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  1. Sim added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    "The Twilight Zone": "The Dummy".
    "House of Cards", episodes 4.11 and 4.12.
    "Westworld", episode 1.03. <--- Still intriguing! I like the idea about "bicameral mind theory"!
  2. GustavoLeao added a post in a topic Star Wars: Han Solo Movie   

    First Official HAN SOLO Cast Image Released As The STAR WARS Spin-Off Commences Production
    Principal photography on the young Han Solo movie is now officially underway, and an image of the main cast assembled has been released. See Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Chewie, and more

  3. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    That's okay, that it isn't your thing, I mean. Although I do need to point out that romantic attraction towards Jean-Luc is not a requirement for being into my stories, I can assure you that a lot of my readers are NOT attracted to Jean-Luc in THAT way. I get what you mean, though - I feel similarly about most het stories although I definitely appreciate the occasional naughty Skinner/Scully or Picard/Troi story (the latter of which I'm guilty of writing myself on occasion, I see no reason to limit myself to writing slash only even though it's definitely my main focus).
    Thanks for your very kind words, though. They mean a lot, coming from someone who isn't a huge slash fan in the first place, and I'm VERY happy to hear that you enjoyed "my" Jean-Luc! And yeah, "Strangers" isn't a character piece although it served as a perfect basis for an EXTREMELY x-rated piece of artwork that someone drew for me recently and which I obviously cannot post here now. lol It's a PWP ficlet, those aren't exactly character-based masterpieces but a lot of people love a steamy scene - it IS one of my most popular ficlets for that very reason. The Picard/Keel fic is a different matter indeed, it was particularly difficult to write - Jean-Luc in a relationship is difficult to write already without getting completely off-track and out of character, but writing GRUMPY SEASON ONE PICARD in a ROMANTIC setting is like balancing on the edge of a cliff. But then it's JUST like me to fall in love with and decide to write fan fic about one of the most romantically complicated characters in the Trek universe. *facepalm* haha
  4. Sim added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    I finally managed to read three of your stories: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot", "Another Crack in my Heart" and "Strangers in the Night". I picked them because they were the first standalones on the list and not too long.
    Great job! I think they are really well written, as far as I can tell, not being an English native speaker. Especially Jean-Luc gets formidable attention, I can perfectly hear his voice and *see* him in front of my eyes, when reading your description. Really well done!
    That said, "Strangers in the Night", while probably serving its purpose, appeared to me like it wasn't too Jean-Luc specific, I guess it'd work just as well if you just replaced his name with someone else's... but then, it isn't a character piece anyway.
    However, the first two really have ... like someone else said, a "lost scene" quality to them. Especially the Walker/Jean-Luc interaction is really spot on, IMO.
    But again, I noticed that slash fan fiction is not really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I do think they are well written, and I perfectly sympathize with your feelings and motivations for writing them... I just felt I'm not really the best addressee, as I don't share the same romantic enthusiasm for Jean-Luc. If I had to choose a character in one of the stories to change bodies with, I guess it'd be Jack Crusher or Guinan -- leaving the scene just before the action starts, and be happy for the two friends.
  5. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Sir Patrick is currently doing a LOGAN Live Q&A on Facebook, here are two screencaps of him being precious:

  6. StillKirok added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    Free to read?  Yes.  But my time isn't free.  The time I spend reading something is time that could be spent reading something else, so the frustration of an incomplete story makes me feel that I wasted my time.  It's even WORSE if the story is good.
    I've only written 3 fan fics in my life, but they were all completed before I put them out there.  I stopped because I didn't have "the idea" to write another one.  Ultimately, story is what matters. 
  7. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    Okay, since this is the Sir Patrick topic, I guess fannish things work here as well. I got a life size Sir Patrick cardbard cutout today and given the fact that I'm slightly TALLER than Sir Patrick in real life, "life sized" seems a bit of an exaggeration here:

  8. StillKirok added a post in a topic Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman   

    Would The Batman really be "highly anticipated?"  It's not like we haven't had a ton of Batman movies.  I want a high quality Superman movie.
  9. GustavoLeao added a post in a topic Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman   

    The Lego Batman Movie Is DC's First Good Theatrical Release Since The Dark Knight Rises
    No kidding !
  10. Sim added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    My job as German ambassador! Hope it's not too preachy...
    Oh yes, worlds! That happened before. Like in that treaty between the Federation and Cardassia, that included the exchange of a couple of worlds and sparked the whole Maquis conflict.
    I also imagine that a defeated enemy would be required to give up conquered civilizations, like Bajor.
  11. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    You're pretty much looking at one of the "relics" from the earlier internet times when it comes to Trek - this message board. I've been here for over a decade (with an interruption, granted, but I came back), and I was also a member of this board's predecessor, back in the Ancient Times when Trekcore was called Trekpulse and the board was blue. Heh. So this board has been here for a long long time, at least in internet terms. And now you're part of its history - it's never too late for that!  
    If you want I can send you some of that old fic that I collected back then. It's TNG only though, and a lot of it is far from in-character, but it is an interesting look at the history of things, at least for TNG. With TOS you of course would have to go back much further, to the old days of the Kirk/Spock fanzines. TNG had fanzines as well although they never reached the fame of the K/S ones AND they often exclusively focused on Data being fully functional with ladies or Riker and Troi, yawn, so there's that - not my field of interest, really. lol But in the late 90s people were already starting to publish their stories online, so the fanzines stopped appearing. I came into the fandom late in life, in 2002 (I was 19 then) but it was early enough to witness Yahoo groups and the busiest time of Trek message boards. I still remember reading the very first x rated Picard/Q fan fic I came across on a Yahoo geocities page -with very annoying music- and I remember blushing and being like "OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING Q OMG WHAT IS THIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH JEAN-LUC OMG I MUST READ ON". My ears got so red they must have been glowing. Ah, the good old times.  
    And I'm definitely interested in reading some of your fan fic, especially since you say we have the same taste in fan fic, haha! Rare pairings need more attention, I keep saying this. I rarely publish my fic here on this board anymore because I write too many x-rated scenes these days and those aren't allowed here (and that's okay I just don't want to maneuver around them anymore lol) but if you want, the link to my stuff is here. 
    And don't worry about publishing things. We all hesitated once! I actually still hesitate to publish my stuff and I've been writing fan fic for a long time. The nervousness never really leaves, but that's part of the process of being a fic writer. Another writer said to me once "if you're not nervous about publishing a new fan fic you're doing it wrong". She had a point there.
    Oh and I almost forgot - thank you Sehlat, I am honored that you named me as one of your favorite fic writers! *blush*
  12. The Founder added a post in a topic Lots of New Information on Discovery   

    Considering how much effort ENT put into explaining the Klingon appearance - I hope they won't do away with the "smooth" head Klingons. That these are just updated ones that look like Worf? Ugh. IDK.
  13. The Founder added a post in a topic Robert Beltran: "The prime directive is fascist crap."   

    If one advocates for a non-interference policy 100% because it is natural and the universe should not be meddled with - then ... why bother advancing medicine? You're meddling with nature and don't know what the ramifications are to extend life. We're not "meant" to travel faster than light either. Technology allows us to transcend limitations that nature has placed upon us and others. Why hoard that only for us and not benefit others? Why - because they might turn into space-Nazis? They may also turn into space-Teslas too. I err on the side of life.
    Plus, I can't help but notice that the majority of the time it is the people who have the power that argue to leave the so-called less developed races to their own devices.**** I'd hate to be part of a primitive alien race that is dying from a disease that the Federation can easily cure with a pill (ala McCoy in Star Trek IV). In fact, I'd be bitter and angry if a so-called advanced alien culture could have saved mine from extinction because they believed it was the natural order of things for me to die. I'm a living, breathing sentient being that wants to live just as much as the "advanced" culture. Why is my life not worth saving? Because of cosmic circumstances put me on a world where we haven't figured out the complexities of warp drive and now my world will end because we did not make it in time for the UFP to talk to us?
    I just cannot fathom why this conversation is always reduced to a non-nuanced zero sum game. Both sides are right in their own way.
    If you have the power to stop an asteroid from slamming into a planet - do it. Any prospective species that may have arisen be damned.
    On the flip side - those primitive aliens you just save? The ones still struggling with their own bias/prejudice - let them solve their own problems. Do not drop warp technology on their heads to advance them prematurely. You've given them the opportunity to one day move past it.
    See how both sides can work? It's not one or the other ....
    **** Before anyone says "I'm sure indigenous people would be happy to have had the "advanced" people leave them to their own devices." - that is not the same thing. Because the interference there was destructive and genocidal.
  14. Zinnax added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    Mr.Picard--Omg I love you. Lol! We have the same exact taste in fan fiction. Rare pairings are pretty much all I write. I can hook you up with some fanfiction hot off the press when I finally bring myself to publish, if you're interested. LOL
    I was SO not expecting so many awesome, thoughtful replies! I would die to read some of the super early fan fiction of the internet. I'm too young to have ever seen it. I just imagine the internet back then as such a frontier-sy place where only nerds like you guys (no offense ) congregated to talk Star Trek and whatnot. I get the feeling a lot of you are old enough, and I'm so envious.
  15. prometheus59650 added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    I totally get that and it's frustrating. On the other hand, it's a free story and, while you might feel like you're owed the's a free story.
    I tend to finish them in my own head in that case.
  16. StillKirok added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    I like fan fics that are true to the characters, and do things you wouldn't normally see on the shows.  Crossovers you may not see, or interactions and adventures that may be too difficult.  Or in some cases, a show that didn't have a series finale, gets a series finale.
    I don't like slash fics, and wouldn't bother reading them, but hey, it's someone's vision, and if they want to write that, go for it.
    I don't like out of character stories either, because after all, why write about characters we all know, and then write them differently and out of character--just create an original.
    A big pet peeve of mine is incomplete stories--especially if there are long waits between entries.
    I tend to avoid incomplete stories.
    What really sucks is if you are reading a great story, and didn't realize it was incomplete--and then you get to the end and nothing.
    One of my favorite Star Trek fan fics was a crossover with MASH, set from Kirk's point of view between TWOK and TSFS.  As preposterous as the story sounds, it was really good.  Surprisingly good.
    And it basically ended in the middle of a sentence.
  17. The Founder added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    Sim is always dropping knowledge on us. :D
    As for the topic:
    I agree with those that say the Klingons/Dominion/etc. can't really offer the UFP any type of monetary reparations. As others stated - they can offer symbolic gestures or overtures of peace.
    However, couldn't they cede worlds to them? I'm pretty sure there is an implication that the UFP still needs resources but I could be wrong on that.
  18. The Founder added a post in a topic The Transporter as a weapon?   

    Even though the transporter is "iconic" to Star Trek like the lightsaber is to Star Wars - this is why I am not a big fan of it (like a lot of Trek tech). It was constantly used as a quick plot device and then discarded later on. It can turn you younger. It can split you in two. It can divide your personality into an actual person. It can cause you to time travel. It can cause you to go into a "ghost" form. It can send you into another universe. Etc. etc. etc.
    Plus, from a writing stand point, it's a nightmare to have drama when you can easily just transport your people out of danger. It's why they constantly have to do the whole "I can't lock on to them" or "Shields were raised." or "That last hit knocked out our transporter." etc.
    I wish they simply used it in a single way that doesn't leave all these plot holes later on.
    As for the question - technically ... it could be used as a weapon. But I think the "larger" an object is the more power the transporter needs. So for example - I don't think the Enterprise can beam an entire building away from a city. Simply due to the fact that there is not enough space in the buffer. However, one could beam a chunk of the ship and cause "hull breaches" but that seems unnecessarily evil/pain/cruel for the Federation. Plus - you have to have perfect skill in locking on and then beaming the part of the ship you want to remove.
    When ships are zipping back and forth firing at each other - it's probably hard to do that. Plus, a lot of power is going to the shields and phasers. So there probably isn't enough power to mess with the transporter in such a specific way during that moment.
    I think a good question, though, is why is it not utilized when intruders are on board? Simply beam them directly into a holding cell...
  19. Captain_Bravo added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    Sherlock, Season Four - pretty good end to the series, IMO.
  20. Captain_Bravo added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    I used to read it more avidly and actually wrote some here and there as experiments in capturing voice and creating viable plotlines.  I suggest delving into what we have here - a lot of it is excellent
  21. prometheus59650 added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    Yeah. I dare say Trek fandom in particular is full of them.
  22. Sehlat Vie added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    That's a nice meeting story.  It still amazes me how many truly terrific and creative people I've met through fandom; both online and real world.  
  23. Mr.Picard added a post in a topic The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic   

    I love the jacket as well, he doesn't wear it that often but when he does it makes him look even MORE amazing.
    I mean...

  24. kc1966 added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    Thanks, Sim.  Very informative.
  25. prometheus59650 added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    I like fanfic. The Duchess and I met in a play-by-mail Trek writing club, but haven't done it in a while, though have considered dabbling back into it for something to do.
    Not into reading it enough to have favorite authors though.