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    • captain spock

       the world series .match up....... the cleveland Indians vs  the chicago Cubs
      · 0 replies
    • Miss_Silvervine_11

      I've actually stalked around this forum for almost a year now, so I actually recognize quite a few people. Creepy or nah?     ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      · 1 reply
    • Sehlat Vie

      Fingers crossed for the ESA Schiaparelli Mars lander... 
      · 1 reply
    • kenman

      What a team Cleveland has this year! Counted out because of our pitchers being totally roughed up...and yet we haven't lost a playoff game yet!
      · 0 replies
    • C.Lovett

      Oh look ! The House 2 is available on windows Store for free
      I enjoy a good scary game every now and then but “The House” is beyond scary, I played the first one years ago (Can’t remember the name of the site it was on) and it messed me up badly, so no thank you! I'll stick to Resident Evil and Silent Hill    
      · 0 replies
  • Recent Posts

    • Shatnermania
      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      Now you are giving me major nightmares tonite...LOL Gus
    • Are Vulcans Racist?
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      But since Vulcans evolved on a different planet with a different biological makeup, wouldn't they be a different species?  "Race" implies subtle differences within the same species.  I mean, if one looked at extraterrestrial life realistically, humans would have more in common with a carrot than a Vulcan (no matter how 'human' they appeared), so just from their isolated evolution, they would be a different species; to say nothing of their culture.   And Sim has a point; we see different looking Vulcans (lighter, darker and even greener skinned versions) but they all consider themselves equally Vulcan, so within their own culture?  I would say Vulcans are definitely not racist.  
      In regards to other species (like humans)?  I would say some are, some aren't.   But I would also accuse humans of grotesque cultural insensitivity as well... 
    • General Marvel Discussion
      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      Cable ???? Damn you, Rob LIefeld !!!! LOL
    • Shatnermania
      By TLOZ Lover · Posted
      I read on Twitter a couple of days ago that Bill was in Tulsa and had wondered why he was visiting our state.  Didn't know about the convention.  Reading back on earlier comments in this thread, I am of the TOS generation, and I think what we grow up watching is what seems most natural to us.  Shatner is Kirk and will always be Kirk to me (ditto for Leonard Nimoy as Spock, De Kelley as Bones, James Doohan as Scotty, etc). This is really no different than people who think first of Sean Connery when discussing James Bond.  One should take TOS, TNG and the rest on their own merits.  Kirk really shouldn't be compared to Picard, and Picard really shouldn't be compared to Kirk.  They are two different captains with two different crews in two different times periods on two different Enterprises.  Apples and oranges. That being said, I do think it's interesting to compare the crew of the new Kelvin timeline movies with the TOS crew.  When Star Trek came out in 2009, I thought it was fantastic they were going back using the original characters but was unprepared for what I saw.  I remember thinking "Spock and Uhura?  WTH?!" or "They're mixing characters from different movies in with TOS shows! They can't do that!".   My Trek purist mindset at the time kept me from appreciating the movie, and as a result, I didn't see the Into Darkness when it came out.  Just before Beyond came out this summer, I rewatched the first two movies.  Finally I began to understand the intent of the movies and starting getting into them, and now I love them!  Yes, Pine's portrayal of Kirk is a bit different from Shatner's portrayal, but I feel the essence of both is still that of James T. Kirk.  Same for the other characters.  (By the way, I never thought anyone could portray another Scotty, but Simon Pegg rocks it!  I think James Doohan would be extremely pleased!).  The Kelvin timeline captures the heart of the original series and its characters and just has fun with them.  Love it! 
    • Lots of New Information on Discovery
      By Zef'No · Posted
      I agree with those above who have concerns about it being yet another prequel. My heart sank when I first heard that too. Been there, done that. I really don't have any desire to see more TOS-era stuff. And you would have thought they would learn their lesson from Enterprise, but obviously not. Setting it in the far future would have made by far the most sense. If not however, there are many other points throught the Trek history that would have been more interesting (during the classic films for example, or just before TNG). The "it's the only window we could find" line doesn't wash with me at all. And, to be bluntly honest, if it's going to be another free for all, anything goes, Trek in name only... Then I would actually prefer they didn't bother with it at all. I wish Enterprise never happened. I'd rather spend infinity re-enjoying what we already have rather than have some new stuff s#!t all over it. I'm really trying to keep an open mind, but it's hard. I still haven't accepted Enterprise, and this looks like it might repeat those mistakes all over again... Time will tell.