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    • How Paramount Will Destroy BEYOND Worldwide
      By Mike Thompson · Posted
      Old Trek films would not work in today's action is the current in thing. However a story that does not involve a mad villain would help, something like Star Trek 4 
    • SUICIDE SQUAD is Going to be Big at the Box Office
      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      SUICIDE SQUAD Passes IRON MAN To Become One Of The Top 50 Highest Grossing Films Ever Say what you will about David Ayer's critically divisive Suicide Squad, but there's no denying it's a hit, and now Task Force X have surpassed Marvel's Iron Avenger at the box office.
    • How Paramount Will Destroy BEYOND Worldwide
      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      There is no point in discussing or comparing the old movies with the JJ TREK movies at this point. And to tell the truth, I ran out of gas about discussing the current STAR TREK. Sad, but true.  
    • Its All THE MOTION PICTURE Fault
      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      Indeed, and have also designed the Enterprise-C and the Enterprise-D and the ships from TNG first season, I think it would be wonderful if Bryan Fuller asked Probert to design the ships from STAR TREK DISCOVERY. sigh Here are  afew more photos of filming the models for STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE, including the huge V'Ger model. V'GER :  
    • A Little Love Letter To TNG
      By Mr.Picard · Posted
      ... in honor of its 29th anniversary yesterday. (Didn't get around to write something, it was late when I finally found the time and I didn't want to rush this.) Anyways, here's the letter. It can also be found on my Medium blog.     Dear TNG,   I didn’t meet you in 1987 when you first aired in the US. In my country, you first aired in 1990, but I still didn’t meet you. It’s not that I wasn’t there, I was 7 years old in 1990, age wasn’t a problem — but the fact that no one bothered to introduce you to me… well, that WAS very much a problem. I first became aware of you in the late 1990s. I was a teenager, and Star Trek wasn’t cool, Star Trek was literally anti-cool, and since I wanted to be cool, I stayed the hell away from it. I knew Kirk and Spock, and I knew “the bald dude in pajamas”, but that was it. So, it took me until I was 19 to really get to know you — and for that I have my ex boyfriend to thank who nagged me into watching you. “Just one episode”, he said. “I promise you‘ll like it.” And he was right. I saw you, and fell in love. You showed me a family consisting of people who (normally) did NOT yell at each other — a novel concept for 19-year-old me. You showed me what things CAN be like. What they ARE like in the 24th century, on these magically majestic starships called the Enterprise-D and the Enterprise-E, the latter of which I consider to be my home these days. You didn’t stop there, however. You not only introduced me to a family I knew I wanted to be a part of, you also introduced me to the man I love. It took me over a year to realize that I had fallen in love with your captain, but it was the best thing that happened in my entire life. Because he — and you — SAVED that life that was about to go into a very wrong and terrible direction. You pulled me away and showed me that problems can be solved with words, not fists. Of course, you weren’t perfect, far from it, you DO have issues, but then, who doesn’t? I still love you, and I have a feeling that this won’t ever change. Speaking of change: You changed my life, TNG, and your captain completed that change in his own wonderful way. Thank you so, so much for this. Happy (Belated) Birthday, my friend.   With all my love, Alexander