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    • TNG's 30th Anniversary In 2017
      By Mr.Picard · Posted
      I can definitely understand how folks were very reluctant towards Farpoint back then. I've spoken to both fans who loved TNG right from the start (granted, some of them came from the Sir Patrick fandom and watched it because of him since they knew him as Gurney Halleck and/or Sejanus) and to fans who didn't like it at all but came around to do so after a little while - the ones who had to be convinced first are the vast majority. Farpoint is a bumpy pilot episode, and I think that, if I had been a TOS fan back then (and not just 4 years old when the show aired for the first time) I'd have been one of those who picked up the pitchforks and screamed about how much this pilot episode sucks and how blergh the characters are and how ugly the ship is and how much I want Kirk back. Therefore I can understand the initial reluctance towards the show - it was not an easy start, neither for the fans nor for the actors. But at some point most folks came around, and that's what counts - the show managed to win most people over, and that's a big accomplishment if you ask me. These days a show like TNG would never have come into existence - it would have been canceled in no time. But it was given a chance to grow and it took that chance. Sure it has problems ("Code of Honor", anyone?) and I'm the first to be upset about its treatment of its female characters and its utterly ridiculous and cringeworthy heteronormativity... but it's still a great show. Sir Patrick has every right to be proud of it, IMO.  
    • Beyond - Spoilers Allowed Discussion
      By prometheus59650 · Posted
      Exactly. There was nothing crazy or "out of nowhere" about it. 
    • Beyond - Spoilers Allowed Discussion
      By Dilandu · Posted
      Er, if the enemy used acoustic-modulated signals for communication, the "play some metal" tactic would work perfectly, assuming that you could identify the frequency. And the "Enterprise" crew have "inside agents" onboard one of droneships, so they could counter any attempt opf the swarm to change the frequency.
    • TOS - The Untold Stories (new blu-ray set)
      By Robin Bland · Posted Also: Sounds interesting, certainly from an archival point of view...
    • Beyond - Spoilers Allowed Discussion
      By Robin Bland · Posted
      Yeah, well said - agree very much. Having watched STID last week, the weird tone of that film feels more like a blip now. At least, I hope so. STB feels so much more imbued with the spirit of Star Trek, from the optimism to the great character work and the vision of a hopeful future via unity.