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    • New JUSTICE LEAGUE poster released ahead of the new trailer. Gus
    • Watched "The Edge of Seventeen"'s a decent coming-of-age high school flick, one that felt like a nice modernizing of the John Hughes type film of the 80s, and Hailee Steinfeld carried the movie well in the lead role. The film doesn't break any ground or really surprise in too many ways, but it was well made and enjoyable. I don't see myself watching too many more High School films, no matter how well they get reviewed...probably because I am just getting too old to care about the subject.  High School sucks, being a teen sucks, I remember, but I've moved on in my life.  I'll let the next batch of awkward teens enjoy these films, I am happy they will have their own films that capture their hearts of angst. And then tonight we held up our end of a deal. The little one despaired about the fact that she had to go to bed at her usual time the other night, so we told her that on Friday night, we'd have a "slumber party" in which she was allowed to stay up all night, eat popcorn and watch a couple of movies with mommy and daddy. So we watched her two choices, The Jungle Book (the original cartoon) and Cinderella (again...the original cartoon...why is Disney remaking all of these with live action remakes now?).  Kid soldiered on til about 10:30, after the second movie ended, and we let her fall alseep in our bed, after which I carried her to her own room.  But we held up our end of the she'll have to go to bed on time again. 
    • Another day, another Doctor Who Comic Strip Volume under my belt. This time it is Volume Four of the Eighth Doctor, which showcases the end of his era fronting Doctor Who Magazines' strip before the show returned on TV and the Ninth Doctor would take over.  They were even offered to show the regeneration by Davies...but after certain rules put in place by RTD and the BBC took ultimately came down to DWM deciding it might be best to just not have the regeneration (they couldn't show Eccleston prior to him being on TV, they could only show him with Rose, and they couldn't even do one story with the current companion of Destrii staying on with the Ninth Doctor) they decided against it, and in the end have McGann not regenerate into Eccleston in the strip, and have he and Destrii walk off into the sunset after a chat about the importance of change, and that they really have no idea what could lie just over that hill. It is actually a rather brilliant ending.  It ends this rather consistent and phenomenal run for the Eighth Doctor in the comics (and that run lasted 9 years) so very well. It is a happy ending, one that leaves potential for more adventures while subtly acknowledging that those adventures do not lie within the pages of the Magazine anymore.  And quite frankly, not having the regeneration means we got Night of the Doctor...and who would ever want to lose that (especially as having read the script for the alternate ending that they put in this doesn't hold a candle to what Moffat eventually gave us).  So I am glad they went with the ending they did, I can see this Doctor continuing on to have more adventures, probably his going on to meet Charley and C'rizz and Lucy and so on in the Big Finish tales. Those feel like they come later to me.  Anyhow...this final collection of his run is a solid set of stories, but being that they did a bit of standalone stories with the Doctor on his own, and then began a new set of adventures with Destrii that ended up kind of cut short (though ended nicely in the epic "The Flood"), it just doesn't have the same kind of flow and build up and payoff that the other collections had.  The other Volumes really did feel like a thought out season of Doctor Who. The final volume felt like some assorted adventures of the Eighth Doctor with no real running arc, which probably wouldn't have been the case had the new show not returned and probably cut short their initial plans for Destrii as a companion.  She had only really gotten started in the final story.  All in all though?  I highly recommended finding  copy of each Volume of the Eighth Doctor's DWM comic run. A lot of fun reading.  I had enjoyed going through the Fifth and Sixth Doctor's run (though the Sixth Doctor's seemed to run out of a bit of steam in it's second volume), but the Eighth Doctor's was great, no doubt helped by the fact that they were totally free from the show being on the air, and they decided to find one writer to really write the bulk of the scripts at the time. 
    • I'm going with a friend of mine this Sunday; Mrs Vie doesn't do horror.   My friend and I were both on the fence about it, so two 'on-the-fencers' make one supporter.   I'm keeping my expectations somewhat low; much as I did with "Passengers" (which was pretty fun & entertaining, if not particularly challenging).  I'm anticipating a similar experience with "Life." If it's bad, well...c'est la vie.  
    • I think I'm going to check it out. It doesn't look groundbreaking exactly, but it might be a taut space thriller with a sense of nightmarish mystery. I guess we could hope for that for ALIEN: Covenant too, which I expect to be extremely slick, just like Prometheus. But Prometheus was largely surface gloss and little substance. My bet is that LIfe will be simple and punchy, but have a sense of greater scope in the way that the original ALIEN did.