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    • The Force Awakens: Are Fans Expecting too Much?
      By StillKirok · Posted
      That's pretty awesome.  Larry Hagman passing away during that show was horrible.  That's the last celebrity death that really bummed me out.  What sucked was that they were forced to kill JR too.  JR was every bit as important to the modern version.  Hagman and JR hadn't lost a step.  But what was so amazing, unbelievably amazing, was that these writers managed to work in the death of an iconic character, in a way that worked for the show, and the quality of the show did not suffer.  That's hard to do in any show, let alone a show that was brought back after being canceled for 20 years. 
    • The Force Awakens: Are Fans Expecting too Much?
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      Too bad Larry Hagman passed away; he could've been Darth Ewing.
    • Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      The Battle of Yonkers in (the real) World War Z (book).  That's what the base overrun scene reminded me of... thanks for jogging my memory.   Military chokepoints being overran, etc.  As WWZ's Todd Wainio might say, "that was a real clusterf--k."
    • The Force Awakens: Are Fans Expecting too Much?
      By StillKirok · Posted
      I think you're right--I think because it was so different at the time, it was groundbreaking, and that adds to the legendary status.  That's why I feel that even if this movie is actually the best Star Wars movie ever, it will be hard to accept it as such because of the legendary status of the original trilogy.  It may be even harder given the prequels were so bad and by being so bad, elevated the legendary and untouchable status of the original trilogy.   My hope is simply that this movie is worthy.  A perfect movie to me will be the Star Wars equivalent of the TNT version of Dallas, which I am still in awe over.  Dallas TNT just had the right people running it.  They managed to take the best of the original show, including its most important characters, and weave them into the next generation, adding the perfect blend of old and new characters.  At the same time, the level of writing was as good as the original show in its prime.  To recapture what made Dallas great took a level of talent.  Today, you usually have producers and writers try to make changes because they feel a need to update the characters and concepts, as if what worked originally wouldn't work today.  It's almost change for change's sake. But what usually happens is that the changes are bad ideas, and the remake/reboot fails.  There are exceptions, but in general, that is the case. Nothing shows that better than the DC movies, especially the treatment of Superman. Yet Dallas was different.  The show certainly adapted to modern times, but the core, the essence of the show, was exactly the same, and that's why it worked.  They didn't write the original characters out of character.  Were they older?  Yes.  But were they recognizable?  Absolutely. If TFA can do what Dallas did, we are in for a special movie.
    • Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record
      By Olivia · Posted
      I thought exactly the same thing when Daniel done that... Right after I thought, jeezo, you don't wanna mess with that dude.