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    • A Millennial's review of Star Trek
      By kenman · Posted
      Again...I think the intent here was not nearly as malicious as you thought.  I looked up the is a millennial himself it seems. It was more a satire of what others think of his generation, as well as poking fun at the very things that occasionally do crop up in his own generation (I am technically born in a weird between era and can, I guess, be considered a millennial by some standards).  Each generation should be able to take a ribbing...satire is a delicate balance, this guy's stuff was brilliant, it was a little one note...but I don't think he was being malicious.  
    • General Marvel Discussion
      By StillKirok · Posted
      In the case of Kal-L, it wasn't like that.  I THINK they may have finally brought the character back, but only by wiping off the Crisis so that Earth 2 never was destroyed, which meant that all of the post-Crisis stuff for Kal-L never happened and he should be fine. You brought up a point about how they bring a lot of characters back.  Well, that's because these are characters that never should have been killed in the first place, and the character's loss to future storylines outweighs the death.  That's actually another reason why certain characters should NEVER be killed off.  And screwing with a character doesn't always mean killing that character.  And this gets us back on topic. Marvel just decided to make Captain America a Nazi.  Really?
    • What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?
      By Sim · Posted
      Watched it last month or so, and liked it a lot. The "crazy scientist" villain, among other things, gives that episode a trashy cartoonish vibe, which is just hilarious. Also felt it's paced faster than many other old DW episodes.
    • A Millennial's review of Star Trek
      By Sim · Posted
      Okay, sorry if it was kind of an in-joke I didn't get ... As for "millennials" ... of course there are lots of stupid people in that generation, and they probably express their stupidity in a way that's unique to their generation. But they are no exception compared to other generations. It should be pretty obvious that in every generation, there are many people who are stupid, some who are spoiled, and many who are just as smart as smart people have always been smart. And yes, being young sometimes leads to silly behavior; that wasn't any different when those people who now bash millennials once were young, and they too expressed their stupidity and spoiledness in a way that was unique to their generation. This should be so obvious to every person with a minimum of mental skills, that I don't get how "millennial" bashing could ever become so popular among certain 40+ people. Ironically, today's 40+ people are only capable of bashing the now younger generation the way they do, because of new media... which doesn't keep them from mocking millennials just for their use of new media.   Sorry if I overreacted, but old people bashing young people hits a bit close to home. I grew up in a society where bashing "the youth" was a public sport for my grandparents' generation, who mostly consisted of old Nazis. Although their generation's total and complete ethical and moral failure was more than obvious, that never kept them from complaining about the "lack of morals" and "lack of decency" of the following generation (and this lack of morals including things like listening to "primitive ****** music" or committing "racial defilement" such as mixed-race marriages). My parents' generation had no choice but throwing molotov cocktails on their parents in 1968, until the old generation's death grip on society was finally eased. Also, I have an extreme disdain for old people who apparently forget entirely what it is to be young. If I had to choose one reason that's at the core of every case of bad parenting, which leads to lots of pain, it's that. This, and it just makes me feel totally helpless and hopeless when I witness even theoretically smart people, who should know it better, without any second thought jumping on the bandwagon of some stupid media hype (like this millennial bashing), that has the goal of singling out and mocking a particular minority group. When it's *THAT* easy to create an atmosphere of mobbing, there just is no hope whatsoever for mankind as a whole.
    • What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      Doctor Who, "The Underwater Menace" (Patrick Troughton era). Just bought the DVD; never seen this one in entirety (and since two of the four episodes were restored using still pics and audio, I'm guessing no one of my generation has).   Two episodes in, and I'm enjoying it.   A very early Jamie McCrimmon episode, but the character is already blowing Ben & Polly right off the screen.   Jamie's always been one of my favorite companions; they've never had a companion quite like him ever again...