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    • I'm a casual fan of the anime movie from 1995 (my wife introduced me to it when we were dating)), and what bothers me about this movie is that Scarlett Johanssen is just miscast.   Nothing against the actress (I'm fond of her other works) but her casting in this movie is whitewash casting taken to the same height of absurdity that got us a pale, blue-eyed Brit playing a certain Sikh from "Northern India" in STID.   My second issue is the story; from the trailers my wife and I have seen, it's not the same plot or story as the original, but uses imagery and setpieces from it to tell basically a watered down boring revenge yarn.   I'd like to be more enthusiastic about a GITS movie (as I also enjoyed GITS2: Innocence and even a few episodes of Stand Alone Complex) but this movie just isn't it... It looks more like GITS dumbed down for mass consumption.  GITS was the direct inspiration for The Matix and yet the new trailer looks like a half-a$$ed Matrix ripoff instead (the Wachowskis are often quoted in interviews about their love of the original; if you see the original GITS, the Matrix almost looks like a remake). Too bad they couldn't do this remake in conjunction with some of the original tablet and maybe a Japanese lead.  Could've been something great, but now it looks like every other ScarJo-kicks-a$$ action movie.    A shame. 
    • GHOST IN THE SHELL Gets An Awesome Final Trailer And A New Poster Featuring Scarlett Johansson's Major The live-action Ghost in the Shell movie is set for release in a few days time, but if you're still on the fence about seeing it, check out this action-packed final trailer and a cool new poster
    • Beyond the obvious plot machinations, the one thing it very much shared in common with ALIEN is that it's a B-movie disguised as an A-list film (heavily influenced by Alfronso Cuaron's "Gravity") yet not embarrassed by its B-movie origins.   The 'monster loose on the spaceship' is as old as the science fiction genre really, and "Life" doesn't really attempt to redesign that particular wheel; it just has fun with it. Wouldn't recommend it for any 'wee bairns' (there's some high octane nightmare fuel in this movie's tank) but it delivered the goods.
    • Well, I'm a good few years older than you, and as we go through stages in our lives, I find sometimes we want to look back and reevaluate with the eye of experience. This is especially true if you have a child of near-High School age - you begin to remember your own time there via the lens of that experience to see if it can give you insight. So maybe it was time for me to revisit. We also watched this movie without daughter, who really enjoyed it. I recalled all those John Hughes Brat Pack movies that were around when I was a kid (some of which I loved, some of which I hated) and this felt like an evolution of that genre. More sophisticated, and less forgiving of its main character. Don't see too many films for a supposedly older audience that treat a man character with the same depth as this one did.   Good to hear the reviews of Life... sometimes you just need something that does what it says it will do on the tin. 
    • Are you ready for more crap ? JUSTICE LEAGUE International Trailer Contains An Extended Shot Of The Team Assemble (not much but interesting if you wanna see this movie)