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      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      With just a few days to go and less than $50 thousand from reaching their goal on Kickstarter, the team behind Star Trek: Renegades hopes to complete the second and third episodes of the crowd-funded independent fan-series. Promoted as the final on-screen performances of Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov (now a Federation Admiral), the next installments of Star Trek Renegades will feature several other actors returning to their Star Trek roles, including Terry Farrell as Jadzia, Robert Beltran as Chakotay, Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko, Aron Eisenberg as Nog, and Hana Hatae as Molly O’Brian. Additionally, Tim Russ will return to the role of Tuvok, Adrienne Wilkinson as Lexxa, Gary Graham as Ragnar and Corin Nemec as Alvarez, from the first episode. In order to be funded, the project must hit its goal of $350,000 by Wednesday, December 2. You can watch the Kickstarter pitch below. 
    • Doctor Who Series 9 Discussion *Spoilers*
      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      The final episode for Doctor Who season 9 next week: Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is the Doctor’s confession? Take a look at BBC's finale teaser  
    • Rocky Balboa: The Franchise
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      Since most people I know grew up wanting to be the exact opposite of their parents?  I personally think "Creed" would've followed the harrowing adventure of Adonis wanting to be a corporate tax attorney... That's just it; I never bought into the Cold War hysteria as a teenager (even though I grew up in the early '80s); it always felt artificial and economically induced rather than 'ideological.'  Each trying to break the economic backs of the other.   So that never really worked for me personally.  Drago was just a boring blank slate... an action figure, rather than a character. Stallone, being a cheating cad, responds... She was a social climber, no doubt; she also had flings with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sean Penn.  Stallone was just stupid enough to try to seal the deal.   It seems that battles with alcohol and substance abuse have also left her something of a train wreck.   I saw her recently online, and it kinda scared the hell right out of me (esp. since she's only a few years older than I am!).   But I digress; enough about Nielsen.  Frankly she's not that interesting. Clubber's only real 'sin' (other then being too good at what he did, and making lewd remarks to Adrian to goad Rocky into fighting) was daring to upset the apple cart of Mickey's making.   He was right to challenge Rocky; maybe not the way he did, but I always wondered if there was something (legally) that Clubber could've done to get Rocky to fight him, but Clubber doesn't strike me as the 'lawyer-up' kind; he lets his fists do the talking (and effective communicators they were too...). 
    • What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?
      By Sim · Posted
      VOY "Parallax". I'm not fed up with the series yet.
    • Rocky Balboa: The Franchise
      By StillKirok · Posted
      It's 1985, and a smoking hot Brigette Nielsen essentially gets Stallone's attention by sending a naked picture of herself.  Stallone, being human, responds. So Rocky IV was right in that time frame, and she basically gets the lines.  Apollo didn't die to make room for Nielsen.  Drago didn't really have any lines to make room for Nielsen. If you notice, she and the Russian trainer did almost all of his speaking.  I think it hurt the movie because most of our hate for Drago was cold war related rather than we just hate Drago. The Cold War stuff should have been just another reason we hate Drago.  He should have been a bigger jerk.  The ONLY really jerky thing he says was "if he dies, he dies." And yes, that's a lousy thing to say, but there wasn't enough.  I think part of that was because Nielsen was banging Stallone at the time and he adjusted the script for her. Not to mention, she was also the co-star of COBRA at the same time. On to Clubber... I believe a fighter like Clubber, at least today, would be loved.  The only issue he had was that Rocky was so universally popular that he had the nerve to challenge him.  Clubber was a guy who was laser focused and hungry.  He wanted it, he was angry, and he achieved his goal. I do think that Mickey's absence was a huge factor in that first fight.  While it's implied that Rocky wasn't ready, Mickey wouldn't let him get in the ring if he didn't believe he had a shot, and Mickey's collapse took Rocky's mind off the fight.  No chance he fights the same way if Mickey is there.  If anything, Rocky III proved just how good Rocky was, and that his win over Apollo was not a fluke. The talent was there.   I think if Apollo lives, Rocky V is totally different.  The whole idea of Rocky going broke was dumb.  Rocky training a protege that isn't worthy and doesn't have his heart or good nature is actually not a bad idea, even the subplot about ignoring his son.  But Rocky doesn't need to go broke for that story to happen, and in that case, Apollo would be another person in Rocky's corner seeing what everyone but Rocky sees--that Tommy was not Rocky. You're right about needing some sort of conflict or issue to make the story work.  That's why I can't see a movie about a young Apollo being made.  How do you do it?  Where's the conflict?  He's too perfect.   But Creed can be rewritten with Apollo alive. For me, if Apollo were alive, Adonis wouldn't have the "I never knew my father" problem, but would definitely still have the "I want to step out of my father's shadow and be my own man" problem.  That wouldn't change if Apollo were alive.  If Apollo is against Adonis fighting, that could be motivation to seek out Rocky, who may be more sympathetic to Adonis' motives than Apollo, and train him against Apollo's wishes. That would set up tension with Apollo and still give us the gist that we have a good kid who wants to be his own man.  It's different, but the conflict is there.