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    • Yeah ... I was wondering if that was the case. Like when Jake Sisko said he "sold" his first book or article to the Federation News Service and when Quark asked "For how much?" Sisko says "It's just an expression...." That sounds like work, though. And paying for things in a traditional sense. But it would make sense how some people get a cabin in the mountains (Kirk) or their own vineyard (Picards). I was like "The one thing a replicator can't give is real estate and skilled labor." (unless holograms and androids do all of it ....) Yeah, they didn't even wait for them to finish the last batch. haha.
    • People have jobs in the 24th. I think they pretty much have to. The Federation provides all its people with basics. You want more stuff, you find something else to do. My biggest question is why, if they were in such a rush to kill everyone related to the Harvesters so they could never be unleashed on the planet again, they didn't wait until all the Harvesters were actually destroyed. But this really is the start of Bashir/O'Brien for me as well. "Storyteller" is one of the literal handful of episodes of DS9 that I don't care for all that much.
    • Just watched this one too!   I think it was just an expression; like people who still say they 'dialed' their phones when phones haven't have actual dials in 30 years or more.  'Job' is probably just synonymous with 'career.'  ^ This was one of the rare appearances by Keiko where she didn't annoy the hell out of me.  No offense to the actress Rosalind Chao (who was great in "Joy Luck Club") but the character was a pain in the rear sometimes ("Miiiiiilllllessss...").  I also loved the coda where Miles says tells Keiko he always drinks coffee late in the afternoon; totally negating her suspicion that saved his life... funny, but a bit scary too.   
    • So I just rewatched this episode. Really great mostly because of Miles/Bashir. Although, to me, the beginning of their bromance was in "The Storyteller". But this episode definitely ratched it up a notch. I love that considering I love their friendship. It equals Kirk/Spock for me. I found certain details really interesting: 1) Bashir mentions a ballerina that was the first woman he fell in love with. Her father offered him a "job" at his hospital in Paris. Note the word "job". I thought on Earth money didn't exist and people don't work in the traditional way? I never got the vibe that Joseph Sisko's "job" was running his restaurant or Picard's brother's "job" was making wine. I got the vibe they wanted to do that because they loved it. Was job just a poor choice of word or do people work on Earth? (Outside of Starfleet). Sorry, but I think about these things. 2) Bashir mentions engineering extension courses. He mentions this again in a later episode. Good continuity. 3) I'm surprised Odo wasn't given a bigger role. He seemed suspicious about the details of their "deaths" but then he just accepts it. I guess because the previous episode was all about Odo - they didn't want to give him a larger role? I don't know. Seemed out of character. Although, I do appreciate that it wasn't Odo figuring it out through technobabble - as in noticing the time index was off or detecting an irregularity in the recording. Sometimes it is nice that it was good ole human intuition. 4) Good use of Keiko in comparison to her use in other episodes. The way she reacted to Sisko with this grim, but silent expression was telling. I guess being married to a Starfleet officer makes the significant other always prepared they may get that news. The last few lines was really funny. I guess that will be the last time Keiko will be suspicious of Miles drinking coffee in the afternoon. 5) Speaking of being married to a Starfleet officer ... I thought it was interesting when Bashir mentioned how their profession doesn't mix well with marriage. He isn't the only SF character to say that. It seemed like you give something up by joining Starfleet .... (If you want marriage in your life). Ok .... That was the good.... Now for my Trekkie whining: Yet another episode where aliens try to murder Starfleet officers and there is 0 payback for it. Between Geordie being reprogrammed by the Romulans to cause a war between the Klingons and the UFP or Garak trying to genocide the Founders (and get the Defiant crew killed in the process) .... I truly don't get how Starfleet has lasted this long. What ended up happening? This is the down side of "episodic" Trek - the plot had to wrap up neatly by the end. There couldn't be any follow up to it. In fact - this idea seems like it would've been better done on VOY. Cause at least the excuse is VOY just fled from the aliens and kept going. You're telling me the UFP didn't do anything? I get the UFP is peaceful and wouldn't just arbitrarily start a war over the killing of their officers but ....

      Stuff like this makes me hope S31 sent agents to those planets to "pay them back" for that...
    • Well said. I just rewatched "Armageddon Game" and you're so right - the beginning of my favorite bromance next to Spock/Kirk haha.