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    • NooSkool

      Checking the place out.
      · 0 replies
    • Garak the spy

      I'm feeling dizy from the ammount of times I heard "Sabotage" in these past few days. Really, I just placed it in loop for hours. 
      · 0 replies
    • Sim

      Got a brand new bicycle today. The first ride from the shop back home (ca. 5km) was amazing! I love cycling so much, I now wonder how I could do without it for almost a decade ... From Thursday on, I plan on cycling to my new school every day, 8km (ca. 5 miles I guess) to get there, and another back. That should make me fit again!
      · 0 replies
    • Sehlat Vie

      A bit heartbroken by the loss of Gene Wilder; he was such an iconic and gifted comedic actor.   A huge part of my growing up was spent enjoying and laughing with his movies.  

      RIP Gene.  
      · 0 replies
    • C.Lovett

      Star Trek "Who Mourns for Adonis" on H&I, another good one!
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  • Recent Posts

    • Introductions are not my forte, but Hi
      By MultiFangirl · Posted
      Thanks!! Awesome to know their are other DW fans on here  Thanks!!  Lol thank-you very much Garak 😄 Wow thank-you, I've always longed for a safe haven like this, even a place like Tumblr can be surprisingly brutal  
    • Star Trek Beyond gripes
      By Garak the spy · Posted
      Wait, wasn't that classical music? 
    • Star Trek Beyond gripes
      By The Founder · Posted
      1) Idris Elba grossly underused. Why get such a talented actor and use him like that? 2) Why did they have Elba talking like that? I could barely understand half of his dialogue. 3) What was his motivation to destroy the UFP? Bitterness over no one coming for him? 4) The Beastie Boys solution at the end .... why? 5) Sulu - this isn't a criticism that they made him gay. I have a criticism over his critics. The scene was he hugged his husband and then walked away with him. That was the controversy I kept hearing about? The critics made it sound like there was an entire sex scene between the two. I cannot believe all that hype and that was all I saw. 6) While I am glad we can pretend Cumberbatch's Khan was gone .... why remove Carol Marcus completely? Not even a mention? 7) Another doomsday weapon/plot to destroy the UFP... Seriously?
    • Introductions are not my forte, but Hi
      By kc1966 · Posted
      Welcome.  I just want to reinforce what Sehlat said about this being a "Fair Haven".  I'm a long time fan.  TOS is my favorite.  (I watched it as a young child in its first run and have been hooked ever since.)  You will find that we are a "family" in that we argue, debate but in the end respect each other.  (Take it from me because I am a moderate/conservative Republican and orthodox Christian and they tolerate me all the time - unlike on some sites where I was torched.) 
    • Introductions are not my forte, but Hi
      By Garak the spy · Posted
      Never imagined the Kirk fans ware that hateful towards Picard, but since you mentioned it, Picard is my favourite captain of all time.  As I mentioned on previous posts, Star Trek shaped me a lot during my life. Picard was my hero when I watched TNG's season 3 with 6 or 7 years old. I consider most of my diplomatic personality something I took from his lessons on humanity.  And I used to pull down my shirt all the time to kook like him. Today it's an everyday habit.     And welcome aboard MultiFanGirl!