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    • Star Trek's 50th Anniversary Panel at SDCC 2016
      By Robin Bland · Posted
      Quite. Well, we're all acquainted with the socially ungracious and unempathetic fan, are we not?  I've heard a few of those kinds of questions and statements myself. Those who seem to think actors, writers and creative types generally exist to service only their needs and then call them out in plaintive  or even righteous terms for not living up to the perfect version of their own headcanon. Plenty of them about. You groan inwardly when the question starts and watch the actor/creative then exercise all the tact they can in extricating themselves from the narrowness of the query. 
    • I just got home from second viewing
      By prometheus59650 · Posted
      That might be it, but, when I was young the previews are what started at 10 after the hour or whatever, so the film started at the stated time. Now, I suspect because of people too busy taking selfies at the theater or that can't be bothered to show up on time, it's the previews that start at 'showtime.' But I'm always going to be there on time. 
    • Everything great about ST - Into Darkness
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
          * sounds of crickets chirping... *    Um... lovely cinematography.        Loved Uhura's jacket that she wore on Kronos.    That's a positive, right?   
    • Beyond - Spoilers Allowed Discussion
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      "Space fog"... I like that.    And the stormy sea analogy (Nick Meyer's reasoning for the Mutara battle in TWOK); as a means to handicap both ships.   Nautical, but nice. 
    • Star Trek's 50th Anniversary Panel at SDCC 2016
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      Well, I'm sure other bits of it will appear online; and we've already seen the teaser trailer for ST17, so the only thing really missing would be the Q&A and those are really hit-and-miss for me; sometimes the questions make me squirm in my seat.    I've attended many of these (including a few in Hall H), and I remember a tactless fan who once asked John Rhys-Davies why he looked so 'emaciated' (!), and another stammering guy who told Natalie Portman (who was shaved bald for "V Is For Vendetta") that he converted to Judaism for her (!!).   Yes, there are the occasional bright questions (some are really well-thought out), but I really hate it when the fan says they want a hug (when its more or less understood that the talent won't do that) or ask something that was already answered in the panel.   Or worse; when they ask them questions about plot mechanics of their movies or episodes ("In episode 59, when you beamed down to that volcano planet...").  I've seen moderators of panel discussion who do this as well.   Now I realize fans get starstruck (I was a bit so myself a few times; particularly when I met Nimoy and Ray Bradbury) but other times they act like the celebrity is not a real person somehow; as if they're an action figure that you can talk to as if it's sitting on their shelf at home.   Sometimes they're borderline abusive or trollish.  Questions like (and these are from memory): "Why did you say NEM was the greatest ST movie when it came out, and later you said you didn't like it" (that gem was directed embarrassingly at Sir Patrick; who shut him down beautifully), or "Do you have a boyfriend?"  "If you were gay, would you like me?"  or "I wrote you a song, can I sing it for you?"   The John Rhys-Davies "you look emaciated" remark (because of his weight loss) was probably the worst, but I've heard a few that rival it, that's for sure. I wish I could say I was making those up, but sadly I'm not...