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    • What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?
      By Sim · Posted
      "The Twilight Zone": "The Dummy". "House of Cards", episodes 4.11 and 4.12. "Westworld", episode 1.03. <--- Still intriguing! I like the idea about "bicameral mind theory"!
    • Star Wars: Han Solo Movie
      By GustavoLeao · Posted
      First Official HAN SOLO Cast Image Released As The STAR WARS Spin-Off Commences Production Principal photography on the young Han Solo movie is now officially underway, and an image of the main cast assembled has been released. See Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Chewie, and more
    • Favorite Fan Fictions?
      By Mr.Picard · Posted
      That's okay, that it isn't your thing, I mean. Although I do need to point out that romantic attraction towards Jean-Luc is not a requirement for being into my stories, I can assure you that a lot of my readers are NOT attracted to Jean-Luc in THAT way. I get what you mean, though - I feel similarly about most het stories although I definitely appreciate the occasional naughty Skinner/Scully or Picard/Troi story (the latter of which I'm guilty of writing myself on occasion, I see no reason to limit myself to writing slash only even though it's definitely my main focus). Thanks for your very kind words, though. They mean a lot, coming from someone who isn't a huge slash fan in the first place, and I'm VERY happy to hear that you enjoyed "my" Jean-Luc! And yeah, "Strangers" isn't a character piece although it served as a perfect basis for an EXTREMELY x-rated piece of artwork that someone drew for me recently and which I obviously cannot post here now. lol It's a PWP ficlet, those aren't exactly character-based masterpieces but a lot of people love a steamy scene - it IS one of my most popular ficlets for that very reason. The Picard/Keel fic is a different matter indeed, it was particularly difficult to write - Jean-Luc in a relationship is difficult to write already without getting completely off-track and out of character, but writing GRUMPY SEASON ONE PICARD in a ROMANTIC setting is like balancing on the edge of a cliff. But then it's JUST like me to fall in love with and decide to write fan fic about one of the most romantically complicated characters in the Trek universe. *facepalm* haha
    • Favorite Fan Fictions?
      By Sim · Posted
        I finally managed to read three of your stories: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot", "Another Crack in my Heart" and "Strangers in the Night". I picked them because they were the first standalones on the list and not too long. Great job! I think they are really well written, as far as I can tell, not being an English native speaker. Especially Jean-Luc gets formidable attention, I can perfectly hear his voice and *see* him in front of my eyes, when reading your description. Really well done! That said, "Strangers in the Night", while probably serving its purpose, appeared to me like it wasn't too Jean-Luc specific, I guess it'd work just as well if you just replaced his name with someone else's... but then, it isn't a character piece anyway. However, the first two really have ... like someone else said, a "lost scene" quality to them. Especially the Walker/Jean-Luc interaction is really spot on, IMO.   But again, I noticed that slash fan fiction is not really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I do think they are well written, and I perfectly sympathize with your feelings and motivations for writing them... I just felt I'm not really the best addressee, as I don't share the same romantic enthusiasm for Jean-Luc. If I had to choose a character in one of the stories to change bodies with, I guess it'd be Jack Crusher or Guinan -- leaving the scene just before the action starts, and be happy for the two friends.
    • The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic
      By Mr.Picard · Posted
      Sir Patrick is currently doing a LOGAN Live Q&A on Facebook, here are two screencaps of him being precious: