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    • Sehlat Vie

      My blog (see: link in my signature) has been updated with ALL the rest of my photos/anecdotes of San Diego Comic Con 2017.  I threw it together last night after an exhausting 5 days, so forgive any punctuation or grammatical errors, okay?  
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    • Sehlat Vie

      If anyone's curious about San Diego Comic Con 2017?  Click onto my blog link in my signature; I have an udpated post on Preview Night and Day One, which includes ALL of my (captioned) pics so far, including Friday (Day 2).
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    • C.Lovett

      This has been one hell of week! First Chester of Linkin park kills himself, then I get a 2 pack Nancy drew game package at Wal-Mart which turned out to be a defective disc because it wouldn't install and now the lightbulb in my room has gone out!  CAN THIS WEEK GET ANY WORSE?!??
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    • Captain_Bravo

      Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated...just very very busy
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    • Robin Bland

      RIP Martin Landau 
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    • I'll give it benefit of the doubt. Maybe there is a good reason that I haven't thought of. I do like the production value of DSC, and a lot of the other aspects of it. But if there must be a rotating part of Discovery's saucer section, there needs to be some logical sense behind it. Just because "it looks cool" is zero excuse.
    • Very interesting paragraph about how McCarthy felt with the use of “Faith of the Heart” as the main title:   "I like the song, but I don’t understand what the song represents to the show. I’ve felt a moment of inspiration on Alexander Courage’s horn fanfare, Jerry’s NEXT GENERATION and VOYAGER themes, even my DEEP SPACE NINE theme which I think have defined what STAR TREK’s supposed to be. Rick heard it in PATCH ADAMS and loved it, and decided to acquire it for the ENTERPRISE main title. If you get a chance, take the ENTERPRISE soundtrack CD and play “Archer’s Theme” against the visuals for the Main Title, and you’ll find out where the hits are."   I’ve often listened to the end title credits music and just ‘head-canoned’ it as the main title theme.   When I think of ENT, I don’t hear FOTH; I hear the end title music.   You hear it throughout the show as the ’theme’; it’s played at different tempos, with different instruments, etc. and sometimes you’ll hear just as a phrase of it, but to me, that was the theme of ENT, not FOTH.
    • An interview with stalwart Trek composer Dennis McCarthy from last year (just came across it):  
    • Yeah, the spinning outer ring could be DSC’s ‘chompers’....  And for the record?  I can’t stand STID.   I’m fine with the other two Kelvin-verse ST movies, but STID is just rotten.   Having the Enterprise submerged was just stupid.  And it was never explained exactly WHY Kirk did such a stupid thing.  Oh, yeah... ‘because it looked cool.’  That was STID’s excuse for pretty much every bad decision... Here’s hoping DSC makes a bit more sense.   
    • Well, that would tax a lot of space on the ship beyond the shadow of a doubt. What I was talking about here was the idea that the phaser banks themselves were on a rotating ring for combat sake. Though I doubt that is the case. Frankly, the spinning saucer idea reminds me of those "choppy crushy things" that were in that corridor in "Galaxy Quest." - "This episode was badly written!" Sounds like something I might have conjured up when I was in my pre-teen or teenage years, but I still can't find there being any practical purpose for any part of that saucer to be spinning, unless it's something along the idea of the phaser emitters. Somehow I get this bad feeling if this is the case - this is just a cheap attempt to be "cool." Well, it's as dumb as the idea of the Enterprise being submerged underwater in STID in my books.