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    • Sehlat Vie

      At the "Gallifrey One" Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles; met Sylvester McCoy (!), 7th Doctor Script Editor Andrew Cartmel and I'm having much timey-wimey fun. Will still poke my head in here now and then to say 'hi.' 
      · 0 replies
    • Corylea

      I've been coughing more or less continuously for the past couple of days, and it's been fairly miserable.  I find myself thinking about Leonard Nimoy, who died of COPD and whose last few months were pretty miserable with it, according to the documentary his daughter Julie made.  And yet they said he reacted with grace and wit, up till the end.

      Surely if Mr. Nimoy could die with grace, I can find it in myself to whine a little less about a bad cold.  Leonard Nimoy, still teaching me things after he's dead.
      Because everything in life IS about Star Trek. :-)
      · 2 replies
    • kenman

      Three Job Interviews this week! Maybe the unbearable unemployment period will come to an end finally. 
      · 2 replies
    • Sehlat Vie

      Battling both a monstrous cold and an earache.  Just waiting for a appendage to rot and fall off... 
      · 4 replies
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    • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ He certainly is a dapper old dude. On the other hand...
    • I don't give a flying flip about either supposed "canon"  or "continuity".  Each series stands alone for me and doesn't have to stick to minutia from previous series.  Given that, I thought Discovery was excellent, easily the best structured first Trek season ever.  I liked all of the major characters and found Saru and Tilly to be my personal breakout favorites.  Burnham is also a personal favorite and her development in S1 leaves a ton of room for continuing seasons.  S1 left me hungry for more.
    • Some people need it to BE "Star Trek: Continues" That was wonderful for tying up all the loose threads of TOS, and I love it to the point that I honestly think no one needs to bother with at least TOS fan films again, as they will never meet the bar that ST:C set. But that time is over...from the simplistic sets to the simplistic writing. it's over. I think most of the people complaining about these aspects would be happier if they just walked away.  
    • I see your point but to me Sherlock Holmes is more of a one-trick pony than Trek. Trek can be really be so many different things than the TOS/TNG mission. DS9 showed that to some extent. The movies are definitely not like the series and Discovery seems to resemble movies more. It's only the limitations of TPTB that have kept most of the shows as ship, captain, commander, engineer, doctor, planet, rinse, repeat formula. We still have those elements present in this show. Just somewhat reshuffled.  The storytelling style has changed. If you watch Netflix series, any of them, you'll notice that Discovery resembles those a lot. Even in it's opening credits. It's made for a modern audience and modern technology. I have yet to see it as a binge to see how it holds up like Daredevil, Stranger Things, Dark, etc.... We could keep going on and on. I suppose the real test is if sticks with an audience. That isn't an easy task in this day and age when there is so much vying for our eyeballs than in the time of TOS/TNG but imo they've done their best to create a show that can do that. Remember Star Trek comes with a lot of negative baggage. They're fighting that as well. I think the show, while very different from previous shows(and it needs to be) is doing a great job at creating something new.  
    • I just read some comments about Discovery on a different site and many of the people commented that they didn't like Discovery because it wasn't enough like TOS. They complain about the writing etc. I wonder if some of the problem is that the mentality of the 1960's and today are different. TOS tried to be inclusive but at its heart it was till sexist. How many people out there think that if Discovery were real ST it would be sexist also? TOS also had a tendency to reflect the idea that America is a perfect land and everyone should be just like us. The Prime Directive states that the Federation shouldn't interfere with the natural development of society. Kirk had a tendency to say that any society that is taking a different path than the Federation is is not developing naturally. Obviously the natural development of any society should lead to people just like us. That superiority complex of humans and human society shines through TOS. It reflects the attitudes of America at the time.  I don't mind it. It's the show I grew up with and its a product of its time. No show is perfect.  But I get the impression that some people want their ST to be sexist and exclusive like TOS tried not to be but frequently was.  One of the things I like about the new show is that it does seem to try to be inclusive. Once again it's not perfect but its closer than the earlier shows were.