWEAR he's the CUTEST because he's so smol. I had a hard time not squealing "OMG SO SMOL AND CUTE" when I saw him for the first time. I knew he wasn't as tall as magazines and IMDB loved to claim, but when I saw this tiny cinnamon roll on that convention stage for the first time all I could think of was TINY TINY TINY HE'S SO TINY AND ADORABLE. And now that he's shrinking and shorter than I am, he only gets more adorable somehow. I love short men I just can't help it. I mean HIS SHORT LEGS. SO CUTE.
  20. ... or the new rebooted Dynasty. And yes, I understand that POV, because I know a lot of people who don't like science fiction at all (many in my own family) who like one Star Trek show or movie because it spoke to them in a unique way, or had one or two very memorable characters. Good, interesting characters are often the hooks that get non-scifi fans into the genre (or more specifically, Star Trek).
  21. It definitely has to do with me not being interested in sci-fi as a genre in itself - it has to be mixed with another genre in order to become interesting to me. I was never raised with science fiction, no one cared about it, no one gave me anything sci-fi to deal with. The closest thing I had was my favorite book, The Neverending Story, but that's more fantasy than sci-fi - THAT was the world I escaped into. I wanted a Luck Dragon, not a starship, I wanted to have adventures with Atreyu, not aliens. I prefered a world in my MIND, not one in some distant future. If you're not raised with sci-fi and if you ALSO lack a general understanding of physics and astronomy, getting into it is difficult somehow. Of course I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid and my Playmobil space station was my favorite toy, but that was more because of the cool space suits and the helmets than aliens. (The space station didn't even come with aliens, lol.) Anyways. I had no BASIS to fall in love with Star Trek or sci-fi as a genre, and I still don't - for me it therefore relies entirely on characters and stories, you're quite correct. They could set TNG on a submarine and I'd still watch it because JEAN-LUC. Sure it would be cool to watch the stars go by in Ten Forward, but ONLY if Jean-Luc was there, too. Otherwise, sure, a short trip but then please bring me back to Earth and let me continue to watch Dallas. lol
  22. Watched the first thre episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (funny stuff), then settled in to watch Parts 3 & 4 of Twin Peaks (funny yet bizarre bizarre stuff).
  23. Good things come in small packages...
  24. I think he's the most beautiful being in this entire universe and beyond. I also think his perfection is unmatched by anything this galaxy has to offer. And then I also think he should be loved and worshiped every single second of every single day because he deserves it all and so much more. Oh and PROTECT HIM because HE IS SO TINY AND CUTE
  25. Stop being so coy now... what do you really think?
  27. Yeah, I can see that.
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