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    • Sehlat Vie

      At the "Gallifrey One" Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles; met Sylvester McCoy (!), 7th Doctor Script Editor Andrew Cartmel and I'm having much timey-wimey fun. Will still poke my head in here now and then to say 'hi.' 
      · 0 replies
    • Corylea

      I've been coughing more or less continuously for the past couple of days, and it's been fairly miserable.  I find myself thinking about Leonard Nimoy, who died of COPD and whose last few months were pretty miserable with it, according to the documentary his daughter Julie made.  And yet they said he reacted with grace and wit, up till the end.

      Surely if Mr. Nimoy could die with grace, I can find it in myself to whine a little less about a bad cold.  Leonard Nimoy, still teaching me things after he's dead.
      Because everything in life IS about Star Trek. :-)
      · 2 replies
    • kenman

      Three Job Interviews this week! Maybe the unbearable unemployment period will come to an end finally. 
      · 2 replies
    • C.Lovett

      Happy V-Day!
      · 0 replies
    • Sehlat Vie

      Battling both a monstrous cold and an earache.  Just waiting for a appendage to rot and fall off... 
      · 4 replies
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    • Not only that but there wouldn't be a woman Captain or Admiral because of 'Turnabout Intruder'.
    • William Shatner Hosting Screenings Of ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan’ In Nine U.S. Cities   This spring you can see the original Captain Kirk live on stage after a movie screening to hear him talk and ask him questions.   Gus
    • Break out the stone knives and bearskins...
    • Mine, too. I mean, if we stuck to original canon like it was fundamentalist dogma, the likes of Tilly couldn't even LOOK at things she recorded with her tricorder without a bigger computer. Or, you know, without a bunch of old radio vacuum tubes.
    • ^
      That's my head-canon, anyway; it keeps me from going nuts over continuity nits.  This latest version of the prime universe seems to be a mix of TOS and ENT with a touch of JJ Abrams’ overall aesthetic.  I think they kind of wrote themselves into a corner with that one.  On the other hand... it DOES go a long way toward explaining Klingons ongoing resentment toward humans.  Humans left a bomb in the center of their planet that propelled an unpopular choice into the leadership void.   That would leave many Klingons feeling a mite testy towards humans, I think... I think Ash’s arc ended the only way it could; there was no future there.  He’s still more Klingon than he cares to admit, even to himself.   Up till the end, Burnham simply wasn’t as interesting as some of her shipmates.  But it was in the season finale that Burnham finally became a favorite character to me; her sacrifices, and most of all, her placing Starfleet values above everything else (even winning a war) was wonderful to see.   I think Burnham’s character was sabotaged with the Vulcan backstory (and I say that as an admitted-Vulcanophile).  Having a human going through what she went through in S1,  yet maintaining such emotional aloofness didn’t make her relatable or even likable.    That kind of constant stoicism makes a human character.... well,  boring.   Spock’s stoicism was always interesting on TOS because you saw the simmering underneath; the conflict.   It was a veneer Spock put up in front of his human shipmates and Nimoy had the skill and chops to make that come through in extremely subtle ways.   As much as I admire Sonequa Martin-Green in TWD, I didn’t see that simmering in her as much.   She just felt distant and aloof, but with periodic flashes of anger.   There was no shading.   However, I think she’s matured as a character (and actress?) with that finale.  I think I’ve warmed up to Burnham; I get her now (finally).