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    • Question for native speakers: What English dialects/accents do you like or dislike?
      By maneth · Posted
      I'm not a native speaker but I'll chip in anyway because I've been fluent in English since I was 12 years old. We lived in the UK (in Plymouth, Devon to be specific) for about a year. I went to a local comprehensive school and pretty much picked up the language (and the local accent) in a year. I've lost the accent in the decades since, unfortunately, and switched to American spelling and vernacular online in the late 90s. I'm a translator and regularly use Brititsh English in my job, though. My current accent is somewhat transatlantic with Nordic/Scandinavian overtones (my first languages are Finnish and the variety of Swedish spoken in Southern Finland). I have a pretty good ear for languages and can recognize the main types, i.e. I can tell if someone is Scottish, but I can't tell whether they're from Glasgow or Edinburgh. Similarly, I can tell the difference between various North American accents. Texas is easy to identify, but I'm not sure I could tell the difference between an Alabama and a Louisiana accent, for example. This holds true even for languages I'm not so fluent at, i.e. in German I can tell the difference between Standard German, Bavarian, Austrian and Schwitzerdütsch, the latter by elimination because I can't understand a word! I once knew a young woman from Innsbruck in Austria. When she spoke standard German her accent was instantly recognizable but I could still understand at least something of what she said. But when she called her parents at home, her local dialect meant I literally couldn't understand anything. Here's an article on how the British Monarch's accent has changed during her reign. BBC: Has the Queen become frightfully common?    
    • ENTERPRISE 1979 - Rare Photos
      By kenman · Posted
      I'd love it if I could make my own personal cut, taking my favorite elements from each. 
    • Question for native speakers: What English dialects/accents do you like or dislike?
      By scenario · Posted
      Or for aluminum.   Americans  a lum i num               british         al u min e um  I was talking to a British guy in a bar once and told him I had just bought some new al u min e um golf clubs. There was a pause for a few seconds. Then he did a double take and told me he hadn't heard that word pronounced correctly in years. 
    • ENTERPRISE 1979 - Rare Photos
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      I have the DC on DVD and the original on blu ray; I just can't pick a favorite.   Each (IMO) have their virtues and demerits.
    • Shatner Wants to Play an Aged Kirk
      By scenario · Posted
      I'd be fine with it if it fit the plot. If they had to shoehorn it in, no way. Most ways would be too distracting. I thought of The Deadly Years but that wouldn't work. I'd rather him have a cameo in the new series. Something like a character watching Admiral/Ambassador/President Kirk's famous speech from 200 years ago.  Or some Holodeck thing.