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    • I’ve finally got RS3 coming in my Discflix queue (hopefully arriving today).   Me too...  I also didn’t pick up Terminator Salvation either (a movie I violently hated with all of my Grinch heart), so yeah, it’s possible, and this is from a guy who owns Terminator GeniSy--er, GenySi-- oh screw it; it’s Genesis dammit).  
    • I have a lot to catch up on - the entirety of Rebels season 4. I’ve just been really busy and distrcated with a lot of other things. But I saw that there was a new trailer for Rebels final, apparently epic double-length episode. Avoiding spoilers has been tough! Have to say, I’m really looking forward to binging this whole season when the blu-ray set becomes available.   I am not, on the other hand, that bothered about the blu-ray release of TLJ. However, like you, I am a completist nerd and will probably pick it up at some point. I wish I had Nombre’s protest boots.  On the other hand, I didn’t pick up ALIEN Covenant and I’m a massive ALIEN fan too. So it is possible to resist the conditioning of our society and not be a neat little consumer... 
    • My blog posting on the IMATS show, if anyone’s curious:
    • I recently watched the final season of "Broadchurch" which was a fine ending to that series. It had better focus than the second season (though I still rather like the second season despite its flaws), and though it is a completely different type of investigation and story with a lot of new players, it felt like a good way to end the show. I've also rewatched a few episodes from the first and second season here and there, as my wife has been watching it for the first time.  I also began watching "Victoria," a British drama about the early days of the reign of Queen Victoria, and starring Doctor Who's Jenna Coleman in the title role.  Quite good actually, as I am always kind of fascinated by the whole weird history of the monarch in the UK, particularly against the backdrop of changing times when the Monarch seems increasingly quaint and kind of out of place. 
    • In general, I look at Enterprise as sort of another missed opportunity...not as bad as Voyager in terms of missed opportunities, but still a missed one.  I actually find the crew of Enterprise to be one of the dullest in general...but that doesn't mean the show isn't without it's highpoints.  I actually grew to like it.  I did like the first half of Season 3 a good deal, because at least it had focus...but then it dragged on and felt as meandering as the first two season mostly were.  The fourth season is definitely were it all came together and (mostly) began to work.  But while I really loved tht Fourth season when I first went through the show (which I did long after the series ended, I too missed it in original airing)...when I tried not too long ago to rewatch my favorite story from Season 4...I found it's entire shooting style and everything to feel quite dated. Not to it's own era either, it felt liek a shooting style that belonged to the 90s Trek. Just rather stiff.  I don't know...I still like Enterprise in some ways, particularly that final season, but I think even when the show began to click for fans and become something was still being produced in this antiquated style, that I don't think it would have ever taken off.  It was just a victim of a production crew that had been working on the same stuff so long, they had kind of forgotten how to make it fresh, at least in the shooting of the thing.  That all said: watch it and form your own opinions.  It is certainly not as bad as so many lamented at the time, and I personally rank it higher than Voyager, but for me Voyager was a low low bar.  And at least there was less Enterprise to get through. Someday I will probably give this series another go...probably just the fourth season...but I think I have to be into a super deep 90s-ish Trek mood.  Deep enough to have exhausted viewings of TNG or DS9.